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Natural selection in case of SHTF will be determined by the level of preparedness of each and every one of us. Keep one eye on your stockpile and the rest of your mind on living a full, happy life in the here and now. We hope that this list of usual mistakes when prepping will help you to avoid them, and if you have any others that you’d like to add, please tell us about them in the comments section below. Find out more about avoiding mistakes when prepping for disaster on Conquering the Coming Collapse. Baby oil is another product that is easily overlooked but can be useful in a survival situation. There are many different types of disaster that can happen at any moment and an economic collapse is one of those possibilities.
The pad, primarily used for feminine hygiene, is an extremely versatile tool and prepping hack. Condoms are another cheap and easy to carry item that will be great in a survival situation.
Whether your prepping stash includes a giant storage warehouse filled with all of the necessary belongings needed in case disaster strikes or just a small tote filled with a few necessities, hopefully you discovered a few extra hacks to think about in the case of emergency. Share87 Pin48 +17 Tweet1 StumbleShares 143In analyzing the most popular articles of 2015, I was more than a little bit surprised to learn that the most viewed articles last year were mostly related to self-sufficiency (DIY) and essential oils.  Not all but most.
The practice of making active preparations for a possible catastrophic disaster or emergency, typically by stockpiling food, ammunition, and other supplies. So what were those most-viewed articles of 2015 as opposed to the “Best of 2015”?  Here they are in order of popularity. My question is, when you say so many drops, do you mean from the top of the bottle or do you take the tops off and use a dropper. In the event you are curious, last week I put up a new page describing the Spark Naturals Oil of the Month club, including the 2016 line up.  This is the best deal out there on essential oils! Did you ever see those cool vintage posters that the government put out decades ago, encouraging people to become more self-reliant?
There has been a lot of talk about hackers monkeying around in the power grid, but now, for the first time, our fears have been realized. George Soros is not a good person, but when he makes a prediction, it is worth listening to.
For your discernment, here are the best prepping, survival, and homesteading articles from my colleagues in the Professional Prepared Bloggers Group.  I hope you enjoy and learn from them. Did you know that less than 40% of Americans have enough savings to handle a surprise expense of $1000? There could come a day when you can’t rely on store bought, over the counter analgesics, so it is important to know some natural remedies for pain relief. If the power is out for an extended period of time, you will still need to wash and dry clothing and linens.
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It’s difficult to accept that people are really that on edge (brainwashed, maybe?) and clueless.
After the attacks of September 11, 2001, our government has engaged in systematic policies of torture, targeted killing, indefinite detention, and mass surveillance.
Some of these policies, such as torture and extraordinary rendition, are no longer “officially” condoned. We have become an invasive leviathan state running out of control, with preemptive, undeclared no-win wars overseas, and a growing police state at home. Recently Texas Governor Greg Abbot has called for a new constitutional convention to ratify new amendments to give back more powers to the states and limit the power of the federal government. Governor Abbott is probably perfectly sincere in his naive desire for constitutional reform but the totalitarian statists have been eagerly preparing for such a window of opportunity for decades.
Later the Articles were considered unwieldy and too restrictive of power by certain nationalists who believed in a strong consolidated central government. A passionate and heated debate over the ratification of the plotter’s Constitution soon resulted between the Federalists (the nationalist supporters of the coup document) and the Anti-Federalists (the opponents of the plotters who supported a decentralized federal republic of explicitly limited power to the general government with most authority residing between sovereign independent states.) They believed that was what our Revolution from Britain had been all about. In any new constitutional convention as proposed by the governor and others, history could very easily repeat itself.
We ceased being a decentralized constitutional republic of independent sovereign states in 1865. We became a National Security State with the enactment of the National Security Act of 1947, which among other draconian measures, created the Central Intelligence Agency. I believe that two related but seemingly independent efforts of subversion are underway by the statists to impose a fascist government, one openly discussed in the mainstream media – naive but well-meaning efforts (such as that by the Texas governor) calling for a new constitutional convention (but not how these “reform movements” could be manipulated for totalitarian ends); and the other covert and undiscussed – national emergency planning under executive orders and continuity of government directives. Calling a new constitutional convention does not address the most serious constitutional crisis we face – that of the usurpation of power and authority of the public state by the deep state. The Harvard National Security Journal online article is entitled “National Security and Double Government.” Glennon contrasts the “Madisonian” public state described in the first three Articles of the United States Constitution (and taught in junior high Civics) with that of the covert “Trumanite” National Security State established in 1947 (and rarely known of by anyone outside its inner clandestine corridors). In many ways he is reaffirming what the great Old Right libertarian Garet Garrett prophetically observed at the creation of this monstrosity. This parasitic deep state feeds off its public state host, (and in turn off those hapless tax slaves who sustain both of these ravenous leviathans in our midst). Looking outside at the first snow, having a bowl of homemade soup, setting in front of the fireplace makes a fellow feel all warm and cozy. You know you are prepared very well, when the power is out and your only worry is getting a blog article posted. Share51 Pin28 +16 Tweet1 StumbleShares 86With the dawn of the new year less than a week away, many prepper types, both new and experienced, are revisiting their to-do lists and setting some new goals.  What better way to start setting those goals than to get out your stack of preparedness books to review for things you missed the first time through? Of course you can also pick up a new book to gain a all-new perspective on preparedness.  That is what I am doing.
In usual book festival fashion, today I share an interview with Tim, plus I have a copy of his book up for grabs in a giveaway. The subtitle is “A 10-Step Path to Emergency Preparedness So You Can Survive Any Disaster” and the book follows the path in this illustration: The 10-Step Plan to Preparedness.
Prior to dealing with the first priority on the path, water, I devoted a chapter to the 27 personal and societal risks in my order from most likely to least likely. Also, in addition to providing specific guidance for each step on the path, the book includes a number of preparedness challenges to help readers put into practice what they learn, as well as templates for evacuation and communications. Much of the content is second nature to me since I live and embrace what I wrote about, but there were areas I had to research to make sure I conveyed the best advice possible. In particular, I went to great lengths to vet out information on water purification as it relates to using water from swimming pools, waterbeds and so on. You’re absolutely correct that there are a number of excellent books available on the subject of preparedness. Where I felt there was a need was with a book that reached out to those who have yet to embrace prepping, but to do so without any of the doomsday rhetoric we so often hear in the prepping community. To convey that message, a good portion of the book delves into normalcy bias, situational awareness and the survival mindset. So the message I hope that readers take is that being prepared is as sensible as carrying a spare tire in a vehicle. I’m a recovering corporate type, having spent a good part of my life on an airplane and running businesses. As time went on we found our passion was in the area of homesteading and self-sufficiency rather than commercial farming, so now we’re living the life we want; rural, isolated and taking care of most of our needs.
Part of living a self-sufficient life is producing your own income, as I described in the book How to Make Money Homesteading, so I generate income through writing. In our case we’re just preparing for life since preparing for a single event is a mistake, in my opinion. However, more people each day live in tightly packed urban areas, so everything I just mentioned isn’t possible for them. Whether they read my book or one of the other excellent titles available, I’m worried about that group of people and hope they start taking preparedness seriously. What book or movie, fiction or non-fiction, do you think gives the best portrayal of what could happen? I describe ways to do that in a non-doomsday manner in the section on prepper groups in Start Prepping! In reading this book, one of the most important takeaways for me, as an experienced prepper, is that the new generation of prepper books is far more focused on risk analysis and personal goal-setting that the “do this first, then do that” books of four or five years ago.  That means that even though a particular book is written for the beginner, it brings value to the seasoned prepper as well. In closing, I encourage you to enter the giveaway to win your own copy of Tim Young’s Start Prepping!  Like I said, it is a good one.
If you enjoyed this article, consider voting for Backdoor Survival daily at Top Prepper Websites! In addition, SUBSCRIBE to email updates  and receive a free, downloadable copy of my e-book The Emergency Food Buyer’s Guide. Buying insurance, writing wills, getting our teeth cleaned, and saving for retirement are just a few of the precautions we routinely take to mitigate risks, but most people fail to prepare for what’s most important.

With 91% of Americans living in places at a moderate-to-high risk of disasters and with all of us dependent on a very fragile life-support system, it’s time for you to take preparedness seriously. Bargain Bin:  For your convenience, here is a list of all of the books in the current Backdoor Survival Prepper Book Festival as well as a link to the books mentioned by today’s author. This book sounds like it’s full of details, that are needed, by me and a many others.
Having recently moved cross country after retiring, we have been slowly building back the prepped pantry we had.
A week ago or so you mentioned your break with Emergency Essentials and that there would be some follow up on that issue. I’ve always felt a compulsion to stock up on food and necessities, so prepping fits right in with my way of life. I am sure this book will provide new information and ideas I never thought of before and could help me to be even more prerpared. In the 70’s I lived in southern California and saw people suffer after an earthquake for lack of the basics of life. The trigger event for me was some years ago when my hubby lost his job (I was a stay at home mum) and we had three kids to feed. With tornadoes, snow storms, floods, and many other natural disasters ever present, why would anyone not have at least a few days of water and food set back? There really was no one event that got me started on this journey, but a combination of several things. The trigger event for me was the election of this current president and the anti-American things he was doing, and there were many and continue to this day. Others take it extremely seriously and understand that what you do today may save your life tomorrow. Those of us who are ready to live off the grid and have acquired the necessary survival skills along with the will and the means to survive in a collapsed society will emerge as the winners in the end. And prepping encompasses everything from building your own private bunker in case of full societal collapse to stockpiling basic supplies and acquiring minimal survival skills sufficient to get you through a week without power.
Don’t overestimate yourself, know your limits and know your strengths and weaknesses alike.
Don’t get obsessed over your survival gear, especially if you have no idea how to use it in a real life scenario. Don’t brag on about your prepping activities and avoid revealing your plans and strategies to strangers and especially online.
Knowing your stuff is sort of the name of the game when it comes to preparing for the worst. This may not seem like a necessity to have in your storage, but there are many ways that Crisco can be used. This practice will be vitally important if we are forced to live off of what we have and aren’t able to go out and grab some groceries.
In cold areas where you are outside in the elements a lot, baby oil can protect your exposed skin from dry or frostbitten skin. If it ends up that the dollar no longer means anything in our society we will have to revert back to a monetary system that was in place before paper money was in place as a sort of IOU for the gold and silver it was supposed to represent. Along with compiling stockpiles of food, water, and other important supplies, pick up a package of pads for your survival stash. Aside for their intended purpose, these great prepping hacks can hold a gallon of water which can be a lot easier than toting around a water jug to do the same.
Now, it is illegal in many places to put a vegetable garden in your front yard or to collect the rain from your downspouts. Hackers in the Ukraine attacked substations with a virus that caused a power surge, leaving half of the Ivano-Frankivsk region in the dark. According to Soros, the world economy is crumbling in a manner similar to 2008, and trillions of dollars have already vanished. Oklahoma has had numerous earthquakes of over 4.0 in magnitude, and the Pacific Northwest is shaking too, with a period of 427 continuous tremors.
Depending on the season (and the weather), hanging your laundry outside may not be an option. I earn a small commission from purchases made when you begin your Amazon shopping experience here. This is an easy tool for finding products that people are ‘wishing” for and in this way you know what the top products are.  All you need to do is select the category from the left hand side of the screen. Every once in awhile there will be free shipping or a free gift offered as well as a product discount.  And then sometimes, it is simple a huge discount. A transformer blew out in the parking-lot of a good sized grocery store sending sparks everywhere and it lit up the night sky pretty good. It violated the rule of law, eroded many of our most cherished values, rights and liberties, and made us less free and less safe. But most other policies—indefinite detention, targeted killing or assassination by drones, trial by military commissions, warrantless arrest and imprisonment without legal counsel, warrantless surveillance, and racial, religious, and other forms of profiling—remain core elements of U.S. America’s original constitution, the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union, was ratified during our American Revolution from the tyranny of King George III and secession from the British Empire.
The plotters organized a special convention to meet in Philadelphia in 1787 under the pretext of amending it. The title pretty much sums up the aim of the book, which is to encourage people to start prepping.
In other words, I didn’t want to scare folks by saying that an EMP, super-volcano or some other event that they’ve never heard of might happen, but rather wanted to show them how preparing was something humans have always done. The more readers understand the potential devastating impact of likely disasters (job loss, house fire, natural disaster, assault) the more likely they are to take the first step into prepping. My wife and I bought a run-down 126-acre property about a decade ago and turned it into a grass-based livestock farm and artisan cheese making business.
Contagion is a very entertaining film that we watch regularly, and CyberStorm is an engaging read.
I’m taking a break from nonfiction and completing a novel, which will be finished later this fall. After all, no one makes fun when we tell the Boy Scouts to “Be Prepared,” and nor should they. Disaster can strike without warning, leaving your family without water, food, or electricity, and without medical or police support. Your website is what propelled me into the world of prepping and I appreciate all the referrals to other forums and sources.
At that time we had very little backup food and supplies so living on a tiny unemployment allowance was very difficult. I came from a rural family that put by and then lived in Florida where hurricanes left us without power.
Have all your bases covered by doing plenty of research: read blogs and articles, watch online forums and prepping videos, and always stay informed and up to date with current events and practices. Be aware of your actual skills, be realistic about your supplies and know how long they will last you in the worst case scenario. Also check it regularly and watch for spoilage, damage or infestation of your stockpile, especially when it comes to food, guns and ammo. Share your thoughts, encourage them to join you, and spread the word to those that you love. Remember that your life is lived in the real world so spend your quality time with your family and do the things that you love to do. You can easily become a target in a SHTF scenario, you know that saying: loose lips sink ships.
Avoid that false sense of security (guns have a tendency to lend a false sense of security but just having guns all over the placeA  doesn’t mean that you can actually use them efficiently if SHTF). It’s necessary to be innovative, resourceful and aware in order to be in control when life as we know it changes drastically. It’s important to understand food longevity, creative cooking methods, and the ability to hunt.
It’s extremely important to have a stockpile of medicine that you need for your own specialized medical issues like insulin, inhalers or any other life-saving medication you need.
Like gold, silver can be used as a hedge against inflation, deflation or currency debasement.
Pads can be used for absorbing lighter fluid to be used later and is extremely light to carry. However, once you fill a condom up with water they become highly susceptible to puncture even by small or blunt objects.
Instead I use a regular eye dropper or one of those accessory droppers you can buy to replace the regular top.
The usually well lit parking lot was mostly dark, the power was partially out in the grocery store, but they still did business.
The last time it was 38 degrees I was out riding my bike and a younger man coming from the opposite direction on the bike path was jogging in shorts. In one bold gesture it would not only be the end of the republic but of any remnant of liberty itself. His descriptions of the inner workings, motivations, bureaucratic inertia, institutional loyalties, of this “double government” are brilliantly outlined.
I went to my food storage room and gathered quarts of fresh canned vegetable to make a large pot of vegetable soup. So we grow and make our own soaps, lotions, medicines, meats, dairy, cheeses, veggies…all the stuff we NEED to get by.
I included a 10-Step Quick Start Guide for those who didn’t have the patience to follow all the advice in the book, but had some money to “buy” some preparedness.

The one-sentence summary is: In a digital world where cash is banned and life-support systems depend solely on technology, a mother fights to survive after a weaponized virus crashes the system and reveals society’s thin veneer.
In 2003 lost everything in a wildfire, fortunately we had our safety packs (commonly called ‘Bug-Out Bags now) They kept us going until we could start replacing things.
You may want to do it gently and ease into the process so as not to overwhelm them or scare them away from the idea. By Dale 2 CommentsWhen it comes to prepping, the old adage two is one and one is none comes to mind. There are many different ways that this scenario can play out and, luckily, many prepping practices cover a lot of different possibilities. It’s great for for the skin in harsh conditions, scaly skin irritants, and can prevent rashes. Food storage, however, shouldn’t be the only way you are preparing to eat if the worst happens. This approach can be tricky for some types of medicine as some prescriptions are quite hard to refill before you’ve finished the amount you were prescribed.
It is important for frostbite affected tissue to be removed immediately or gangrene and infection will take hold. I’d recommend keeping them around just in case, but not as your main means for keeping water. If you decide to toss the orifice, make sure that the next time you use the bottle you remember to check first. As we checked out, the average looking and very young checker girl looked like she had lost her wits a bit and told us in all seriousness that she thought they were under a terrorist attack. These nationalists met in secret session behind closed doors, completely threw out the Articles and created a totally different constitution and a new mechanism to legitimize their coup.
He conclusively demonstrates that although the transparent public face of power in the executive, legislative, and judicial branches may change with each new presidential administration or rotation in office of elected congressional officials or appointments to the courts, the faceless elite forces shaping national security policy are deeply entrenched, unapproachable, and unaccountable.
I cited two examples in the book and just wanted folks to be aware, since I rarely see those dangers mentioned. 2) I’d purchase a portable water filter so that I could purify water from any source in case I had to bug out.
If you have already begun, become a big brother or sister and recruit a non-prepper into the world of preparedness. Learn how to use firearms and cold weapons alike, stockpile in multiple locations because you never know when you’ll have to leave home. Hopefully all of us take it to heart and are busy preparing and adding to their own stocked food storage.
This is extremely accurate, with maybe one exception when it comes to first aid supplies that you should have when preparing for the unknown.When you think you have enough medical and first aid supplies, multiply that by about 10 and you should be good for an unexpected emergency. Other uses include keeping cockroaches away, makeshift soap, making candles, getting things out of your hair, fixing squeaky hinges, preventing diaper rash, and many others.
The downside to food storage is that you are forced to leave a lot behind if you are forced to relocate. Some other types of medicine that are important to keep on hand are pain relievers, antidiarrheal medicines, orajel, amoxicillin, antacids, rubbing alcohol, and antibiotic ointment.
Well, the L word makes the difference in how far we go towards self sufficiency and survival itself. I like you, go to the different sites on a daily basis and have been learning and preparing, and always stock up when I can.If you want some ideas about what and how much you need to prep take advantage of our free eBook Emergency Survival Prepping Checklist  in the side bar on the right. If you think you have everything you could possible need, and have never had an emergency to use it for, trust me, you will need more.Unfortunately for me, I actually had a medical emergency recently that I had to put my emergency medical kit into use.
But what about the little tips, or prepping hacks, we’ve learned without thinking about them, little things that make prepping just a little bit easier?
By putting a wick in a tub of Crisco you will have a candle that will reportedly burn for 45 days.
The solution to this problem is one of the easiest prepping hacks: buy and store a pack of seeds. The down side to using condoms for water or keeping things dry is the lubricant on the outside, but it’s a small price to pay as an easy substitution for a water jug in a pinch or a way to keep life-saving matches dry.
This will enable you to grow your own, fresh food source and something easy to barter with.
Infection can be an overlooked issue with prepping but can easily cause limb loss or death if not treated properly. Without love, prepping becomes at best a hobby, at worst a task, and not the all encompassing way of life it is intended to be.
Crisco, however, has a longer shelf life if stored properly and combines the perks and prepping hacks of these alternatives in one product. He works for a trucking company, because it is too expensive for him to work for himself.And this is where I got interested.
By Dale 37 CommentsIn the last few episodes of the Survivalist Prepper podcast Lisa and I have mentioned the latest giveaway we are doing that includes a holster from Precision Holsters and a Tac-Bar survival rations package from Expedition Research.The first giveaway went so well that Precision Holsters and Expedition Research decided to give a couple more away this month!Along with these 3 prizes we are also going to add a couple of our own. He said that he has been a truck driver since 1999, and up until 2004, when he would pull into truck stops, if he got in too late all of the spaces for overnight parking were full.
All of the food storage in this kit comes in one compact bucket that can fit almost anywhere.How to Enter and WinThis giveaway is pretty straight forward, if you are already a member of the Survivalist Prepper Academy you are already entered. Which if you think about it is a little frightening.In any grocery store, there is about three days’ worth of food (more or less) stocked and ready to sell. After that members and nonmembers you can get more entries daily by using the contest entry form below.You can also leave a comment below to get entered into the giveaway. By adding an extra $20 a week to your shopping trip in as little as 3 months you will have accumulated a nice pantry full of food. If done smart, that could be a six month food supply for your family.You have to look at it like an insurance policy, you pay that bill every month right? By Dale 1 CommentA little while back I was given the opportunity to try out the Compound bow from Apollo Tactical and I am very impressed with the product. As most of you know who visit this website often, over the past year I have gotten bitten by the archery bug, I started with building my own long bow, after that I purchased a crossbow, and now I am falling in love with the compound bow.I was a little intimidated by this bow at first because I am no professional and this is definitely a top of the line bow. Food Storage and Prepping isn’t just preparing for an economic collapse or a banking crisis,  having a well-stocked pantry could help see your family through leaner times like loss of  income or a  job. I think my initial hesitation to purchase a compound bow was based on the fact that they looked so complicated to use. The long bow and cross bow are pretty basic setups, but a compound bow just looked like I would have to spend time and money to get everything adjusted and fit to my specifications.While this is true for some compound bows, it is not the case with the Apollo Tactical compound bow, everything is adjustable without the need to go to the pro shop or purchase a bow press. If you make a list of the items your family likes to eat, you will know what to look for while you are doing your normal shopping.Inventory Your StorageKeeping your food collection areas organized and accessible will help you know what you have, and how much you have.
By Dale 1 CommentOver the next few weeks Lisa and I are going through all the steps of bugging out, and discussing why it’s more complicated than it seems on the surface.
This week we are going over bug out locations, supplies and resources, and next week we will be talking about bug out vehicles, and why one might not be better than the other.When we think about bugging out we tend to think about the most extreme situations, like a full blown economic collapse or war that leaves us no choice but to head for the hills.
It is a good time now to start planning different recipes to try with food that store well, such as SPAM, or canned chicken. Find what your family likes, train them to expect it and focus on that.Different Food StorageThere is more to food storage than just canned goods.
Not only because it is a perfect opportunity to score some prepping supplies for Christmas, or a great opportunity to get someone interested in preparedness, but the fact that we are able to celebrate holidays like these means everything is “so far so good”While I’m not much for the stress and planning that leads up to the holidays it is a reminder of why we do what we do.
The reason most of us prepare is to keep our family and loved ones safe, and while that in itself is a gift, sometimes people just need a gift or a thankyou that is meant only for them.On a selfish note, any opportunity to stock up on a few extra supplies and not have to pay for it is a win win in my book, although it usually all come out of my bank account anyway…but that’s beside the point. These can be nice alternatives to always preparing from a can, and they can be found cheap! Even if you aren’t I bet you will be when you win this Tactical Compound Bow package from Apollo-Tactical.This is not your run of the mill compound bow, this a top of the line milled aluminum compound bow with all the bells and whistles included.
As preppers we are concerned about many different disasters, and the possibility of being without power goes along with many of them.It doesn’t need to be an EMP strike or a terrorist attack that takes the grid down, we could lose power at any time because of weather or natural disasters.
By Dale 2 CommentsLet’s imagine for a second that TEOTWAWKI (The end of the world as we know it) has just happened and our operational security gauge is pinned to the max, how long would it be until you noticed that someone, or some group was headed for your front door?Perimeter security and alarms on our property in a SHTF event is critical because it could give us the valuable seconds we need to defend ourselves and our family.This article is not about land mines and booby traps that could get you put in jail for accidentally taking your neighbors leg off, or about high-tech security systems.
This article is about some low cost ways to deter someone from entering your property, or alerting you if they do. By Dale 2 CommentsWith North Korea and Iran flexing their muscles and telling us how much they love us here in the United States, and with Russia acting like a drunk guy at the bar just looking for a fight with his buddy China, the threat of a nuclear attack on U.S. The definition of a prepper is "An individual or group that prepares or makes preparations in advance of, or prior to, any change in normal circumstances, without substantial resources from outside sources" Like the Government, police etc.
Even though dropping a bomb on Hiroshima ended World War 2, it also made other countries take notice and say “Hey! I don't believe that the end of the world will be the "end of the world" I believe it will be the end of the world as we know it now. I want one of those!”Even though they didn’t use the word “prepping” back then, and I’m not sure who actually coined the phrase “prepping” the principals were the same. You can also find me on Google Plus and TwitterLeave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published. Today the stakes are much higher, today there are threats like pandemics, terrorism and financial crisis that people living in the 50’s and 60’s would have laughed at.
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By Lisa 3 CommentsWith many nations of the world today claiming to have nuclear capabilities, and the constant bombardment of negativity floating through the mainstream media the thought of a nuclear event seems to be creeping back into potential disasters we need to be prepared for.

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