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The Petromax Griddle and Fire Bowl is available in three sizes, FS38, FS48 and FS56, a versatile piece of camp wear for using around open fires.
The Petromax stainless steel Griddle and Fire Bowl is a versatile piece of camp wear for camp cooking around an open fire. Dutch oven conditioner, a blend of natural ingredients, is a great way to protect surfaces of Dutch ovens (in particular Petromax Dutch ovens) and other cast iron cookware products.

Petromax flexible spatulas are high quality brushed stainless steel spatulas with a walnut handle. Place the griddle over an open fire to cook on, the centre of the Griddle will get hotter than the outer edge allowing you to have more control whilst cooking. Or, light a fire directly on the griddle and use as a fire bowl, lifting the fire off the ground.

The griddle and fire bowl comes with three 23 centimetre detachable legs, lifting the griddle off the ground.

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