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Please enter at least one email addressYou are trying to send out more invites than you have remaining. His father, John Hnilica, is the owner and operator of Ed's Shoe Repair, a Port Richey institution where the family has sold and repaired shoes for 36 years. With its three-generation history, the family knows quality and comfort make a perfect pair of shoes. Shoe Comfort II stocks fewer than a dozen brands of shoes, manufacturers the Hnilicas know well for their solid materials and detailed construction techniques. For instance, Naot women's shoes ($90 to $150) are handmade individually in Israel, their sandals with a natural cork insole that molds to the owner's feet.

To determine fit, Hnilica brandishes the Brannock device, the standard measuring device for the footwear industry since 1926.
With the customer then shod according to Brannock readings, Hnilica presses thumb to shoe toe, with his hand spanning the instep, feeling for appropriate roominess. Even if a shopper fails to make a purchase, the person leaves with an education on shoe fitting and perhaps a handout on foot fitness.
Among them, a small independent shoe store is tucked into an eight-unit strip plaza, nearly hidden behind a skyline of signs along Spring Hill Drive. Joshua's grandfather founded the business when he learned the cobbler's trade in the 1950s.

Many come with a recommendation from a podiatrist; others learned of the shop via word from satisfied clients.

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