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SAME DAY SHIPPING - Orders placed before Noon MT Monday - Friday will ship the same business day. SHIPPING COST - Our gifts are large therefore shipping costs reflects the dimensions and weight of the package. Sending a College Care Package is one of the easiest and perfect ways to let them know you’re thinking of them.
Those memories from my old college days have been on my mind regularly for the last year as my oldest daughter has started out on her own…at a college thousands of miles away from home. Now that she’s starting her second year of college (classes just began earlier this week!), I figured it was the perfect time to send her a little college survival kit care package from home to help start her second year on the right foot. I had a blast putting together a care package that was full of things that I knew my daughter could use, along with a few things just for fun.
A package of Women’s Schick® Hydro Silk® Disposable Razors (because I know that feeling confident is crucial for her success at school. Lots and lots of Band-Aids and some antibiotic ointment (because we all fall down sometimes. Airborne immune support supplement (because she’s living with 26 other girls and sharing a kitchen and a bathroom.

So, I got to thinking, and I came up with the only thing an insane and unreasonable person would: the Zombie Apocalypse Care Package.
Zombie Outbreak Survival Flowchart – I got this one from here, then I ghetto laminated it using packing tape on both sides. Burlap Bag of Supplies – The bag was a quick sewing job from some extra burlap I had laying around. Now I can sleep well at night knowing that I did my wifely duty to make sure my family is prepared at all times for the zombie outbreak, even when the hubby is on the other side of the planet. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. I loved venturing out on my own, discovering a new sense of independence and meeting new people. Air Force, which unfortunately means we occasionally have to be apart for months at a time. This one was a superhero themed one from a thrift store (not quite in theme, but cheap and awesome and I couldn’t resist). I cut a long rectangle and sewed up both sides, then turned it right-side out and threaded a bit of twine through the top for a drawstring closure.

If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. But I went to school far away from home, and I admit – there were times that I felt a little homesick.
My only consolation during these times (besides Skype, of course), is that I get to send him care packages — silly, fun, goofy, and often useless care packages.
And if there was a zombie outbreak, I’m pretty sure an extra blanket would be needed! To keep costs down, I bought a lot of generic brands and got a couple of things from the Dollar Store.

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