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But, herea€™s the problem with checklists: If theya€™re not easy to use they wona€™t be used. What are your thoughts about checklists?  Do you find them useful in the work that you do?
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Hurricane survivors are the ones who have a plan, not a cunning plan for world domination but a survival plan, a plan A, plan B, plan C if necessary, and they share those plans with loved ones and family, so that everybody has an increased chance of surviving a hurricane, both themselves and their properties. The problem with any type of plans is that although they seem important at the time of making them (and these plans really are very important), they soon get forgotten. Which is the safest place for you and your family to head for in case of a hurricane emergency? Don’t forget to make a plan about how to deal with any family pets during a hurricane emergency.
Make sure that there are emergency telephone numbers close to all of your telephones, and that your children know all about 911 and when they should call it.
Make sure that the batteries in your NOAA weather radio have got plenty of power, change them regularly just like you do with the batteries in your smoke detectors (or should do). A Hurricane Disaster Supply Kit is something which needs to be prepared and ready before the hurricane season starts. Special stuff – if you have any babies or elderly people in the household then these need to be accommodated for. Toys, games, books – on second thoughts, that should keep the kids away from the flashlights and the cell phones whilst they are keeping safe from the hurricane .
Tools – you never know what types of maintenance jobs you may have to do while during a hurricane emergency. Documents – you should keep a copy of all important documents in a waterproof or watertight container or bag . Radio – a battery operated NOAA weather radio will keep you up to date with all of the latest hurricane emergency information.
For instance, if I’m hunting the North Slope of Alaska’s Brooks Range where harmful water-borne parasites are not an issue, I’ll trim out water purification tablets in exchange for extra tinder materials that will come in handy on a soggy and fuel-starved landscape. Hey if you think thats overboard go read the book hatchet that poor kid ended up out there almost a month before he was rescued and by the way it was based on a true story!!!

Good stuff to have with you if you are going into the woods,I carry a few stainless safety pins of different sizes also. Investment advisory services offered through Kestra Advisory Services, LLC (Kestra AS), an affiliate of Kestra IS. Registered Representatives and Investment Advisor Representatives of Kestra Advisory Services, LLC may only conduct business with residents of the states and jurisdictions in which they are properly registered. Any decisions whether to implement these ideas should be made by the client in consultation with professional financial, tax, and legal counsel. Due to the fraudulent transfer laws, asset transfers that occur close in proximity to the filing of a lawsuit or bankruptcy can be interpreted by the court as a fraudulent transfer.
With our collection of pretty party supplies, Showerella has made the sourcing part easy for you. Hurricanes don’t wait until a convenient time you know, they can happen at any time of the night or day so make sure that your family knows the best escape route from your home and you all have a pre-arranged meeting place. It’s no good running around trying to find suitable stuff for your survival kit when the storms already hit, make sure that you have a hurricane disaster supply kit available at all times, keep it up to date and make sure that everybody knows where it is.
Make sure that you have at least 1 gallon of safe drinking water per person for anything up to 7 days .
Why do kids insist on playing with flashlights during the day time, so that when it gets dark and the flashlight is actually needed the batteries have gone flat. Fire is essential for warmth, cooking, melting water from snow or ice, and psychological well-being.
I carry a Leatherman on my belt at all times, but I also stock my kit with a lightweight Havalon razorblade knife and a few extra 60XT autopsy blades.
You can kid yourself into believing that you to have the luck and skill necessary to catch birds and small game with log deadfalls or snares woven from roots. But we thought we'd help you with step 1 and have put together great party planning checklists which we know will come in handy.
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Well, there’s one way to make sure that everybody is kept up to date with the Family Hurricane Survival Plan – write it down!  What sort of stuff should your hurricane disaster plan include? Talk about this and make sure that everybody knows where to head to in case of a hurricane.

I’m constantly updating the items in my bag, replacing used materials and making minor adjustments according to where I’m headed.
In addition to countless normal applications such as skinning game, sharpening implements and cutting cord, the sterile blades are perfect for such emergency uses as removing large splinters, fixing ingrown toe nails or even boring a pressure-release hole into a crushed and blood-gorged fingernail. I do not store a battery inside the light, where it might leak acid and destroy the connectors and inner workings. I’ve used it to replace boot laces, to hoist mountain goat quarters into a tree, to anchor a tent in high wind, to secure loads to my pack, to get food out of reach of grizzlies, to replace drawstrings on packs and garments, and to repel down minor cliff faces and lower loads down major cliff faces. My lights are a small LED and mini-mag, along with a self generator lite for absolute emergency. Not all of the products and services referenced on this site are available in every state and through every representative or advisor listed.
Please note that laws are subject to change and can have an impact on your asset protection strategy. I am old school and my pack must contain a spare pair of socks, for the almost 0 amount of weight, I feel its most important to take of your feet above all things, and also a good old tube sock has 100 uses, hand warmth, bandage, rag, the list goes on. For additional information, please contact the Kestra Advisory Services, LLC Compliance Department at 512-697-6000. That way, I know that I’ve still got hours worth of light if I happen to lose or somehow destroy my primary light. What’s more, there are thousands of trappers in this country who use almost identical snares on their professional trap lines.
Different areas have different types of problems associated with hurricanes, know where you live and the particular dangers you face. Rather than learning about deadfalls from some old hippy with a beaded necklace who’s never actually needed to use them, you can study snares with a real guy who snares for a living.

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