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There used to be a time when hunters were left at their own discretion with size limits.  Coyotes, wolves and mountain lions are not held to size limits, so why are human hunters held to a size limit?
Which one harms the deer population more, timber companies stripping the land, or shooting a small deer? Option A – shoot a deer that is not quit the legal limit, and risk getting a $1,500 ticket if you take it to the butcher. Option B – shoot a deer that is not quit the legal limit, and leave it in the woods for the buzzards, maggots, other scavengers and get to keep your money. To me, no deer is worth $1,500.  But the state of Texas seems to think they are worth that much. Why should we teach our children how to hunt, when the state wants to milk sportsmen for every penny they can get? So you are sitting around the house, nothing is on TV, no new or exciting news on the internet,,,,, what do you do? What hobbies can survivalist get into that will help improve our long term SHTF survival skills?
Ever though they are getting very rare, from time to time I find a pre-1965 quarter in my change.
As the people who live in Bridge City, Groves and Orangefield Texas already know, crabbing on Baileys road is a local tradition. Before the Rainbow Bridge was built there was a ferry that ran between Bridge City and Port Arthur. After the Rainbow Bridge was built, people no longer needed the ferry so it was decommissioned.
There were two buildings on Baileys road: the two story dance hall and the bait store that was next to the boat launch. While looking across my backyard this weekend, I realized that part of my preps were not only in the backyard, but how they were part of my life. If you are looking for peace and quiet, few things can compare to fishing.  Casting a lure or bait out into the water, and letting it sit, is about as close to nature that one can get. The bass was pulled up, the hook was removed and the bass was released no worse for the wear.  Maybe it will be a little wiser from its experience, but then again, maybe not.
If there is one thing that I like about fishing (besides catching something), it has to be being close to nature.  When the boat is launched, and I head out on the water, there is a certain peace and clam that is over the water.
The water is pure, it knows no violence, it knows no anger, greed, envy, jealously, or hatred.  The water is a friend to everyone, as it treats everyone the same. If there is one thing that I have tried to do with my kids, it has to be to take them fishing. Whether my kids took the hint or not, I have tried to teach them how to fish since they were small.  Just as my great grand father used to take my brother and I to run trotlines, so I have tried to teach my kids how to fish.
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Now that I am grown and have kids of my own, I have tried to keep that family tradition going by taking my kids fishing. Fishing is not just about catching something, its also about being in nature, and enjoying the simple things in life. When I go into the sloughs of the Angelina River, its like going back in time 1,000 years, or more.  There is just something about being out in nature that can not be described. As I have said in several forum post about stockpiling survival gear for SHTF, I think fishing supplies should be at the top of the list. The brush hogs are for bass fishing – I am going to set them up in a weedless Texas rig for fishing around lilly pads and other water obstructions. While on a camping trip to Sandy Creek Park on steinhagen reservoir back in May of 2011, a buddy of mine pulled a Big’n bait holder, put some cheese inside the mesh and threw it out into the water.

Trotline string, something else that I picked up a few days ago was a spool of trotline string. With the above listed items we can fish for perch, catfish and bass.  With the catfishing we can make jug lines or trotlines. Along with the trotline and jugline material for catfishing, I am going to include some supplies for perch fishing, and maybe some stuff for bass fishing.
So, your probably wondering how trotlines or juglines applies to a long term SHTF situation. Lets say that you live close to a river, stream, lake, pond,,,, anywhere else that catfish like to hang out. In the case of a river, throw the juglines in the river just before dark, then launch something like a canoe, go down the river, collect the lines, then return home.
In a long term SHTF survival situation, its important to utilize all of your available resources.  Whether its gathering roots, harvesting fish, hunting, pulling weeds from the garden,,,,,,,,, your going to need to save time and resources when possible.
While my wife and I were doing our Sunday shopping at the local china-mart, I went to the sporting goods section to look at the fishing supplies.
A lot of survivalist stockpile freeze dried foods, food in mylar bags,  canned goods, seeds for a garden and ammunition for hunting.  One thing that I do not see talked about a lot is fishing supplies.  Maybe fishing supplies is a given, that everyone should have fishing supplies stockpiled, or maybe its overlooked by a lot of people? The supplies bought today cover at least 3 different types of fishing – bass, perch and catfish.
In this video a buddy of mine and I go on a 3 day camping trip on the Angelina River in December of 2010. Some of the lures in the top of the tackle box include rattle traps, crank baits, beetle spins, and a couple of tiny torpedoes. After looking through my tackle for a little while, I realized that I fish for about 3 different types of fish – perch, bass and catfish. Unlike the round split weights for perch fishing, the weights used for bass fishing are oblong split weights used for making a Texas rig so the bait does not get hung up in the weeds. Extra monofilament line, I like to keep a couple extra spools of monofilament line in the bottom of the tackle box. The 30# is for one of my heavy fishing poles that I use for catfish or light saltwater use. Fillet glove – one of the items that I like to keep in a tackle box is a fillet glove. To add a weight to the leader, repeat the process, but attach a teardrop weight to the end of the cable.
If you want to be able to change the weight or hook out, attach a snap at the end of the cable. Well, that is about it for organizing a tackle box.  Post your comments in this thread of the fishing forum. While I was waiting for my daughter to get ready, I went through my tackle box, sorted through some of my fishing gear, rounded up the fishing poles, loaded a small ice chest with drinking water into my truck,,,,, finally we were ready to go.
As we were driving out to the park, the wind was hitting the side of my truck pretty good.  With the wind like it was, I figured the water around Martin Dies State Park would be stirred up pretty good. While we were waiting for the burgers to be cooked, my daughter and I walked across the road and looked over Dam B.  I think its rather neat how the Neches river winds its way from Jasper, all the way down to Sabine Lake.
After talking about the Dam and the lake for a few minutes, my daughter and I walked back across the road to the store, got a fountain drink to go with our burgers, then drove back to Magnolia Ridge Park. There is a spot at the very back of the park where there are some camping areas and a nice bathroom – that is where my daughter and I went. When we arrived at the spot, I ate my burger and walked along the waters edge looking for a place to fish.  There was a nice cypress tree that was growing on the edge of the water, there were also some open spots in the water that were not covered by moss. Why not get into coin collecting so you can start stockpiling silver and other valuable coins?

As you are driving down the road, there is a canal that runs parallel to the road on the right hand side, and marsh grass on the left hand side.
I remember my dad launching his boat from the Baileys road boat launch back in the early 1980s. When a waterborne pathogen can wipe out a community in a matter of days, we should have knowledge on the most common forms of waterborne infections. What good does it do if you stockpile food, stockpile survival gear, but never practice or test your preps. As I am out on the water, there is a certain calm, a certain peace that I feel being out in nature.
If your out on a camping trip, the hooks can be used to fish off the bank, or make up some trot lines or jug lines and set them out overnight.
After making this video, I revised the way I want to make the noodle lines, but a video about the new design has not been posted yet. The problem was that I had hooks and weights spread out over different section of the tackle box. The lid is mostly for lures, and items that are used a lot, such as finger nail clippers for cutting monofilament line fishing line. Its not really for filleting fish, but for handling fish that have teeth – like saltwater fish.
Make sure you use the type of snap that has a curved end so that the snap can not pull up easily. If that promise ever falls through it would be good to have some kind of money that has a real physical value. I forget the exact years, but someone tried to rebuild the store and get the boat launch going again. How do we prevent the spread of each type of pathogen?  What factors facilitate the spread of certain infectious agents?
If you incorporate survivalism into your lifestyle, you will always be testing, planning and looking for ways to improve. When we moved to Bridge City, my dad bought a boat to take us out on Sabine Lake between Bridge City and Port Arthur. We threw the fish back, but catching the catfish showed my that such a device could be used with food scarps to catch catfish. This spool of line can be used to make anything from trotlines, to jug lines, to braided line for something stronger. The next morning, just as the sun is coming up, get a boat and head out on the water to collect the noodles.
When I am using a weedless Texas rig for bass, and its cut off the line, the hook, weight and worm are usually thrown in the lid until the individual parts can be put into their storage compartments. I made the mistake of buying some snaps where the retaining wire does not have a curl on it.
A few years ago while on a camping trip with my kids, we braided trotline string to make cord to hang our hammocks with. With the bottom of the box being an assortment of different hooks, weights and other supplies.

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