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Being away from each other and missing one another reminded me of how believers long to be with Christ for all of eternity.
While we don’t try to create difficulties in our lives, when trials come, we can rejoice in them since one of their benefits is that our gaze is redirected from an earthly focus to a Heavenly one. Samuel Rutherford, a pastor during the 1600′s in Scotland, wrote many letters during his lifetime. A little over a year ago, while shopping for Christmas, I was buying some books for Brody from The Banner of Truth.
Over the past year, I had glanced at it from time to time, but just recently, I decided to read it through, from the beginning.
Since I stayed longer than planned at work, Brody checked on the crockpot and also steamed the broccoli and cooked the rice so we were able to arrive on time with cooked food.
My dad asked me to make a corsage for Grandma, which reminded me of another phase of life for which I am thankful.
We can be grateful that God designed our eyes to see beautiful colors and gave us tastebuds with the capacity to enjoy various tastes.
This week, we are exchanging posts with Brody’s brother, Cassidy and his wife, Katrina. If any of the above are troubling you, you are experiencing the natural effect of oxidative stress on your body and I’m sure you never even knew it? Thankfully, around that same time I was introduced to an all-natural product, Protandim, that activates Nrf2 and has completely changed how I feel.
If you would like to know more about reducing oxidative stress and improving your overall health please download and read this free eBook all about reducing oxidative stress and the aging process. Sometime ago, I was sharing with some friends how much I benefit from singing the same old hymns in church as my family sang in our church when I was a child. The first and main benefit of theologically sound hymns or songs (regardless of their copyright date) is available to anyone: our spirits are encouraged when we focus on God, reminding ourselves of the truth. I enjoy a second benefit from singing hymns such as this one in church… and I realize that not everyone will benefit in this way. As Brody and I remember becoming engaged 8 years ago, we remember the various health and economic challenges we have faced together and how faithfully God cared for us through each difficulty.
We enjoy adding fruit and fresh or steamed vegetables to our meals – this is a simple way for us to add variety and nutrition. Lord, You have been our dwelling place in all generations.Before the mountains were bornOr You gave birth to the earth and the world,Even from everlasting to everlasting, You are God.
Some years ago, he and his wife, Candy, attended a Thanksgiving Service organized by several churches in their area. My Tribute by Andrae Crouch was announced to be played just before me by the host church's flamboyant organist [with the help of a CD and full orchestra backup thanks to an electric organ key board set into what looks like a baby grand piano frame]. The flow of a flowery intro started with a lavish and energetic display of key board excellence. After a flourish of cord exchanges, variations on the theme and a blur of fingers going furiously from one end of the key board to the other, the organist reached the grande finale.
I walked to the front with my music folder, fourteen inch cane flute in hand and a prayer in my heart.
A person living a simple life that glorifies God may be encouraged to remember that the simple tune created by a cane flute, as well as elaborate productions from full orchestras, bring God glory. In 2009, when we were just beginning to cook from scratch without gluten, Brody developed a tasty dish.
That Sunday morning, I realized that I had intended to surrender all of my life during the previous years. Disappointments, difficulties and trials of various levels of pain show me areas of my life that need to change. I have found that as I meditate on God’s character and what He has done throughout history, especially with respect to His work to redeem a people for Himself, I experience more joy and peace. And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose. The process of designing a new dish can be so much more fun when shared with some enthusiastic friends. That day, I shared with my Junior Advisory Team my preliminary thoughts on the design of the dish, and they added their suggestions. Recipe design can be enhanced with friends’ suggestions and the activity can be made more enjoyable when sharing their company, but it does not actually require the input of others.
I feel sad for those believers who think that building relationships with others in the church is optional. 18 [c]With all prayer and petition [d]pray at all times in the Spirit, and with this in view, [e]be on the alert with all perseverance and petition for all the saints, 19 and pray on my behalf, that utterance may be given to me in the opening of my mouth, to make known with boldness the mystery of the gospel, 20 for which I am an ambassador in [f]chains; that [g]in proclaiming it I may speak boldly, as I ought to speak.
I tried following my recipe for Yummy Hummus one day and neglected to read the entire note on my recipe card… the result was the hummus was much too watery.
Some years ago, my church gave us Sunday School teachers a gift of the classic edition of My Utmost for His Highest, a daily devotional by Oswald Chambers. Is He going to help Himself to your life, or are you taken up with your conception of what you are going to do?
Over the past 2 years, I’ve posted some new recipes and photos of our book recipes for Thanksgiving and Christmas. In 2012, I had the best results ever in preparing the turkey, and based on the post above, I suppose the success may be due to the simple approach I took that year. The Slightly Sweet Cranberry Sauce is pictured above with the rest of the side dishes, and you can find the recipe here.
This recipe is in our book, A Recipe for Survival, on page 162, and it’s a sample recipe on this site. This recipe is on page 163 of A Recipe for Survival, and it’s also available as a sample recipe on this website. Enjoy your special foods for this special time of year when we remember all for which we are thankful to God… especially His gift of salvation! This honey sriracha glazed chicken wings recipe is fabulously flavored for homesteaders who love to cook their meat low and slow.
A few months before we decided to publish our book, a friend on a very strict gluten-free diet asked me to develop a sweet roll recipe she could enjoy. In the event that you would like to try preparing the recipe on pages 178-179 of A Recipe for Survival,  I took some video to show how I work with the dough.
This was the first time that I tried recording videos, so the results are not stellar as far as lighting and technical quality go, but I didn’t want to invest another day in making sweet rolls and videoing the process. Based on some conversations with my gluten-free friends, I suspect they dream of a stack of sweet rolls with a cascade of icing!
Even sweeter than the tastiest food here on earth is the knowledge that Christ took on my sin and God gave me Christ’s righteousness. All my daily pain, difficulties and disappointments fade into the background as I meditate on the kindness of God to give me Christ’s righteousness and take away my sin. Romans 5:6 (NASB) For while we were still helpless, at the right time Christ died for the ungodly.
We have some friends from Fiji, and I remember a sermon he preached in which he shared a little of the history of their country and how the Gospel came to his homeland. That night, Grandma prepared a large quantity of soup and cornbread since I had told her many people would be arriving for supper… then when some travel plans shifted due to delayed flights and other reasons, she thought she had way too much soup and began sharing it with the neighbors. A couple of years ago, when I was processing a pumpkin for freezing the pulp for pies and pumpkin bread throughout the year, I decided I’d try planting some of the seeds since some had already begun to sprout inside the pumpkin. I was disappointed when nothing sprouted after about 7 days and I stopped watering and checking the seeds. I kept a couple plants for myself, but they soon became too big for the area I had to work with and I had to give up on them. The children were thrilled with the results of their efforts when the time came to process their pumpkins. The bread remains moist even after freezing as long as very little air is in the packaging with the bread. I started with my full-sized loaves and cut them into smaller portions that would work for a 1-2 day supply for Brody’s lunches. In the last few posts, I’ve shared some of our approach to sugar and how it relates to our immediate and long term financial and health situations. Recently, we enjoyed a delicious steak with our 1000 Day Marinade (page 144 of A Recipe for Survival). Now that I’m understanding better how more naturally-raised food helps us health-wise, I see what a blessing our food was as my brother and I grew up in Colombia.
Grandma said the other day that parents suddenly become very intelligent when their children turn 40.
When Brody and I eat simply, we can taste the natural sweetness of fresh fruit and don’t need a sugar fix from a more expensive and less healthful source. 13 ‘And do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from [f]evil. [g][For Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. The administration page of our website shows us the words people use to search for a previous post or the Internet for a topic, bringing them to our website. Since food preparation can sometimes be complicated in our household, and because time is limited with both of us working, the other reason I appreciate beans and rice is the simplicity of the dish. But, if I have the time to prepare Sister’s Salsa (page 155 in A Recipe for Survival) and slice up an avocado, I can dress up the beans and rice and enjoy an even tastier meal. When Brody and I were paying off many debts, I quickly saw how much a packaged item in my grocery cart affected the final cost at checkout.
Hardtack has actually been around since the time of Egyptian sailors, but you probably know it better from the Civil War period. What’s up Dear, are you truly visiting this web site on a regular basis, if so then you will absolutely get good knowledge.
I foudn this recipe to be more like the Pilot bread hard tack they sell in Alaska and it tastes much better and is easier on your teeth.
Try the above procedure but with 4 cups lentil flour, 1 cup wheat flour, 2 cups water and 3 tsp table salt. I have problems with the fact that I live in a humid place, I’m still working on ways to counter it. Late to the party, but curious if it would be ok to put this in a dehydrator rather than have to let it sit out for days – if you’re in a hurry?
Since he was out of town for a business trip, I took some photos so he could see what he sent me!
Sometimes, Brody and I ask ourselves aloud why we don’t more frequently long for eternity with our Savior. We more often long to be with our Savior when we are facing difficulties than when all is going smoothly. The majority of the collection contained in The Letters of Samuel Rutherford  was written during a time of persecution he endured for his faith.
The total for my selections was really close to the minimum purchase necessary to qualify for free shipping, so I looked through the options to close the gap….
While some of my discoveries are not new to others, I am happy to learn something new to me.

Our friends had already invited us over previously and we had not returned the favor, so we asked if we could provide the meal if they provided the space.
I also prepared a blend of our favorite salt, RealSalt, freshly ground black pepper, and rosemary leaves. I had never packed so much into my little crockpot and was not sure if it would finish cooking by evening, but in answer to my prayers, the meat finished cooking in time and it tasted great! We were so thankful to celebrate God’s goodness and faithfulness, especially in the 90 years He has given Grandma and for her relatively good health. When I was a missionary kid in Lomalinda, Colombia, our school organized banquets for various reasons, and usually the girls wore corsages.
I had more than enough dough to fill 18 muffin tins with the cloverleaf rolls… so I rolled out the left over dough, added sugar, cinnamon, and raisins, and we enjoyed the tasty little loaves. You will learn about how your body is fighting a war at the cellular level and what you see and how you feel on the surface is a direct indication of what is happening deep inside your body.
Even though we are separated by time, all believers from previous and future generations will be in Heaven for eternity, praising and serving God together. Roughly 300 years ago, Isaac Watts wrote the words of this hymn based on the song Moses wrote several thousand years ago, Psalm 90.
He is the same God who kept all His promises in the past… and one of those promises was to Abraham, that He would bring His descendants out of slavery in Egypt. In the life of Watts, we have a reminder of another promise made and fulfilled by God to Abraham…. God graciously gave me parents who loved God and lived for Him, and so I cannot remember not attending church with them and my older brother.
This (flute) is a piece of bamboo cane that was growing a few years ago over in Choctaw [a nearby town] and with God's help, He allowed me to make this into a Native American style flute." And with that being said, I played "To God be the Glory".
Add the chicken and mix well; when the chicken is thoroughly coated in the flavorful sauce, it is ready to be enjoyed. I asked myself if I really had meant those words throughout the decades that I had been singing the hymn. However, there had been areas of my life that I didn’t realize I was still expecting to manage on my own. I know from Hebrews 12:4-11 that the difficult times orchestrated or allowed by God are not to punish me, but to train me for my good. Rather than spending time and energy wondering why this or that is (or isn’t) happening in my life, I can choose to thank God for His saving work in my life. That is how the Holmes’ Team Tasty Tomatoes side dish (page 93 of A Recipe for Survival) came to be. We worked together to prepare the dish and after tasting the results, we agreed we had a winning combination of flavors and nutrients! I prepare tomato dishes more frequently in the summer when the price of tomatoes is lowest, but I don’t always have time to prepare a post at the same time that I am cooking. In some cases, the person who doesn’t want to be a part of a local body of believers has been hurt in a past church experience. I would miss out on all the benefits of fellow believers’ wisdom and perspective if I chose not to be a part of a church.
They miss out on precious encouragement from regularly meeting with others who are also learning how to apply God’s Word to their lives.
A quick Google search on the design of their shields confirmed that for me. The sermon I heard was from a series by Pastor Scott Bashoor on the Christian spiritual armor as described by Paul in Ephesians. Since I had wanted to try making falafel, I thought this might be an opportunity… I could take my failed rendition of hummus as a starting point, refer to the recipe my friend had drawn my attention to, and possibly develop something new!
I told her about the falafel recipe and my concern that Brody can’t handle fried food as well as he used to since he had his gall bladder removed. Add the beans and 1 cup of the liquid from the beans to the Vitamix along with the other ingredients except the salt, black pepper, parsley and cilantro.
Starting on low and then switching to high speed, blend all the ingredients together until smooth.
Prepare the Better Hummus recipe above, except use all the water that was with the garbanzo beans while they were cooking. If I dwell on what I had planned to be doing by age 40, I can become quite sorrowful… but when I remember that God is the One in charge of my assignments in life as a member of His household, then I experience more peace. Brody often reminds me that our lives here on earth are not about accomplishing certain things. He does not make a life out of failed experiments as I sometimes make a new recipe out of mistakes in my kitchen; rather, he is masterfully carrying out the purposes He has had for eternity past. In order to ease your preparations for the end-of-the-year celebrations, I thought I’d collect all of these into one post for reference.
Save yourself some stress later in the season by using the Crusty Dinner Rolls recipe to make a loaf of bread in advance. Besides making rolls with it, I’ve used it to make loaves of bread which I can then use for making sandwiches or for any recipe calling for bread crumbs. Yes, we all love to grill our chicken wings but if low temperatures force us indoors – then we can make adjustments.
Usually, something unique has to occur for me to invest time, energy and ingredients in experimenting with a dessert. Brody is good at editing videos and cleaning up the rough start I make to video projects; however in this case, he could not do anything with the footage due to how I saved the files off the camera onto the computer.
He expressed gratitude for the sacrifices made by those first missionaries who came to his country, bringing the Gospel.
My grandma’s mother, Dixie Lee Gabbard, raised her children faithfully, and now, four generations later, we see her devotion to the Lord in some of her poetry, and we continue to benefit from the cumulative effect of one generation passing the truth on to the next.
We have some photos of the time that she took my mom as a little toddler back to Arkansas to visit Grandma Dixie on her farm. I was glad I could modify Grandma’s famous Chicken Noodle Soup (pages 126-127 of A Recipe for Survival) to make it workable for Brody.
For the last serving, one family member only received roughly a half-cup serving with a little square of cornbread. But around the 2 week mark, I visited my little plot of dirt and was astonished to see a great number of little seedlings pushing up the earth. But, my friend shared her seedlings with her grandchildren, and they enjoyed great success with their plants.
So then, while we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, and especially to those who are of the household of the faith. I noticed that my sister-in-law, Amy, from whom I received the original gluten-filled pumpkin bread recipe, often freezes breads in advance to make meal preparation easier during busy times. Many people, my parents included, have been saying for some time that sugar is not good for us. Pompa says, especially with respect to applying to us today the instructions God gave to the nation of Israel regarding clean and unclean foods. So we follow an approach that takes into account some of his ideas, while living within our means. Also pictured are Grandma’s Green Beans (page 91 of A Recipe for Survival) and short-grain, sweet brown rice. My dad worked hard to raise essentially all the fruit we ate, and his methods were natural and organic.
Again, we were enjoying the benefits of free-range eggs and chicken meat, and I did not even know how good I had it! I can easily prepare a large batch of rice and a large batch of black beans, store them in the fridge and take beans and rice to work each day. I suspect that anyone who says beans are not interesting has not been eating this version of beans and rice! Perhaps I have developed a taste for it because of appreciating the value of a meal that is nourishing and inexpensive. Yes, I would have enjoyed some treats with sugar in them, but purchasing them would not have helped me pay off the debt and the sugar would have made me less productive throughout the day.
The dentist graciously did all the near-emergency work for us even though he knew it would take us a long time to pay it off.
Dow was not charging us interest, I was very careful what we did with the money we were spending on anything besides regular payments to him.
It’s a great survival food, because it is very nutritious and tasty, and also keeps extremely well when stored in the proper conditions.
Well, first off, you need to be able to store it for long periods of time without spoiling.
Once it’s dried thoroughly, it will keep for years, provided it stays dry and away from pests.
During the war, 3×3 inch squares of hardtack were shipped to both the Union and Confederate armies, making a staple part of a soldier’s rations. If the batter seems sticky, add extra wheat flour until the batter is a consistency that can be rolled. We usually answer that we have become too focused on this earthly life, the desires we have for particular material things or the desire to accomplish certain goals here on earth. His unwavering love for His Savior is clearly seen in his writings, and his beautiful choice of words reflects the beauty he saw in Jesus Christ. The Loveliness of Christ was a new discovery to me, as was this arrangement of ingredients….
I had often made the roast with beef, but thought I would try it with pork, using the seasonings we have enjoyed in other pork dishes.
I washed and cut up the broccoli so it would be ready to steam just before we left for our friends’ home.
When we looked at photos of her lifetime, we were reminded that while humans change, He has not, nor will He ever change. We felt as if that short open house was a preview of Heaven, when we will be reunited with our spiritual family. Grandma’s 90th birthday party reminded me of our spiritual family that has grown throughout the years.
We enjoy breakfast at any time of the day, so Brody scrambled some eggs and served them with the sweet rolls. I used to dislike raw cabbage, but when I heard that it was good for us, I decided to try it, and my taste buds adjusted to enjoy it! When your body is exposed to oxidative stress on a daily basis it ages faster than it should. I’ve been taking Protandim every day for the last year and I can tell you that my headaches are gone, I’m sleeping really well, and my energy level has significantly increased. When I remember that this Psalm was written for the people of Israel to praise God for His eternal nature, I am encouraged in whatever my daily struggles are. Moses was one of those descendants; God used him to lead His people during that time in history, and Moses wrote Psalm 90. I remember sitting near the front as a young child, listening to the sermon and singing the hymns the best I could for my age.
I enjoy keeping his and my family culinary traditions alive even though we modify the recipes to make them more effective for his dietary needs.

But, the exact songs each volunteer was planning to play wasn’t communicated to the others. This summer, I brought back this dish he created since I was looking for a different flavor and a simple dish during a busy season of our lives. For example, when I was in high school and college, I was willing to serve the Lord whole-heartedly in my life, but I didn’t realize that I was only willing to serve Him joyfully in certain roles. The emotion of disappointment helped me to understand how my desire to serve God in certain ways had become a god in itself to me. I can trust Him since He is good and because He is at work for my good, and His plan is best. While we human beings can be rather unkind to one another, the answer is not to avoid being a part of a local body. I would not have the chance to forgive others if I carefully avoided any situation in which others could hurt me. Skipping church means they miss out on the encouragement that comes from hearing others sing God’s praises. Paul spent a lot of time with Roman soldiers since he was a prisoner for his faith for years.
Instead, God’s purpose for us is to prepare us spiritually for Heaven and to bring Him glory in our lives now and for eternity. I would love to contact the potter in this photo to confirm that it’s okay to share the photo on my site.
I think the spices and herbs I used would have been some nutmeg, black pepper and salt along with the rosemary, sage and thyme which came as a potted trio from my local Sprouts. I know there’s a difference, but whatever name they go by in the store, I buy them, fix them and we eat them! Simple, yet delicious, the results of following these directions pleased our palates and our insides!
The creamy chocolate frosting (page 175 of A Recipe for Survival) adds an exceptional extra tasty finish. For example, both of the cakes I developed were for receptions for friends who were either getting married or renewing their vows.
I see His justice in His punishment of my sin in Christ. He shows His mercy by not giving me the punishment I deserve. The stick of butter I pulled from the fridge to offer with the cornbread was the largest serving of all the items I set before him! I didn’t have any after it had been frozen and thawed, but he assured me that the texture was acceptable.
I couldn’t bear to throw away any little plants, so I transplanted them, and took many little seedlings to church to share with my friends.
For example, we cannot afford to eat 100% grass-fed beef regularly, so we simply enjoy beef less often.
I think the only time we bought fruit was at Christmas when we would enjoy the treat of apples since they were so expensive. The result is a simple, satisfying dish which fits into our budget and gives me the energy to work. And perhaps, as I noted on the previous post, since I limit my intake of processed foods and refined sugars, I actually enjoy the taste of more natural foods such as this dish.
I knew he would not begrudge us our basic necessities such as nutritious food, but I did not feel right about spending money on ice cream or fast food instead of sending a larger payment to him in a given month. Gather Victoria shares this recipe and says tat when they come out of the over they are very delicate so you need to let them cool completely before removing from cookie sheet. I think weeds have more vitamins and minerals that most commercially grown produce since the commercially grown is usually from big farms and the ground is probably lacking in a lot of vitamins and minerals where as the weeds usually grow in uncultivated soil and so still get all the vitamins and minerals because if they are not picked or removed when they are done for the season the go right back into the ground so the next years crop would have plenty of vitamins and minerals as well.
We’ll show you how to make hardtack using a simple recipe, and show how to cook it to make a delicious survival food. Edit: The Minnesota Historical Society has a piece of Civil War hardtack in its collection.
Typically made 6 months beforehand, it was as hard as a rock when it actually got to the troops.
We experience oxidative stress simply by walking out side and enjoying the sunshine, having poor eating habits, lack of sleep, or by taking an over-the-counter pain reliever for your headache.
From Adam and Eve to the present, someone has always been passing along the truth about God to the next generation. So, Isaac Watts and I, along with all other believers are spiritual descendants of Abraham.
I realized that it was possible to make a god out of what I thought my calling in life should be. I would not be able to bear others’ burdens or comfort them if I were not involved in their lives enough to be aware of their burdens or know of their sorrows. Simply seeing my leaders attending church with their families encourages me to continue obeying the Lord in all aspects of my life. So, he likely had a visual reminder of armor right beside him as he wrote this passage on the armor of God.
Even with the pains and disappointments, I can trust Him that He is molding my character to resemble His Son more and more. I’ve been able to keep some of the plants alive for the following years, but it may be time to update my thyme along with the rosemary.
In this case, since my friend was craving the sweet rolls, I decided to work on the project. To give credit where it is due, the CD you will hear in the background of the videos is Acoustic Hymns 20 Favorites Featuring Jack Jezzro produced by greentree records. But before the missionaries died, God used them to share the truth with some of the Fijians, and eventually through the generations, our friends heard the good news of the Gospel. And since we both have a few more pounds on us than we’d like to keep, we are discovering that we can share a steak and be satisfied.
Otherwise, Daddy raised papayas, bananas, cashew fruit, mangos, passion fruit, star apples and more. An additional benefit is that I’m not eating food that will negatively affect my cholesterol numbers. But, for me, I would have sinned against my conscience to eat what was not necessary AND would make me less healthy, especially when I owed money to someone else.
They look absolutely beautiful with the sunny yellow color and the specks of dandelion petals showing all over the shortbread. Place on an un-greased cookie or baking sheet, and cook for 30 minutes per side at 375? (or 350? if you have a convection oven). To prepare for eating, soak it in water or milk for about 15 minutes, and then fry in a buttered skillet. I came to a conclusion that if you need plates for a flak jacket or bullet-proof vest, hardtack is your go-to source. I’m sure you never thought about the damage that oxidative stress is having in your body, and the reason I know that is because we never did either! We are linked together across the generations in an unbroken chain because God is preserving the truth for His glory.
My severe disappointment showed me that I had originally planned to “surrender all” only under certain circumstances!
I would miss out on so many opportunities for my own spiritual growth if I tried to isolate myself from other  believers. Hearing them singing of their love for Christ and knowing that they also are applying God’s Word to their lives throughout the week spurs me on to live my life in a way that honors the Lord. I not only got to try a new falafel recipe, I modified the Yummy Hummus to become Better Hummus! So, even as we face difficulties and disappointments, we can know for certain that He is not being unkind to us; He is lovingly working in our lives for our spiritual good. Since He is the Potter, He has the freedom to make whatever He chooses from each lump of clay.
But now that I am interested in foods that help the liver and intestines, I’m seeing what a benefit the beets and carrots were, and how healthy we were by limiting our refined sugar consumption! If we feel as if “money is tight,” why not change our eating habits to stretch our grocery budget a little further so that we can buy our groceries without using a credit card?
We really like the results of preparing beans according to the procedure outlined in Appendix B of A Recipe for Survival. Tasting good is not really a necessity, but it sure is nice if you end up living off the stuff for a long time.
Not only would this soften it enough for eating, but any insect larvae in the bread would float to the top, allowing the soldiers to skim them out. We’d probably eat everything tasty first over the first year or two but at some point, the hard tack would come in to play and you want it edible.
You see, we are in our mid 30’s, and I personally had my “blinders” on when it concerned my health until the day I was told I needed to have 2 surgeries within a few months of each other.
Junior Advisory Team) were stopping by for a visit on a day when I was planning to find a way to make kale easier for Brody to digest.
Three soldiers could team up together… even if the one in the middle were quaking in his sandals, the two on either side could link their shields to his, and together, the other two could help the one in the middle to stand his ground.
You’d also want to be able to hunt down some protein because carbs and salt are not going to sustain you for very long on their own. Since I was fairly healthy, didn’t get sick much, exercised regularly, ate mostly healthy stuff, I just didn’t think about how my body was functioning.
He had been struggling to break down greens in his mouth, and I was remembering what I had learned in chemistry about getting different substances to dissolve into a solution. There are times in all of our lives that we need fellow believers to help us to persevere. What a loss for those who choose not to interact with and build relationships with others in a local church! Because we had limited financial means, our parents made careful food choices for us so as not to exceed their income… and in the end, we were eating the most healthful diets possible. Because it is completely dehydrated, it is relatively light and easy to transport, but because it is so dense, it packs a lot of nutrition in a small package. I didn’t think about my cells at all, or what the effects of the environment around me and the foods I was eating were doing to me. Limited finances can actually be a blessing if you are like me and can exercise more self-control at the point of sale than at the point of consumption.
You’d better have good sturdy teeth unless you soak it in coffee or some other liquid. I made it through both surgeries, but 2 years later with a healed body, I’m just not the same and don’t feel as healthy as I did prior to surgery.
In my quest to get back to a very healthy state, I realized that I never was really paying attention to what was the most important part of staying healthy long-term and that was healing and regenerating my cells at a cellular level by something called Nrf2, an internal cellular protein that is something like a thermostat in our cells that manages our stress response.

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