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HDR is working with the Portland District to reevaluate several new alternatives that were previously eliminated by the U.S. After analysis, HDR recommended a preferred alternative that best achieves the design goals at a minimum cost followed by final design, plans and specifications. Yarger’s 72 Hour Survival Shelter is one of those design concepts that is good but we hope to never need. This entry was posted in Concept Designs, Mobility and tagged disabilities, handicapped, inclusive design, james yarger, survival shelter, universal design, Wheelchair Accessible. The philosophy of the company is the sooner our troops can get treatment, the better the survival chances for our injured men and women. They are in the process of research and design of an apparatus for training emergency technicians & first responders in life-like injury scenarios. The afternoon was filled with a gathering of the Pacific Northwest Priory members for food, fun and companionship.

HDR has ongoing work with the Portland District to evaluate and prepare studies, alternative reports and designs for how to provide a backup supply of water to the auxiliary water system (AWS) to facilitate fish passage and survival. Hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, mudslides, and more can all take out residential structures. The AWS supplies water to the east, west and south fish ladder entrances in order to attract upstream migrating adult fish. These include constructing a large pumping plant, constructing a penstock with stilling basin, using available pipe capacity in the abandoned fish locks, and replacing the existing fish turbine units. Up to 5,000 cfs of water is currently supplied to the AWS by two fish turbines located on the west end of the powerhouse.
Each of these alternatives has been reviewed from a proof-of-concept perspective to ensure they are still viable options. Keeping an emergency kit of food, clothing, medical supplies, and communication is recommended.

If one or both fish turbines failed, water supplied to the AWS would be severely limited or eliminated. Furthermore, a total capital cost has been developed for each alterative so that a common cost comparison can be made between each option. If your residence is unfortunately taken out, then a temporary shelter might be needed until help arrives. We're not hedging bets for 2012 just yet, but in case things don't turn out the way you'd expected, we've got you covered. James Yarger, a drafter and industrial designer out of Portland Oregon, has designed a 72 Hour Survival Shelter concept that is wheelchair accessible.

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