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The Crovel name (pronounced crow-vole not crov-all, but personally I prefer the latter) combines crowbar and shovel which is exactly where name and the thing for that matter came from in the first place.
The Crovel Elite is considered the backpacking version, but as an avid backpacker, I would consider it more a Bug Out tool since my backpack errs on the lighter side.
I could also envision using the Crovel Elite as an ice axe for crossing the unexpected snowfield or frozen water main leak.A  Having a handy lanyard hole will make the Crovel just that much better.
Fully deployed to ita€™s overall 22 inch length, the head points away from handle with the blade parallel to the handle.
The crovel is not a complete substitute for a shovel, or a saw, or a hoe, or a pry bar, or a knife, or an axe, or a hammer. And speaking of fun, I guess ita€™s a sign of success -and a dash of innovative design- when your product shows up as a weapon in a violent video game. Jay Blevins has also appeared on Access Hollywood Live, The Steve Harvey Show, The Today Show and CNN Headline News‘ Jane Velez-Mitchell Show. For those who thought the Special Forces Shovel was badass, meet the Crovel Extreme Shovel.

Should the zombie apocalypse come and one needs a melee weapon, the Crovel Extreme Shovel is the best way to go.
But then again, not everyone agrees with my definition of backpacking in that I often forgo such comforts as the tent, stove, and occasionally even the sleeping bag (think bivy sack, down coat, hat and thin foam pad).
And of course, if you flip it over, you now have a stool to sit on.A  Ia€™m looking forward to spending hours on it later this fall during hunting season. However, when you transition to using the Crovel as a chopper or saw, your side-slamming motions might now be in line with the pina€™s release motion. Sure, Ia€™d rather have my Gransfors Bruks, but therea€™s no efficient way I could dig a hole with the fine Swedish iron. In the game Killing Floor2, an early generation but wickedly enhanced Crovel makes a cameo as the right tool when you need to lop off a mutanta€™s limb or head. Gore & Associates Signs as Sponsor of 2015 Outdoor Foundationa€™s Outsiders Ball Texas Law Shield, Matt Best, C. Chopping can cause the pin to fly free of its home so you want to keep the pina€™s direction in mind when you chop with the Crovel.

And for those who have done some deconstruction, or emergency rescue, having a reversible or rotatable tool that serves many functions may actually have an advantage compared to a whole shed of single-use tools. Since most chopping will take place with the non-saw side of the blade, entering the pin from the saw-side will help prevent knocking the pin free when chopping.
The handle is constructed from hollow steel which provides storage space for survival items such as flashlights, knives, flares and fishing hooks.
At the end of it is a heavy duty base that functions as a hammer and also has a claw that easily works as a crowbar.

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