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That in mind, The Gun Writer TV co-host Mike Young and I headed to Gun Point in Bradenton, for a primer on what’s new in the 9mm AR world from owner Felex Yukhtman.
All were made with the best AR parts, including capture screws — a boon to AR builders.
Gun Point’s production gun, Felex said, was recently used in a LEO match in California, where it shot 1 MOA — a 9mm carbine that can shoot 1 MOA! Also, the firm is about six weeks away from releasing a 9mm Glock AR, which all of us agreed would be a real game-changer. Felex has too many options and too many packages available to name them all here, most with MSRPs from $1,600 to $2,000. Thanks to Felex and his staff for a great time, and to Mike Lang for putting this video together. People are looking to take responsibility for their own safety — a decision we strongly support. Chas Sizemore, of Sarasota’s Fully Loaded Guns and Ammo, assembled an AR from components that were donated by five local gun dealers in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. Money can fund more cancer research, raise more awareness and aid cancer survivors and their families. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, five local gun dealers and a couple private donors have donated components to build a very special rifle — an AR that supports finding a cancer cure. In the Pink provides wigs, prosthetics, post-surgery clothes and a host of other products for cancer survivors. He chose a battle-worn concept, but he incorporated pink accents and ribbons into the design rather than traditional hues. The result is a stunning tribute to Breast Cancer Awareness month, which still retains enough tactical moxie so that anyone would feel privileged to run this gun. The rifle features Anderson upper and lower receivers, a Ballistic Advantage 16-inch barrel, a 15-inch light key-mod rail system and a Mission First Tactical Minimalist stock. Every dealer involved in the project deserves kudos, as it will likely raise thousands of dollars for a very worthy local charity. It’s one of the reasons why the gun business here is thriving — good folks helping each other, which benefits their customers. Lundberg said the decision to remove the weapons was not political and that the Bentonville, Arkansas-based retailer made the decision earlier this year.
Lundberg said the company had seen a decrease in sales of the particular models of guns, but declined to give specific sales numbers. In recent years, shareholders have placed some pressure on the company to reconsider its sales policies of products such as weapons that hold high-capacity magazines. A lower court ruled that the shareholders should be allowed to consider the proposal, but a U.S. Wal-Mart scaled back the number of stores that sold guns around 2006, Lundberg said, but has no plans to stop the sale of guns all together. Imagine if you could buy a rifle exactly as you wanted, without stock accessories that someone else put on the gun.
The first thing he does is sit down and interview the prospective customer about their budget and what they’re looking for in a rifle. One recent student saved more than $1,000 on his dream rifle, compared to what he would have paid for an off-the-shelf rifle built with similar components. I spent Independence Day shooting off some real fireworks, with friends at a private range in Manatee County. Felex Yukhtman, left, owner of Gun Point, a Bradenton gun shop specializing in exotic firearms, coaches Michael Freeman, of Tampa on the fully-automatic operation his new M4 on Sunday at the Manatee Gun & Archery Club.
The 54-year-old first made his name in California in the custom car business — classic Chevrolets — and he still considers himself a “car guy,” even though he’s achieved tremendous success and earned a national reputation with another product. Yukhtman’s firm Gun Point, which is located on Lena Road in Bradenton, specializes in exotic firearms — machine guns, short-barrel rifles and suppressors — the rarer, the more arcane, the better. He describes Gun Point, which is usually open by appointment only, as the “Ferrari” or “Lamborghini” dealer of gun shops.
Yukhtman has been organizing “machine gun shoots” for customers, family and friends for more than a decade. At one of these shoots held Sunday at Manatee Gun and Archery Club’s “Area 51,” the line between customer and friend was blurred. Neither Anthony Schweiger nor his sister Chelsea — both in their early 20s — had ever fired a fully-automatic, belt-fed machine gun before Sunday. Each sent quick, precise bursts downrange from the M240B into a unique target — an old truck that had been drained of fluids and stripped of its tires. Yukhtman worked nonstop throughout the event: loading magazines, replacing targets, acting as a range safety officer, answering dozens of questions, smiling a lot and toting weapons to and from the firing line. After some prodding, he acknowledged he would make a pretty good motivational speaker, and he offered some advice to those seeking their own version of the American Dream. Many of my friends have read, ignored, or argued against my reasoned and thoughtful pro-2nd Amendment stances in person or in writing occasionally on social media, usually after some national tragedy where a nutcase goes wild with a firearm against innocent civilians.
It’s not a machine gun like Rambo or any number of militaristic Hollywood action heroes would use to deliver an onslaught in a hail of lead upon its targets, with spent rounds flying out in an arcing rainbow of tinkling brass cartridges all over the ground. Rick Miller Bio: Professional biologist and naturalist, husband, father, and grandfather, and an avid upland bird hunter and amateur firearms and gun dog enthusiast. The Aegis15 comes loaded with extras, like a full-auto rated bolt carrier group, ambidextrous single-point sling adapter, milled-out mag well, an upgraded trigger and a custom finish that’s chock-full of Teflon, which improves performance and maintenance.
Potential buyers can sit at the “AR Bar,” while Mike Pires, Aegis’ master gunsmith, discusses furniture and accessory options.

Once you make your choices, he will assemble the rifle while you wait, while you watch, or teach you how to do it yourself in one of his build classes. Floyd Asbury, Armorit’s president, founded the firm in 2004, which for years did highly specialized work for the Defense Department until the government contracts began to wane during the recession.
Asbury, an Air Force vet and competitive shooter, says his 17 employees did the engineering while Aegis’ team did the validation — the shooting and testing. Several of my AR-loving shooting buddies saw the magazine, too, and told me I needed to climb down off my AK soapbox and write my own comparison. On that score, the AR is much more reliable than its critics will ever admit, while the AK is much more accurate than it’s given credit for, especially by AR guys. The AR’s Picatinny rails, coupled with its ability to switch upper receivers — and calibers — is unprecedented. The Avtomat Kalashnikova has eight moving parts, most of which can be replaced in the field. As to which one is better — if I was stranded on a desert island, if the Zombies rise, if I could only have one gun, it would be an AK … or maybe an AR. The term “modern sporting rifle” has only recently become a more regular part of our lexicon, but every era has something that’s modern to it. Working at a daily newspaper surrounded by 50 journalists, I’m reasonably certain I hear more firearms myths on a daily basis than any other gun writer. One of the things I enjoy most about the National Shooting Sports Foundation is their ability to conduct industry-wide research. The author discusses the popularity of the Modern Sporting Rifle, (MSR), and describes the average owner.
All bah-humbugging aside, one holiday tradition survived this year intact - catching a movie out for Christmas. This year our cruiser fun embraced seeing "Wild" -- a movie produced by and starring Reese Witherspoon. Thanks to a tip from Char Pagan of Atlantica, saw it at Key West's funky little Tropic Cinema movie theater. While Wayne's downloaded a number of movies to watch on our laptops, we don't expect to see another movie on a big screen until New Zealand, about a year out. In case you were expecting a bit racier content given the "wild" and "Key West" headline, so's not to totally disappoint you, here's a few classic Key West "wildlife" photos.
Meanwhile -- May you enjoy Christmas or whatever winter holiday(s) you celebrate -- certainly a splendid New Year! Wayne's that little speck between the breakon the red canvas bimini and dodger.Galley Wench took this photo while playing"mast monkey" from the mizzen mast. We gleefully put our portable heaterout for grabs at Boca Chica Marina.Won't need it where we're going - yippee! My primary job's to finalize our provisioning until our arrival in Panama and all the other foodstuffs we believe will be unavailable or overly expensive between now. Meanwhile, we've enjoyed the laundry facilities, the showers, the luxury of flushing once and wiping with two-ply, accessing land in a single step off our boat, an abundance of dock carts, mobile and internet access (sometimes) for problem solving and the opportunity to divest of some good stuff that's not useful to us for the next two years. Readers -- is there interest in a future blog post on our "to go" checklist, particularly the financial to-dos? Regardless, wishing you and yours a very happy holiday, filled with love and joy, wherever you are and however you spend it!
Journey, our Pearson 365 sailboat, docked at Boca Chica Naval Marina,just outside Key West, Florida. We bought these SCUBA tanks from alocal dive instructor selling themon consignment at Nautical Pickers. A MackSails and rigger shop that replaced the very last piece of standing rigging that up until then we hadn't replaced.
Two candy-apple-red used SCUBA tanks for mere $160 for the pair from the nearby Nautical Pickers Marine consignment shop on Dixie Highway. West Marine was in the area, and happily it's been recent enough that I put in a shift I'm still eligible for employee discounts.
The little Mexican restaurant wedged between Green Apple Produce, my favorite product shop and the Mexican market makes killer tacos. Its namesame -- Wayne swerved our dinghy after he saw a manatee's nostrils getting a snootful of air. Enterprise car rental picked us up and dropped us off near the dock at Pirates Cove for our car rental.
Stuart's a great origination point for visiting Mom in Delray Beach and Dad in Sarasota Florida. Wayne got a ton of boat work done, including setting up our wind meter, our new electronic chartplotter and resealing our hatches. Can anyone tell me what these are?They were at Green Apple Producein Port Salerno, Florida.
Part of the magic of cruising is to consider where in the world we could call home, once our wanderlust settles and a cruising budget runs dry. Yeah, Manatee is a little bit of a backwater, but that's part of its charm, if you like that sort of thing. But if you want a Gun Point AR in any caliber, the best thing to do is call or stop by and talk to Felex and his staff. Sarasota’s Veritas Training Academy has donated six steel magazines to go with the weapon.
He said stores would increase inventory of other models of shotguns and rifles popular among hunters.

Bushmaster variations of the semi-automatic AR-15 have been used in such high-profile mass shootings as the Sandy Hook massacre in Newtown, Connecticut, and the theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado. You learn to assemble the entire weapon, and you save a heck of a lot of money in the process.
However, when you talk to Felex, you quickly realize that what he’s sharing with his customers, family and friends is much more than just an opportunity to shoot some exotic weapons. Yukhtman, immigrated from the former Soviet Union as a child and has garnered a nation-wide reputation as a high-end firearms dealer. These also deliver a big, lethal blow to the target, in fairly rapid fire too, in semi-automatic mode, just like many shotguns do, as long as you keep repeatedly squeezing the trigger. I am a lifelong New Englander recently relocated to Sarasota, and am also a working blues musician enjoying the music and culture of the warm Suncoast of southwest Florida with my wife who is my best friend. There’s nothing better than an AR with an 11-inch barrel, a suppressor, an Eotech sight and a white light. An AR in 7.62x51mm NATO with a free-floating barrel is perfect, and offers better ergonomics than an M-14. From a distance, a hunter can take a large animal that will put food in the freezer to feed your family for the year.
Silencers are illegal: I heard this one from a colleague just this week while reporting a story about a new SilencerCo product. Full-auto fire is effective: On semi-auto, even a novice shooter can hit a man-size silhouette at 25 yards with an M4, 30 out of 30 times, especially with an electronic sight.
The church has not appealed, but officials said they are not ready to drop the lawsuit either. You also get to have a great time.  After watching a build class last week, my stomach hurt from laughing so hard.
Aside from the militaristic appearance of blackened metal and plastic parts, it’s just a rifle. If it were clad in a handsome burled wood stock and fore end with traditional woodsy engravings like shotguns and deer rifles often have, it would be the same. I’ve had a fun career as a published biomedical scientist in the laboratory of a major Massachusetts research hospital, an educator in academia, and most recently as a marine scientist and naturalist on the rugged coast of Maine. Their semi-auto cousins are the most-popular modern sporting rifles in the country, so a comparison should not be too far off base, should it? It’s perfect for hunting, home defense, plinking, competition, and just about any other task.
And so, like many things that have changed over time, so has the long gun to become what we now call the modern sporting rifle.
Flip the switch to full-auto, however, and even experienced shooters have problems keeping the rounds on target. Well, if you live in California, the state legislature says you’ll need no more than 10 rounds.
If you’re living in a state where you have to register your weapons, or where you need a state-issued ID card to simply possess a firearm, like in Illinois or Massachusetts, move! It’s just a well made rifle that looks mean because of the imagery associating the AR-15 with Hollywood’s and the media’s portrayal as a machine gun, which it is not. Firing the AR-15 on the target range was a really fun time, too!  For the anti-gun naysayers out there, I recommend you have a friend take you to the range and try one out for the experience of it and become a better-informed person.
Born at the tail end of the ‘50s, I marvel at the changes in American culture and occasionally do freelance writing to social media for my own enjoyment from the perspective of a reasonable, open-minded, regular joe on subjects that interest me, from biology and medicine, politics, religion, culture, and family, to guns and the 2nd Amendment, cars, sports, dogs, guitars, and rock & roll.
And anyone, from homeowner to serious competitor to weekend plinker, can hone their skills with practice and gain proficiency to shoot over distances of a 1,000 yards or more.
In New York, you would have needed only seven rounds, until a federal court struck down the restriction. The latter were issued without cleaning gear, and with ammo that had the wrong type of powder, which fouled the chamber. It requires a BATF Form 4, a signature from a Chief of Police or Sheriff, or the creation of an NFA Trust, a $200 federal tax stamp and months of wait time.
Controlled-expansion rounds mushroom, leaving their energy in the target, unlike full-metal jacketed rounds.
One made of dull black metal and plastic, the other of polished steel and handsome hardwood, maybe walnut. Sure, the features and accessories on a current-day MSR are a lot cooler than those on grandpa’s gun, but, in the end, it’s still just a rifle—no matter how modern. FMJs bore clean holes, exit at high speed and continue on their flight path, possibly toward an unintended target. I like the fact they’re arming up with Ravens, Jennings and Jimenez click-click-bang guns. Glocks and AKs function very reliably even after hundreds of rounds, but they still require maintenance.
At the range, however, it’s a helluva lot of fun, especially if someone else is paying for the ammo. And it doesn’t deliver the shoulder-punishing recoil, thunderous report, and wall-collapsing punch of a 12-gauge shotgun either. The recent spate of magazine restrictions has turned some gun owners who didn’t divest themselves of their legally-purchased magazines into instant criminals.

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