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As the summer season starts to approach and the possibility for more natural disasters comes into reality, do you think you are ready? Make sure your water is stored in hard plastic containers such as empty vinegar bottles or 2 liter soda pop bottles.
Battery-powered or hand crank radio and a NOAA Weather Radio with tone alert and extra batteries for both. Our first aid kit has both conventional healing items such as bandaids and surgical tape but also natural items such as a beeswax salve for burns.
A high quality air purifier is a good investment too as long as you have the electricity to use it. Or have supplies on hand to make your own cleaning supplies such as vinegar and essential oils. I’d like to add a note about something that our family learned through first-hand experience. It was two weeks before rescue supplies could be brought in to our local area, so we were very glad that we had stored vast quantities of drinking water. Each year on the last day of hurricane season, we inventory what we have in our kits and check the expiration dates.
In the spring, before the season begins, we also check medical supplies (again, looking at expiration dates on things like antibiotic salves), flashlights (to make sure they still work), and check the dates on batteries, replenishing as needed. All articles and photographs on Little House Living absolutely cannot be used without written permission. If a tornado came through your neighborhood tomorrow and wiped out power, clean water, and shelter, what will your family do?
You may be in bed sleeping and not paying attention to the alarm and be unaware of the danger.

Buy a cheap one too (the kind that just punches a hole in the can) just in case, for backup. Also put it in some kind of water proof container, such as a 5 gallon bucket or a large plastic tote.
We live in a hurricane-prone area and found that 1 gallon of water per day per individual for sanitation and drinking is simply not enough. If it will expire before the next season begins, we remove it from the kit and use it in our kitchen or take it to a local food bank. Solar yard lights are readily available in the springtime and make a great addition to your emergency kit. Use 2 per person and place them in the crook of your arms, underarm or behind the knee in the joint you will warm up very quickly.
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It seems like I've heard more and more ads on the radio lately for and survival prepping. A general emergency kit will prepare you for most occasions, although if your area is prone to a specific type of emergency you may need to alter your kit or add to it to make sure you are well prepared.
Also make sure to pour out your water storage every few months and replace with fresh water.
If your emergency supplies include dehydrated foods, don’t forget that you will require water to prepare them.
We make a list of what foods we need to replace, then replenish our emergency kit within a few weeks so we are ready. We have found these to be great for instant warm up while getting a fire or alternative heating source going.

Whether that's learning how to cook from scratch, checking out creative ways to save money, and learn how to live simply. I also recommend getting a Police Scanner so you can stay in tune with the local police departments and fire stations during an emergency.
It is HOT after a hurricane, and you get very thirsty when you have no air conditioning due to power outages and you are sweating heavily.
Even if you don’t use dehydrated foods, you may need cooking water to prepare foods on your camp stove. I think what is even worse then buying all the stuff and having it ready is actually making a plan A and plan B and maybe even going through it with the family one day a quarter. LHL reserves the right to delete any personal attacks, rude or offensive language, or anything not deemed family friendly. You also need additional water because of all the physical labor involved with clean-up in the aftermath of the storm. The top parts of these little wonders come off of the sticks and can be placed right on the kitchen table or on the bathroom countertop.
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