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Remember that variety is the spice of life, healthy foods maintain peak energy and immunity, the foods you like are the foods you will eat, don’t forget the water, and “having enough”. If you work at a summer camp, it is essential to be prepared for any type of injury that may occur outside, such as a fall, bite, or burn.
Survival Supply’s Camping Trauma Kit is perfect for large groups playing sports or camping.
Survival Supply’s Trauma Pak with QuikClot can stop bleeding and control serious trauma until the victim can get more advanced treatment. The Tactical Field Trauma Kit with QuikClot is designed to be used when venturing out into the wilderness.
Survival Supply’s 107-piece Outdoor First Aid Kit is ideal for hiking, camping, marine trips, home, and auto. Our 205-piece Outdoor Kit contains bandages, gauze pads, pain relievers, burn and insect bite treatments, a cold compress, sterile eye pad, sunscreen, finger splint, scissors, and tweezers.
Survival Supply’s Team Sports Medic First Aid Kit can be used to treat a variety of sport-related injuries. Survival Supply also carries cold compresses, WoundSeal blood clot powder, snake bite kits, Wound Medic, splinter and tick removal kits, poison ivy and poison oak treatments, saline eyewash, burn gel, and insect bite treatments. If you run a summer camp, it is important to be prepared for any injuries or problems that your campers may experience. This entry was posted in Emergency, First Aid, General Safety and tagged First aid, summer camp, supplies by admin. To have food and water stored in the event of an emergency is smart, but what about communications?  If you are without power, how will you be able to stay connected with the outside world and get news about what’s happening?  Having an emergency radio on hand with the rest of your survival supplies is the smart choice.  They’re available in a wide variety of styles and can be cranked by hand, or solar powered, or both.
Even in the relatively benign event of just being without electricity due to a power outage, a radio you can charge manually or with the sun’s light can be of great advantage if you want to listen to something other than silence.
This entry was posted in Disaster Preparedness, Emergency, Survival and tagged crank radio, emergency preparedness, emergency radio, end of the world, radio, solar radio, survival supplies, zombie apocalypse by admin. One of the variables that need to be taken into consideration is the survival scenario itself and the environment. Another consideration in finding the perfect survival food is personal and cultural dietary preferences. The foods you select for your survival kit should be items containing high caloric value, relative to their weight. It is essential to use proper food storage containers which can be sealed to effectively keep out agents that cause spoilage, such as moisture, rodents, insects, etc. Whatever container you use, the last thing you want is for the lids to come off or the containers themselves to be damaged, so take the precaution of not stacking the containers too high, because in an earthquake they may fall and all kinds of damage may be done that you can not easily repair. Experience has shown that people who have attempted to live off food items that they had stored for survival have encountered many problems. Store less wheat than is suggested, and make up the difference by adding other grains, especially those that the members of your family enjoy. There are specialized cook books on the market that provide recipes for meals to be prepared from stored foods; exploring the pages of a good storage cook book and identifying recipes that use ingredients you and your family like will be a tremendous help to you in selecting food supplies for your survival storage pack. The answer is an emphatic a€?yesa€?, especially if children are among those youa€™re planning for. Give some thought to the kinds of items that you can turn to on those days when you are either unable or unwilling to prepare a meal using your basic items. You might think the idea of adding mood boosters to your all-important survival pack is going too far, and that these are luxury items whereas all space in the storage pack should be devoted to more serious stuff. Keep in mind the point about variety; dona€™t make the mistake that many have made in the past, filling their storage plan from a list and paying scant attention to detail a€“ for example, they will see a€?grainsa€? on the list and buy wheat, filling up the entire grain category with just one item and then going on the next on the list.
If youa€™re confronted by an attacking wild animal when youa€™re going through a jungle, the rifle youa€™re carrying wona€™t be of much help if you suddenly realize you dona€™t know how to use it.

If you study a little history, you soon realize that the kinds of storage items we are considering here are the same basic foods that the pioneers stored and consumed, and if we work at it a little bit, we can follow their example and arrive at our goal of a satisfactory diet with a few extra goodies. When an emergency takes place at school and a child need immediate resuscitation, it is difficult to say if every staff member will be ready to handle the situation as a first responder.
Even if you are a confident first responder and feel that you could properly and calmly administer CPR, remember, you can't be the first responder to every incident. The most basic reason you should invest in a school emergency kit is because they save lives. The compact design of the Black Diamond® Deploy snow shovel moves mountains of snow in minimal time, expediting emergency efforts. For the demands of serious backcountry adventures or vehicle safety, this ultra-strong and compact aluminum blade of the Transfer shovel facilitates maximum snow removal in the smallest footprint of space. It provides everything you need to treat cuts, scrapes, burns, and poison ivy, including bandages, pain relievers, tweezers, first aid and burn treatments, and an emergency blanket. They include a cervical collar, splint kit, multi trauma dressings, bandages, blood stoppers, and a solar blanket.
It includes bandages, pain relievers, treatments for burns and insect bites, sunscreen, a finger splint, scissors, and tweezers. It includes scissors, tweezers, thermometers, bandages, cold packs, pain relievers, gauze, trauma pads, and eye pads.
Your emergency rations might be all you need, since statistics show that in the majority of survival situations, people are rescued or escape unaided within 72 hours. Due to the fact that in our everyday lives, with food sources abundant and close by, we dona€™t concern ourselves with the possibility that our food supply might one day be cut off.
Ita€™s an important question to consider for those devoted to the survivalist lifestyle and ita€™s not a new question, since for years people have been touting such items as ramen and trail mix.
If youa€™re traveling on wheels, it may seem that canned food is a practical solution because there will be plenty of room in the van. Peanut butter contains about 200 Calories per table spoon so any food item containing large amounts of it will do. One of the major reasons for this was that most of these people had stored just a few basic items like wheat, honey, salt and milk. Either these people did not know about the allergy until they were on a constant diet of wheat, or they developed the allergy in the course of eating it so much.
Think of the tried-and-true items we all depend on once in a while, such as no-cooking-required foods, usually in freeze-dried form where you need to add water, or ready-to-eat right out of the package, and of course, canned items as mentioned above. If that is your first reaction upon reading this, keep in mind that this recommendation comes from interviewing people who have actually gone through a true crisis and had to utilize their storage exclusively for a long stretch of time. Balance should be maintained when building your supply by buying a number of items in smaller quantity each, instead of a large quantity of just one item. Similarly, your storage pack, no matter what care you took in planning it, will not serve its purpose if you and your family are not knowledgeable about the items in it and how to prepare them, and what they taste like.
By placing a potential responder in a situation where he or she is not adequately prepared to administer aid could be damaging not only to the victim but to your institution as well.
When you are not the first responder, how do you know how your staff will respond to an emergency? The step by step audio instructions begin as soon as you open the defibrillator, HeartStart, or AED kit and continue giving directions through the entire resuscitation process. AED, defibrillators, and HeartStart systems help give first responders the confidence and guidance they need to properly administer aid.
Ita€™s only in a sudden situation, when for example a political crisis or a natural disaster and youa€™re cut off from the usual food sources that youa€™ll quickly realize that your very existence is going to depend on your ability to feed yourself. These old standbys are OK for a while, but what we are seeking is the answer to the question of what food will sustain us, and possibly even allow us to bloom over an extended period.

However, if an unforeseen event happens and you end up on shoe leather as a means of transport, the bulk and weight of the cans would obviously render them impractical. An example is dried dog food, which in our culture is looked down upon but which once served a man as his chosen rations on a solitary ocean voyage on a raft.
If you choose the latter, you will have to line them with a food-grade plastic liner, available from packaging suppliers.
Statistics suggest that trying to live off a steady diet of just these few basic items is going to fail.
When people have to eat the same thing over and over every day, they sometimes end up refusing to eat at all.
Mood boosters are the goodies that will help you get through the tougher moments a€“ candy, chocolate, pudding mix, etc. Most of those people say that, far from being frivolous, the mood boosters were the most valued items in helping them get through an otherwise unbearable situation. Be sure to include not only dried foods, whether processed by dehydration or freeze-drying, but also canned products which youa€™ve either prepared at home or store-bought ones. When you are under the kind of stress that is inevitable in an emergency situation, you cana€™t calmly sit down and read a book about it. These directions are so easy to follow that even a person who has never been exposed to any type of CPR will be able to properly perform resuscitation.
This whole list of requirements seems difficult to fulfill but there a number of possible solutions that exist, and finding the perfect one depends on several variables. Temperature is also an important consideration since canned food is not impervious to freezing or overheating. Aside from the cultural distaste for dog food, if you look at it rationally, it fills the bill: ita€™s cheap, easy to find, has enough nutritional value to be used as the sole diet for dogs, and keeps well for a long time. Note that the liners must be food-grade a€“ never use ordinary trash can liners to store foods, as they are pesticide-treated.
Of course, you may consider others as essential, according to your individual needs and budget. It stands to reason that such items are even more vital if children are in the survival group.
You wona€™t be able to add much variety in your cooking if you forget other basic items such as oil, powdered eggs, shortening, baking powder and dried yeast.
So the time to do that is now, ita€™s just as much a part of survival preparedness as the storage pack itself.
Sometimes, when an unprepared individual attempts to administer aid, further injury to the victim could occur leaving the responder liable for damages. For example, some canned foods stored inside a vehicle can spoil in very cold weather, while meat from your own kills can (kept under the same conditions) stay edible for a very long time.
To prevent this problem, you should calculate the amount of grains to put in storage differently than the usual suggested amounts in survival books. You will find many more useful tips on what items to store and in what amounts, as well as sources for purchasing them, in the a€?New Cooking with Home Storagea€? cook book. When you have begun the process of choosing items, creating recipes, familiarizing yourself with new food, you will see the problems that arise and have time to adjust, remove some items, add those you realize have been missing, etc. Providing a school emergency kit to your institution will not only help protect the victim from being injured but also protect the responder from a lawsuit.

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