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Restrictor plates and penalty controversies notwithstanding, NASCAR Winston Cup 2002 is a riveting, action-packed survey of one of the most memorable seasons in recent Winston Cup history.
During the late '90s and the first decade of the 21st century, NASCAR racing boomed in popularity both on television and in popular culture. Go behind the scenes at the largest single-day sporting event in the world: the Indianapolis 500 Auto Race.
Speedway Survival takes a look at the science of modern racing by focusing on the latest developments in engineering, aerodynamics, and physics of race cars and examines the technical innovations that maximize speed as well as protects the driver.
Go inside the design labs, testing facilities, garages, pit stops and onto the racecourse to reveal how today's road rockets are designed, built, tested and raced. Get a front-row view of crash rescues, involving interviews and footage of the crash teams in action, archival footage of sensational crashes, and footage from on-board cameras that create a high-speed, action-packed thrill ride! Revisit the thrilling early days of stock car racing with today's biggest NASCAR star with this 2 Disc Set. Bathed in the glorious light of a summer sunset, two flying ducks glide to a landing in a peaceful country lake.
A pair of waterfowl prepares to roost, while out on the dazzling waters, two lucky fishermen pull in the catch of the day. The artistry of the celebrated Pablo Picasso lends a cultured touch to this tasteful seasoning set! Instant entertaining elegance is easy; this oval platter holds a plentiful amount of hors d'oeuvres or other small treats! What started as an interesting sports story has turned into a fascinating documentary on legendary University of Kentucky basketball coach Adolph Rupp. I've wondered about that CMP .410 ammo as well - what US guns were they made to function in? It's not even designed to be a combat firearm, it was designed so that aircrew could shoot things to eat. CMP has acquired a quantity of .410 gauge, 3 inch, #6 shot M35 military surplus shotgun shells. Opting for breadth over depth, this officially authorized DVD covers all 36 races in the Winston Cup season, from Rockingham, North Carolina, to Homestead, Florida, placing special emphasis on the Holy Grail of NASCAR, the Daytona 500. This unparalleled, inside look at the race follows fans, drivers, race crews, police and security, media personnel, track officials, vendors and celebrities in the 24 hours surrounding this legendary racing day.
Hear racing champions and their mechanics talk about speed, science and hot new technology that can make the difference between winning and losing a race. Take an inside look at Tony Stewart who won Rookie of the Year in ’99 and NASCAR Champion in ’02 as he continues to be a force to be reckoned with holding the #1 spot in point rankings this year. These days, with the three Force daughters following in Dad's tracks, reconnecting with family is John Force's number one priority.

A warm-hearted depiction of natural serenity, brilliantly backlit by the glorious golds of the slowly setting sun.
Festive and fresh in mouthwatering hues of vibrant color, every place setting enlivens even the most casual meal. Generously sized and gracefully proportioned, each piece features bold stripes, abstract picture and signature of the famed painter.
Snowy-white porcelain is vibrantly ringed with flavorful lines of color, while a jubilant abstract Pablo Picasso design occupies center stage.
Dick Gabriel of WKYT-TV (Lexington, KY) and the Big Blue Sports Network has produced the definitive modern-era report on the myths and facts behind Coach Rupp’s racist reputation. An Inside Look At The 2005 USC Trojans is a sideline pass to the Trojans’ 2005 season featuring an inside look at their 12 regular season games, the 2005 Heisman Trophy ceremony and the 2006 BCS Championship Rose Bowl game.
In years past, the drivers accumulated points over the course of the entire racing season, sometimes leading to the year's champion being known with many races left to go on the schedule. That was the last year the title was sponsored by Winston (the cell-phone company Nextel would take over in 2004), and it was the last year before NASCAR restructured its scoring system in order to make the competition more exciting during the last ten races of the year.
So, fasten your seat belt ad go on the track, in the stands and into the pits to catch all the nonstop action as it unfolds. DRIVING FORCE chases after 22-year-old Ashley, 19-year-old Brittany, and 16-year-old Courtney as they burn serious rubber in the male-dominated world of drag racing.
Each piece features the fanciful artwork and signature of the legendary abstract artist, Pablo Picasso.
You have to break it in half, load it up, and then cock the hammer every time you shoot it. Starting this season, with ten races left to go, the top ten drivers were put into a playoff situation. But once their helmets are off and they're back at home, the Forces are a family like any other.
Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush led their team and set an example of leadership, excellence and teamwork along the way. This was done on purpose so that paniced aircrew couldn't spew the limited ammo stored in the buttstock. From our testing we will assume that the shells will not function in pump action, bolt action, or semi-auto shotguns. The shells are best used in single or double barrel applications or loaded directly into the chamber a single round at a time.

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