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Emergency Survival Kit Information:This survival kit was designed using advice from experts in the emergency preparedness industry. Urban Survival Urban survival and disaster preparedness including hurricanes, earthquakes, floods and anything else.
In addition to the kit I also have at the ready a three day supply of water and food for three people as well as twenty extra gallons of gas for the 4x4. I am in the process of making a complete list of items as I noticed several things lacking during the picture taking process.
If you go with Nalgene bottles to hold your water (that's what I use for backpacking), I would recommend an MSR Miniworks EX water filter. The Katadyn Hiker Pro also has a quick-connect that attaches directly to a nalgene wide-mouth. Improvised Weapons from everyday items, Pack a go Bag, Escape Mass Shootings, Treat Injuries at the Scene, Subdue a Hijacker, Survive Extreme Climates, Travel Safely Abroad, Defend Against Animal Attacks, Survive Pandemics and much more. Accurate, liquid damped, fast acting needle, with groove to accept an improvised lanyard ring.
Visible over 20 miles, durable LEXAN polycarbonate mirror with mil-spec retro-reflective aiming aid for one-handed use.
The Pocket Survival Pak is a group of over 30 survival tools contained in a waterproof pouch that floats.
The Tactical Survival Kit represents good value for money in a comprehensive yet compact kit. Spark-Lite is a waterproof, official military firestarter, useable one-handed and tested for over 1,000 sparks.

Includes Shelter building techniques, Fire Starting, Signaling, Water Purification, Knots, and other vital information for survival. It follows guidelines given by government agencies and non-profit preparedness organizations. So your BOB is not as heavy you can do this for all routes that you plan to take to your BOL.
I am still researching portable filtration options (any help on this would much appreciated). I also carry a Benchmade Warn 583-1 Barrage Knife Spring Assist Axis Lock Tanto at all times. Since it will be sitting in your truck you should be able to easily store a few 1L Nalgene bottles full of water. Covers many situations that anyone can be found in and yet are not covered in other survival books. The best selling pocket survival kit on the market, the Pocket Survival Pak has tools for signaling, fire building, shelter construction, and more. This kit has all the components necessary to address all your water purification , shelter, fire building, wound trauma, and navigation needs to increase your chances of surviving in wild and hostile conditions. Such as the SAS survival guide, medicinal and edible plants of north America and the Mylar blankets have been replace with emergency bivvies.
I set it up to accommodate my wife and I in the event we have to move to our BOL or are unable to travel to our BOL and have to move elsewhere. This seems trivial to most, but try to hold onto the filter while pumping (requires two hands) and while pinning a container between your knees or balanced on a rock.

With insight into how to think and act like a Seal, and step-by-step instructions for dealing with anything from earthquakes to terrorist attacks to mall shootings, this is the authoritative guide to overcoming life-threatening situations from this preeminent American survivalist. Used to start fires using the sun, and to read small print, especially if glasses are lost. There are also emergency supplies of prescription meds and a thumb drive with copies of all important documents and pictures that have been added to the med kit as well as an emergency surgical kit that is now in the main bag.
The built in sharpener along with an additional means to start a fire suits its purpose as a utility knife. You will be glad to have the bottle attached securely to the filter while filling, especially if you are balancing at the edge of a creek. Delivered in a user friendly fashion and with a voice that is both relatable and backed by extensive experience, Seal Survival Guide is a manual that no modern household should be without. Olive drab outer for tactical situations, reversible to silver inner for signaling and high visibility.
I have used this knife alongside my us navy knife mk3 mod 0 and other than the serrated part of the blade I have seen no differences in the field.

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