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If you can’t get body armor (I mean, this is post-apocalypse), maybe wear, like, 10 flannel shirts at once. Farmers, scientists, and doctors love to learn about Polaroid photography and poker playing.
If your college or university really pushed the “go green” thing, you’ll need a change of habit. If it still works, Facebook will initially seem like a great way to get in touch with old friends, play games, and create groups with titles like “I bet I can find a million people who hated it when there [sic] parents got eaten!!?!!!” In light of recent (future) events, maybe you should rethink the time you spend tagging pictures and walking around in Farmville.
In other words, do not follow your old habit of sleeping wherever you happen to be at three in the morning. The CollegeSurfing Insider is here to tackle some common career education questions, debunk career school myths, and share unique insights about various professions. Yes, having a job these days if something to be proud of, with so many layoffs that have caused people to head back to school. But if you dread going to work or are no longer getting the job fulfillment you desire, you can do something about it. Maybe a job that pops up on that list is something that’s always been in the back of your mind, like being a sales manager or registered nurse, and seeing those professions on the list could fuel your desire to go back to school and earn a degree in that field. Online programs are growing in number, and you’ll also find programs that offer only weeknight or weekend classes, allowing you to stay in your job while getting the education you need for your new career. And some schools have created programs specifically for certain age groups, like women over 30, and single moms.
The government offers an overview of things non-traditional students should consider about college and an overview of the financial aid options. Additional reporting by Delaney YoungBecome One with the GMAT: New Infographic Shows You How if your ultimate goal is to attend graduate school, you need to become one with the GMAT. Burnt deserts, nuclear winter, the death of civilization, life after the apocalypses… Fantasies of possible reality? Here are 7 suggestions on lightening your bug-out-bag’s load, so that you can continue to hike it out for a longer duration and distance, furthering your chances at survival. The first step you should take is to take out a scale and weigh each individual item you will be carrying and add them up. Serious hikers go to extremes when lightening their loads, from removing patches from their gear to drilling holes in equipment, they realize that every ounce adds up towards unneeded pounds. There are some pretty impressive survival bags out there, some that have an incredible amount of spare straps and pockets.

Most preppers pack only what’s really needed in their go-bags, like food and important gear, but there are always those who add to it a little more than they really need.
After a quick trawl of the web for advice on surviving the apocalypse you’d be forgiven for thinking your biggest enemy will be zombies! As long as you can find ways to ensure you have access to water purifying it should not be too much trouble. Above: A water purifying device like the Solarball is essential for your post apocalypse survival kit. Matches or a lighter for starting fires should also be one of the first things in the survival kit. Above: A tree tent like this one from Tentsile will keep you out of zombie arm reach in a post apocalyptic world.
A compass and map could also be useful, but by this time, the kit could be getting too full.
Perhaps it is time to start learning some new skills so you are more equipped mentally for the apocalypse. June 24, 2014 The new discipline of plant neurobiology is at last treating our fellow earthlings as intelligent, feeling and communicating beings. The year 2012, according to John Cusack and a bunch of meteorites, will bring about the fall of all we hold dear. Greasy hipster hair is one of the more odiferous substances in the universe, and usually comes with a good deal of volume (and bounce!). Your scooter is cute and all, and the color really works with your outfit, I know… but fire is fire and Vespas are mostly oil and plastic. You’re still sending checks to the people who financed your most expensive achievement to date? Beer’s nutritional value is scant at best, and foot water is generally not a good thing to imbibe, even in the future. In a post-apocalyptic world, friends can become enemies and enemies can become super time-traveling enemies with a taste for flesh.
How do you put your best digital foot forward when it comes time to turn your college pursuits into a career?
If you’ve been laid off, you can continue to collect unemployment benefits if you’re pursuing college and vocation programs and receiving federal and state aid, USA Today says. He has many years of experience within the web design industry and has a passion for the latest web technologies.

So start thinking about a survival kit, think fish hooks, solar ovens and DIY dental packs. While personal protection is sure to be a priority covering the basic needs of water, food and shelter is probably a more sensible first step.
Once you’ve got a fire going you have another way to purify water and you can cook and keep warm.
There is always the protein bar and tinned food option, but how far are they going to get you in the long run? Again, they are light weight and small, yet they could make a mighty difference to you and your tribe in the future. We have become so dependent on electronic gadgets it would be super handy to be able to charge your electronics when the main grid goes down. Doing a course on how to navigate by the stars, or to recognise and prepare bush tucker, could be well worthwhile in the long run.
Life as we know it will cease and we’ll be left with nothing but gas masks and comically worn clothes. Testing Job Candidates a New Trend Exams may not stop after college, as some companies use tests to gauge skills.Make Your Own Career Luck on St. And maybe it will be profitable just like that mythical pot of gold at the end of a rainbow! Life Straws are lightweight, relatively cheap and fairly portable and they are also simple to use. Your best strategy is to track down some heirloom seeds that are hardy, high yielding and adapted to your area’s climate conditions. It’s hard to know for sure, so your best bet is to pack a tent, a swag – or at the very least, a lightweight hammock. Save your money on the off chance civilization survives and college debt is miraculously forgiven due to extenuating (alien invasion, etc.) circumstances. Patrick's Day Whether you have the “luck of the Irish” or not, it’s possible for you to make your own career luck by pursuing education in a field that excites you.

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