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Inspired by the classic animal posters seen in old classrooms, I coulnd’t help but create one for the Ark fauna! We are a long lasting gaming community who have been swayed by ARK, and see great potential for an amazing gaming experience in the years to come.
We have 20+ years experience with online games, going all the way back to the first MUD’s, and know what it takes to run a good server.
We are looking for casual RP’ers who want to build their Tribes in a sensical PVP environment. Thanks man <3 :D If you want a extremely hard challenge try to beat my new map Caves of Cataclysm! Hey i think i can do one how would u like it made?and me and my friend r going to do a utube on this. Hardcore Survival Games [Ruined skyscraper City, always night, Monsters spawning] Customizable by server owners!

So come along and try the server out, it could be thebest server you have ever been on!The server has only been up two days, so please excuse us if the staff are very busy. Thus we have decided to start a brand new server, where we and many others can build their fortunes on the ARK. Griefers will be banned, but we do understand its a survival game, and sometimes the only thing you can do is to kill or be killed.
I really like how you design these, and it will be even better caz i have a texture pack where the zombies have like 20 looks to them so it makes it even more realistic! All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site.
Like Flint&Steel with fire aspect, iron axe with sharpness and knockback, shears with sharpness, blaze rods with fire aspect X, 'Brick of Arthropods with Bane of arthropods, And many many more!
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I have made new dynamic builds like a falling skyscraper, and a crumbled one on the ground. In this map the goal is to find and collect the 9 Lapis Blocks hidden through the city, find the cure.
In these chests you can find food, ammo, weapons, armour, tools, blocks, and anything you really need to survive. You can place and break blocks so feel free to make a house and turn this map into a survival map for yourself. There is about 8 blocks down from surface level where you can mine and collect iron, coal, and redstone.

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