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Authentic 1890’s western town is an example of urban paintball Houston played indoor and outdoor in a speedball map setting. Please note that the images may look different like our efforts have browser faithfully reproduce actual colors and textures. We started out this school year helping our two oldest kiddos complete their schools' (KIPP) community service requirement. We have our two oldest kiddos making and selling these bracelets for their community service requirements in school.
Our Western Town is an example of Urban Paintball played indoor and outdoor in a speedball map setting. Paintball players can storm the beach through sand dunes, bunkers, and opponent territory; charge over wooden bridges to over-throw a 2-story French house. Congratulations to the TEXAS WOOD DOGS winning 1st Place at the 2015 Houston Tippmann Open - 10 Man Woodsball Tournament held at Survival Game of Texas Paintball Park. Survival Game of Texas will open at 10:00 AM on Martin Luther King Day, January 19th, 2015. Although paintball is fun to play whether you win or lose, winning at paintball is more fun.
Note: Import duties, taxes and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges. Western town is the newest of paintball fields which includes 7 buildings including: wagons, cattle corral, water well and oil derrick.
Defenders of the French house have a strategic advantage on this paintball field with elevated two story building with catwalks along the East, West and South side on the second level created for an ideal paintball bunker. Box Car Train was originally located on the Northwest paintball park end of the property that pre-dates 1984.

Paintball defenders of the hill have multiple fire bases positioned in strategic positions.
Please click the YouTube button below to watch the trailer for the Houston Tippmann Open 2015. Are you tired of the same old ideas that get employees more excited about a day out of the office than the actual event itself? The entire town is a battlefield which includes the jail, lumber mill, barber shop, school house, bank, general store and of course the two story hotel saloon complete with swinging doors  – Houston urban paintball at it’s finest. Western town is the newest of paintball fields which includes 7 buildings – Houston urban paintball at it’s finest. Entire castle system consist of various 3 stories wooden structures with soaring towers, connecting catwalk, spiral staircases and multiple corridors.
Khe Sang Hill was an observation fire base with the main base on an elevated terrain with the hill at the paintball park is surrounded by natural creeks and valleys - true Texas paintball at its finest! We have set an ambitious goal for creating its woodlands setting, the paintball village consist of multiple huts, forest, and a patchwork of dense bamboo for great paintball places. Boxcar Train is equipped with double doors and original steel boxcar train windows that makes for convenient paintball battles. With an effective tracking system and insurance program, EMS is able to offer a secure delivery worldwide. Survival Games of Texas is one of the original paintball places and continues to expand its Houston paintball fields! Yes, the Houston Paintball park is open during the week and all paintball maps will be open for play. Paintball Store is fully stocked and plans to increase its inventory four fold to keep up with popular demand!

All western town buildings include multiple rooms, porches, exits and widows throughout the actual structure. Storm the beaches at this paintball park through sand dunes, anti-tank barricades, and opponent territory; charge over wooden bridges to over-throw a 2-story French house. You can track your package with the tracking code provided and it will be delivered within a week.
The Western town paintball scenario game allows visitors and guest the opportunity to photo, film and watch a live paintball game in progress. Castle number one is a wooden castle of 3000 sift on a concrete slab, three levels which includes winding stairs and connecting catwalks to castle number two. Groupon, Coupons and discount rates CAN BE APPLIED FOR RENTAL ADMISSION, However do not apply for BYOP (Bring Your Own Paintballs). Castle number two also a wooden castle and concrete foundation, dual level and various entry ways make this wing of the castle most challenging to defend.
Paintball defenders of Normandy have multiple strategic positions along the paintball map to defend it territory. DEMO DAY is a great way to save 30% to 40% on paintball guns that have been used for demos in 2014!.

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