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Peel off my scalp, saw through my cranium, then shake the goop out into a video game, and you’ll either find yourself in either a cyberpunk girl gang up to no good or dark icy waters filled with friendly and frightful creatures.
A German army soldier Explosive Ordnance Disposal trainer teaches Malian soldiers how to use mine detectors as part of the European Training Mission in Mali in July 2013.
A German army trainer explains different equipment used to build fighting positions as part of the European Training Mission in Mali, in July 2013. A German soldier trains Malian soldiers to drive a seven-ton truck as part of the European Training Mission in Mali in July 2013. Recently, Germany has begun a cautious rethink of its policy that often amounts to military abstention a€” it refused to participate in the NATO mission against Libyaa€™s former strongman, for instance, and has insisted on combat restrictions for its troops deployed to Afghanistan. Although France increasingly is the face of Western interventions in African trouble spots, the Germans are pledging to contribute more toward international efforts to bring stability to places such as Mali. Germanya€™s historical tendency toward pacifism and reluctance to meddle in the area of messy foreign security is born of its militaristic history, particularly Nazi Germanya€™s rout of Europe in World War II, German analysts say.
But illustrative of the tentative change in Germanya€™s mind set, the country has plans to beef up a military training mission in Mali as part of an effort to bolster indigenous troops in the fight against Islamic militants.
Germany is even considering sending troops to Mogadishu as part of an effort to train forces in the virtual failed state of Somalia, where a fragile government has been in a long struggle with the terrorist group al-Shabab. The combined effects of browbeating by frustrated allies, an increasingly tolerant public and a desire to have greater sway at the international negotiating table have led to a profound shift in Germany as decades of reflexive pacifism begin to give way, experts say.
Political leaders have recently declared that a sense of guilt over the countrya€™s Nazi past cana€™t be used as a a€?shield for lazinessa€? in the future. While Germany, the undisputed economic powerhouse of Europe, has long feared foreign entanglements, it now appears eager to shake a reputation for punching below its weight in the area of security cooperation. However, while calling on Germany to become more active in security matters, Von der Leyen also said the European Union as a whole must do more. Techau, a longtime critic of German reluctance to engage in global security challenges, says the trend of greater German involvement will likely continue with an eventual role in more direct counter-terrorism activities.
For Germany, part of its new-found assertiveness could be linked to the need to bolster its standing inside the European Union and keep the political alliance glued together, some experts suggest. Meanwhile, there also is a growing recognition that pursuing a policy of engagement in security matters doesna€™t necessarily translate into repercussions from an electorate uneasy with the idea of deploying troops.
While the general public generally opposes sending troops abroad a€” German polls consistently show opposition to the idea of a more expeditionary military a€” the issue is not a major point of discussion during election season.
Nevertheless, German Chancellor Angela Merkel a€?is generally quiet on these matters, and she will not go out there and give driving forceful speeches on military issues, but there is her implicit green light in all of this,a€? Techau said. Images of a submarine-launched missile shooting out of the sea and apparent preparations for a fifth nuclear test are raising concerns that North Koreaa€™s weapons development is moving along even faster than feared.
In 2012, a Marine Corps staff sergeant was court-martialed for being among a group of snipers who urinated on the fresh corpses of Taliban soldiers. In Germany, May Day celebrations start the night before May 1 and last well into the wee hours.
Tropical cyclone forms north of Fiji, projected to travel just west of American Samoa by weekend. Of the nearly 9,000 delivered MaxxPro units to the military, the Department of Homeland Security is apparently taking delivery (apparently through the U.S. Under the Navistar umbrella are several other companies including International Trucks, IC Bus (they make school buses), Monaco RV (recreational vehicles), WorkHorse (they make chassis), MaxxForce (diesel engines), and Navistar Financial (the money arm of the company).
The International® MaxxPro® is Navistar Defense’s Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle and incorporates the latest design in armoring technology.
The MaxxPro MRAP is built to withstand ballistic arms fire, mine blasts, IEDs, and other emerging threats.
The installation contract retrofits 2,717 vintage MaxxPro vehicles (work performed in West Point, Mississippi) with a new rolling chassis.
Update: One reader has suggested that the DHS vehicles are not Navistar MaxxPro, but Golan (Israeli made) armored vehicles, while another reader who apparently has worked for Navistar confirms that this vehicle is indeed made by Navistar. LISLE, Ill., March 15, 2012 Navistar Defense, LLC received an award to conduct the installation work associated with its January order to upgrade 2,717 International® MaxxPro® Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles with a new vehicle chassis.
The company has fielded nearly 9,000 MaxxPro vehicles and continues to anticipate needed vehicle capabilities, enhancements, reset and reuse options for its entire fleet of 32,000 vehicles.
Doc, give time and warped sense of national security (government paranoia) every American is a terror suspect. COULD IT BE THAT THIS TYPE OF EQUIPMENT IS TO BE USED ON THE BORDERS or for a reason other than taking out U.
Think of it this way Senior Chief, Napolitano is head of HOME DEFENSE the Military purchases etc.
FASCISTS in government have established a standing army our founding fathers warned us about.

The Clinton administration used the military against a church group illegally and outraged people to the point of complete outrage.
Cities owning MRAPs is a bad idea as well as DHS, but I don’t see real evidence here.
Remember, the Feds have given billions of dollars to every police department in the country, including tiny Fargo, ND. I live in a small suburb of Dallas, Texas and there are more than 16 sitting at the National Guard Base not 10 miles from my house.
Apparently you have not been taught about the Posse Comitatus Act while in school, which is actually not surprising based on the underlying political agenda today. I live in Ohio and the gub’ment just gave one of these things to a local police dept. I predict there is a plan at some higher level in the government to eventually declare some form of martial law and deploy the local law enforcement agencies as sudo Stormtroopers. I also can find no factual information that has the department of homeland security being give any of the 2717 mrap vehicles. These vehicles are Golans built by Protected Vehicles, Inc (PVI) the golan vehicle was jointly developed with Israel.
These are needed because the zionist who have hijacked the US government want to totally control the US military to reduce the total global population to under 500 million.
If Americans do not wake up to recognize the true enemy, there is no hope of defeating them.
Call congress daily to demand investigations, arrest the traitors and make Israel pay for their crimes against America. If anyone can save you from your tyrannical WASP government its going to be the Jews centuries of persecution have provided them with selection pressure devoid in most societies.
As far as the MRAPs go, does anyone know how much it costs to run and maintain one of these beasts?
These vehicles are in preparation for social unrest and riots on an unprecedented scale, post economic collapse. In addition, the hiring process for many jobs, especially TSA, includes a lengthy psychological portion, doubtless to weed out applicants with undesirable personality traits, such as a tendency for independent thought and action. The only reason the economy shows any signs of recovery is because the government has borrowed trillions of dollars to make it appear that way. CASO is a boutique housewares electrics brand that specializes in products that offer best in class technology combined with a remarkable modern design.
Shoppers crowd a Primark clothing store a day after the store's opening on July 12, 2012 in Berlin, Germany. The submission period has now ended and there have been a number of fantastic submissions for the contest, we’ve been thoroughly impressed with what we’ve seen for such a short period of time, especially considering how relatively new the game and the ADK is itself!
It's slow, but with every hit its "rage reaction" makes its bite more powerful and it gains more stamina.
Thus Africa is emerging as the proving ground for Europea€™s economic powerhouse as it pursues a bold new foreign policy. It also has pledged more logistical support to international peacekeeping efforts in the Central African Republic, where bloody religious-based fighting is stoking fears of potential ethnic cleansing.
Of late, German officials have almost sounded hawkish, if still cautious about engaging in a way that could mean a major commitment of troops in a combat zone. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, speaking during the Munich conference, welcomed a proposal by Germanya€™s defense minister, Ursula von der Leyen, calling for Europe to push forward with a German-proposed a€?framework nationa€? concept that groups large and small countries together to jointly develop sets of forces and capabilities. Extensively tested by the military and used in theater today, the MaxxPro features a V-shaped hull and other design features that greatly improve survivability.
Its V-shaped hull helps deflect blasts out and away from the crew and its armoring can be customized to meet any mission requirement.
This chassis enhancement included the addition of the DXM™ independent suspension, a MaxxForce® 9.3 engine, and a 570 amp alternator and driveline. There have been numerous reports on this story swirling within the blogosphere with varying claims of make and model.
This chassis enhancement includes the addition of the DXM™ independent suspension, a MaxxForce® 9.3 engine, 570 amp alternator and driveline, while leaving a residual chassis with a beam axle that can be reused. Those responsible for that were beyond the reach of the law and caused people to take ation just as illegal to justify murder. In my opinion, if they are not being used by the overseas military, why not put them to good use here? That is why DHS started buying mass amounts of common caliber ammunition within the American market: to deplete the amount available to the common people, and, to have a massive stateside stockpile for use against the civilian population.
And by and large, it’s mostly men who are doing the work and have always done the hard work overseas, not the women.

The US Marines bought 60 Golans, along with a slew of other MRAPs from other vendors for testing. Billions of our tax dollars creating an artificial prohibition and all we got for it was this lousy police state. You reply to a comment about economic collapse 6 months later, during the day that all stock market losses during 2008 have been recuperated.
Why in the hell are these vehicles not being sent to Iraq and Afghanistan for the protection of our military personnel?????
This design is representative of the time and attention to detail that CASO puts into every product. Primark is expanding aggressively in Germany and is becoming a serious competitor to other low-cost clothing store chains. Whether its size is caused by adaptation to the island's other inhabitants, or by cross-breeding with another larger species, Melanocetus Anglerpescum is one of the largest form of Anglerfish.
Germanya€™s refusal in 2011 to take part in NATOa€™s mission in Libya provoked additional angst among allies. The retrofits will be conducted in West Point, Miss., and work is expected to be completed by the end of May 2012. The DHS is also a military branch, so they should be allowed to have just as much armor as any other military branch. Or maybe you would not, because it takes a larger understanding of the big picture to realize that your privacy is being stripped away piece by piece. Yeah, the rear door motor goes out often, the door seals don’t keep out water in the rain, it leaks fluids, and is pretty uncomfortable to ride around in, but it would be fun to own a surplus one. I am seeing the maintenance plan and the deployment plan and none are heading for civilians. While this new information may or may not be accurate, I still question the need for these types of military armored vehicles riding on the ‘free’ streets of America, regardless of who makes them.
Additionally, a tamed Anglerfish can use the natural light at the end of its stalks to illuminate the depths for safe exploration, and the luminescent nodules can be harvested to create long-lasting fuel and organic light emplacements for surface homes, too. The Kairuku Waitaki, on the other hand, is an amazingly docile and friendly creature. It can turn on fellow dinosaurs and hunters during tantrums, and has zero respect for buildings.
The country has put thousands of troops on the ground to take part in dangerous combat and peacekeeping missions in Mali and the Central African Republic, enduring casualties along the way. A subset of the work was completed May 2012, while all work is expected to be complete by the end of October 2013.
I was wondering what it was, as there were no vehicles of this kind when I was in the USAF. SWAT teams are nice for hostage situations, and all, but everyday police situations (like an angry boyfriend “threatening” to kill a lover)dose not require a TANK! They’ve been turned over to Homeland Security Investigations Special Response Teams, who are tasked with extremely high risk warrants and arrests of narcotics and weapons dealers and the like.
How sad would it be for a marine unit to have to read this lie and think that we are keeping these states side instead of roatating them back. I pray that the individual members of DHS have the intestinal fortitude to ignore any order to fire on peaceful, law-abiding American citizens. Kairuku are useless in a fight, but they nonetheless are tamed for their cuteness and friendly nature, kind of like a pet, and the incidentally cool fact that their bodies run extremely hot. The DoD and DHS have an apparent working relationship, and these returning MRAP’s are apparently being re-purposed here on American streets. This will all start with an economic collapse, probably closely followed by a FF attack, and another shortly thereafter.
I have equal hope that the millions of gun owners in the United States exercise good judgement and restraint during any potential crisis situation. He can break out of most prisons you can ever build for him, so you're better off keeping him calm and happy. Everything I have been reading points to this all falling apart around summer 2014, well before the 2014 Nov mid-terms.
We appreciate all the work you guys put into developing your mods and there’s a lot of fantastic ones out there that weren’t able to be show-cased. If ML is enacted, elections will be suspended and Obama could retain power well past his terms end.
Adding to Kairuku's problems, a clever survivor discovered that refining Kairuku blubber can yield a natural form of the same polymer used in advanced tribes' manufacturing processes.

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