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March 3, 2016 by Melanie Preis Atlanta offers so much to residents and visitors alike — mild weather (minus 2014’s Icemageddon), internationally renowned corporations, beautiful landscapes and a vibrant culture.
Our roadways and transit system can’t keep up with the mass of people clogging the highways and all the jokes of ITP vs.
Don’t worry, loyal StyleBlueprint readers — you will overcome this transit hell with our handy dandy Atlanta traffic survival guide.
Ibuprofen: The stop-and-start movement and sea of red lights will definitely trigger a migraine. Pillow: This one is especially important when traveling with the fam — use your pillow to muffle any obscenities that fly out of your mouth, so as to not scare the kiddos in the backseat.
Hoverboard: Sure, it might start a fire in your trunk, but isn’t the risk worth it when it comes to a potential secondary means of escaping traffic and abandoning your car?!

You’re approaching hour two of your 12-mile commute and have lost all connections to sanity.
Pretend that you’re sitting in an ejection seat and can escape your mobile prison with the push of a button. If rain starts falling during rush hour, Atlanta traffic goes from slow to negative motion. Surviving Atlanta’s traffic is no easy feat — and speaking of that, your feet will thank you the second they touch solid ground upon reaching your final destination. Drivers, you need some proven resources when it comes to taking on the blinding brake lights and the inevitable highway hypnosis that kicks in upon staring at the same dotted line when merging on the Connector. Note that we recommend colored pencils, not pens, in case you run out of ink and the stress sends you into a road rage flare-up.

Enjoy a mug of chamomile tea (suck on a tea bag if you don’t have hot water) and let this stress-relieving herb do its thing. Respect the rules of the road, be patient and, most importantly, have a bottle of wine awaiting your return (always in that order)!
I won’t waste your time with standard bullet points like a full gas tank, charged cell phone and an extra set of keys.

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