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That’s the dramatic claim by contrarian economist James Kunstler,writing about the big retail sector in Business Insider.
Kunstler points to the same trends that are affecting small towns: online shopping, global delivery, higher fuel costs plus a few other factors including tighter corporate credit. And that’s potentially a big bonus for small town retailers that have been hit hard by customers driving to the big box competitors in the big city. In Texas, big box stores are already getting smaller, documented by the Fort Worth Star Telegram (PDF).
Charles Wetzel is CEO of the Fort Worth-based Buxton Group which advises big retailers on site selection. He said, “Quite honestly, a lot of retailers have come back to the customer service days where the customer feels loved.
If the trend is toward smaller, community-oriented retail, who do you think is in the better competitive position, big boxes or stores in your small town?
If you’re working on a shop local campaign to support your local small retail stores, you might benefit from the $9 guide to shop local campaigns in small towns. You as a small town shop owner have a built in advantage over big box and on line shopping.
It is an interesting trend, but in perspective, shaving 10% off a 200,000 square foot big box still leaves an awfully big store. If you would like permission to re-use an article you've read here, please make a Reprint Request. Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas has admitted a patient into strict isolation… The hospital is following all Centers for Disease Control and Texas Department of Heath recommendations to ensure the safety of patients, hospital staff, volunteers, physicians and visitors. Hope none of you were in DFW airport recently and used a toilet, a flush handle, a door, or sink that this guy touched. Personally, I would not risk my life on what the mainstream talking heads will tell us (that we have nothing to worry about – you can only get Ebola from direct bodily fluids). There were eight days between the time he landed in the US and when he was isolated in the hospital. My belief is that it will 100% spread here and the most dangerous part of that will the delay.
In the End I do not believe that the Ebola virus will be the end of our world as we know it (although it will be devastating enough both mentally and physically)- I think that will come in the form of the Sheeple panic when the disease starts to spread and our hospitals are overwhelmed (which they nearly are on any regular day anyway!!).
If people think they can get treatment by coming to the US, they will do whatever it takes to get here and that includes lying and acting the part of as healthy a person as they can muster. A supposed cure, or however close lab technicians and scientists have gotten to one, has been around for some time now – IMHO. And, if there is ANY kind of national security aspect to a cure, you can bet your last centr that the powers that be save them stored for the supposed leaders that will run our country in a WROL or whatever TEOTWAWKI situation arises, God help us. Second, I recall reading somewhere, yrs back (no idea if this is accurate) that one reason AIDS was so difficult to treat permanently, is the AIDS virus is a sneaky little sucker.

Anyone here think of the vulnerability an Ebola outbreak creates domestically and how that could be just the right catalyst and climate for an external attack form another nation? Sure wouldn’t put it out of the realm of possibility if you pair a viral outbreak with an EMP or Economic collapse. They keep repeating over and over on the news here not to worry because it is not spread by air. The New York Times said that Duncan, in his mid-40s, helped transport a pregnant woman suffering from Ebola to a hospital in Liberia, where she was turned away for lack of space. DALLAS — A hazardous material crew called off for the night decontamination work at the north Dallas apartment from which an Ebola-stricken man was taken earlier this week.
Dallas city spokesman Richard Hill said the crew had arrived Thursday evening after a severe thunderstorm and resulting power outage delayed the start of work at the apartment from which Thomas Eric Duncan was taken Sunday. He says officials ultimately decided to hold off on the start of work until Friday to allow the crews to obtain permits for the hazmat cleanup and transportation of the removed hazardous materials. The natural extension of this trend is to even smaller stores, like the ones in your small town.
He noted that the new big boxes opening in DFW are taking less square footage, only a fraction of the former mega sizes. Sheri Bridges, director of Wake Forest University’s retail marketing center, explained the national trend.
She and her husband own a retail liquor store in Alva, Oklahoma, and a small cattle ranch nearby. Comments are automatically closed on older posts, but you can send me your comment via this contact form and I'll add it manually for you. I appreciate your perspective as someone who has chosen to live and do business in a small town. Meanwhile, new formats like neighborhood markets and express stores in smaller markets threaten to take more market share away from local businesses.
You'll need a guide who understands how we're different and what really works: Shop Local Campaigns for Small Towns. Tuesday’s official determination makes the Dallas patient the first diagnosed Ebola case in the United States. She traveled all over the country to the CDC, American Red Cross, National Institute of Health, and so on. I have experience as both a police officer AND an RN and I do NOT believe for a second that this disease will be contained completely in America. And, I say this tongue in cheek just to remind folks to stay awake on information and misinformation. I would speculate for at least 5-7 years or longer given the advancement in computing and how that correlates with to lab improvements and analysis. There are only so many to go around each year with the strain variants that are making the rounds.

Well if he sneezes and mucous lands on someone or droplets in the air, I think there is a chance of infection. Duncan helped bring the woman back to her family’s home and carried her into the house, where she later died, the newspaper reported. Don’t establish personal relationship with the people who walk in your door, and you can not succeed. Observant local retailers will note that the chains are cutting the number of SKUs they carry to focus on higher volume products.
Small town retailers have a big chance to be more responsive and appreciative of customers than those new smaller boxes can be. It IS a littler pricier than Wegmans, but the beef they are now carrying is from a local farmer that I know and have purchased from directly.
They also have failed, whether purposely or through sheer stupidity, to close our Southern border thus allowing Enterovirus (endemic to Guatamala mostly) to infect our children on a fairly large scale.
Stores will empty, trucks will not run because people will stop going to work, same with the utilities. I don’t want to freak out, but with the world situation that it is, just cannot help it.
Maybe some people will not care that the big box that once carried six brands of laundry detergent now only stocks four, but others will. It’s the brainchild of an urban economic planner who moved to Rochester to open such a store. So while I might do the bulk of my name brand shopping at the bigger chain (Wegmans), I will also gladly shop at Hart’s because they carry something special that I really like. Eventually the first responders will stop going to work and focus on caring for their families (rightly so) and so on and so on and son on. This is an opportunity for local retail, and the brands that were cut will be happy to work with local merchants. And, I’ve been introduced to other local and regional farms for other products through them. I also agree it will likely not be TEOTWAWKI, but it sure has the potential to wipe out a lot of sheeple.
Just-In-Time distribution will make it extremely difficult to restock shelves if the nation panics.
Are they worried about the impact on their political careers of closing our borders and keeping AMERICANS safe?

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