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Lifesaving survival tactics to keep your pistol running with just your support arm when wounded! I had only been a firearms instructor for about a year when an individual murdered two state police troopers in New Hampshire, my home state.
On August 19, 1997, Trooper Scott Phillips had pulled over an individual for a motor vehicle violation.
I looked at my own firearms training and realized that I did not have the necessary skill set to prevail in such a situation.
First, what do you do if your primary hand is incapacitated and your pistol is in your holster? Next, the support hand grasps the pistol in a reverse grip, with the pinky finger closest to the triggerguard. Once the pistol is accessed, we can utilize those support-hand-only shooting skills we have been practicing. Once the magazine has been inserted into the pistol, regain control of the pistol with your support hand and bring the slide forward.
Shooting with the support hand is a necessary skill, but shooting is only part of running a pistol when the primary hand becomes incapacitated.
Bob Vogel, a two-time world champion and 17-time national champion, is one of the world's foremost authorities on the pistol draw. KEM DESA PAHLAWAN, Malaysia -- U.S Army Pacific Soldiers participated in Jungle Survival Academics at Kem Desa Pahlawan (KDP), Malaysia, Sep.
Malaysian Rangers first led a demonstration on how to trap jungle species for safety and survival.
A jungle zoo display was also set up housing numerous jungle animals, reptiles and insects. Malaysian Rangers are known to use every single part of an animal or plant for jungle survival. Keris Strike 14 provides the venue for the exchange of tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) and builds lasting relationships that will continue beyond the duration of the exercise. Proper training in support-hand-only shooting will give you the skill set necessary to survive. If your primary weapon arm is incapacitated, use your support arm to drop the empty magazine.
With the magazine cleared from the pistol, now move to stow the handgun in an accessible support-side pocket to facilitate a reload. The simplest answer would be to access your backup handgun, which is kept on your support side, but that is the subject for a future article.
If I am standing, a support-side pocket is my first choice; the belt line in that area is also an option. The most common types of malfunctions can be cleared by tapping the magazine’s floorplate on the hip or thigh, then racking the slide by hooking the rear sight in the same reloading method described above.
With your support hand, you must also know how to draw the pistol based on the carry position of the pistol and your particular body type. Patrick VanHorn, a fire support specialist from 2nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division said the Jungle Survival Academics provided an opportunity to see the Malaysian culture from an Army perspective.

Army Soldiers learned how to start fires using natural jungle elements and how to locate and properly prepare edible plants, insects and animals. Although Trooper Phillips was able to return fire with his pistol, he was wounded in the hand.
In this article, I am going to address the worst-case scenario: what to do if your primary hand is incapacitated.
I am going to assume that we are carrying a single pistol on our belt for primary-hand access.
The goal is to pivot the bottom of the grip forward so the support hand can grasp the grip of the pistol and draw in a crossdraw manner.
Reloading is complicated by the fact that we need our support hand to access a spare magazine, so we have to find somewhere to secure the pistol. If the direction of the muzzle is a concern, you can kneel on your support side and trap the pistol behind the back of the support-side knee. I prefer the technique of hooking the rear sight onto the belt or another piece of gear to slingshot the slide forward. Take care to ensure the ejection port is clear while manipulating the slide to clear the malfunction because the round in the chamber will be ejected. In training for the worst-case scenario of primary-hand incapacitation, we must be able to reload and clear malfunctions one-handed to continue fighting in the face of adversity. 1st Class Newman, Early Entry Command Post NCOIC, 25th Infantry Division learned from one of the Ranger experts that even python blood is not to be wasted because it contains 80 percent water and is used as a source of hydration in the jungle. When Trooper Phillips had emptied his pistol’s magazine, he was unable to reload due to his injuries. Most shooters with a defensive mindset recognize the need to train in shooting with only the support hand. For a person carrying a pistol at the 3 o’clock position on the right hip (or at 9 o’clock on the left hip if you are left-handed), reaching across the front of your body is usually the best method. By not completely removing the pistol from the holster, we have an additional point of contact with the pistol as the slide is pivoted against the body.
During a normal two-handed reload, I prefer not to dump the empty magazine until I have the new magazine ready to insert into the magazine well. Done properly, the muzzle of your pistol will cover no part of your body, but you do lose the ability to move quickly without losing the pistol. This technique works on any semi-automatic pistol, regardless of the location of the slide-catch lever, and reinforces techniques necessary for clearing malfunctions. If the round has no place to go, or if it bounces off a part of the body and back into the ejection port, it will cause further problems.
With practice, we will have the confidence to stay in the fight, no matter how dire the situation. Soldiers with jungle tactics and techniques used by Malaysian Rangers for jungle sustainment. A Malaysian student assisting with the display described how, many times, harmless snakes and animals are killed by uneducated soldiers and natives out of fear, which is the main cause of certain endangered species. People from all walks of life, travel to Paris to explore and experience this beautiful city. Trooper Leslie Lord arrived on the scene unaware of what had occurred and was shot and killed before he could exit his cruiser. However, many will accomplish this by administratively passing the pistol from the primary to the support hand.
This same technique can be utilized, and is easier to perform, if the pistol is being carried forward of the hip in an appendix carry holster. However, since I will not have a hand on the pistol to eject the magazine once the pistol is secured, I must eject the magazine first. Louis Zeisman (left), 2-2 Stryker Brigade Combat Team Commander, as he starts a fire after a demonstration held at KDP, Malaysia, Sep.

Several of the JOTC instructors have completed the Jungle Expert course in Malaysia; and Malaysian Jungle Experts are currently participating in Jungle Training at JOTC in Hawaii. The individual then returned to Trooper Phillips and executed him with four rifle rounds at close range. If the primary hand is still in a condition where it can pass the pistol to the support hand, then the pistol can stay in the primary hand. For pistols with low-profile rear sights, such as some designs by Novak, a piece of grip tape along the top of the slide can provide enough friction to slingshot the slide.
I am going to discuss methods of drawing, reloading and clearing malfunctions with only the use of the support hand. The night life, the warm weather and enchanting sights such as the Eiffel Tower make you feel instantly at home. With any of these techniques, it should be assumed that the options of escape and taking cover will be exercised when possible. The following techniques should be practiced and mastered with an unloaded pistol and dummy rounds before attempting them in live-fire. Apart from the entertainment it offers, Paris is also a great attraction for students seeking to achieve higher education. Short degree programmes are provided by multidisciplinary institutions integrated with Universities in France or specialized schools. Long degree programmes are provided at Universities in France, Grandes Ecoles and various specialized schools.Studying in ParisUniversities in France offer various degrees for various fields such as academic, technical and professional. Universities in France are public institutions and enrolling is open for any student who has a French baccalaureat or its foreign equivalent.Specialized SchoolsWhen you want to study abroad in Paris you can join a specialized school which offers training in many careers such as management, art, engineering and architecture. Specialized schools are choosy when enrolling students and admit fewer numbers than in public or private universities. Studying in the Grand Ecoles and other specialized schools involves studying in Paris for five years and this includes two years of training. For international students who want to study abroad in Paris, completion of introductory classes and entrance exams is not necessary as many Grandes Ecoles reserve some places for international students and other students looking for admission on merit. Many universities in France are French-speaking and others are English-speaking.How to Apply For Studying In ParisEU NationalsEU citizens who want to study abroad in Paris can apply directly to schools of their preference. Application forms and requirements can be downloaded from the institution’s websites.Non-EU nationalsA non-EU citizen who wants to join universities in France is required to file a preliminary application of admission (Demande d’ Sdmission Prealable, DAP). Students who want admission on third or higher levels at universities in France can apply directly to their chosen institution. This procedure is only possible after the academic institution submits a letter of acceptance.Visas and Residence PermitsFor EU and Non-EU citizens, different formalities are involved. A student studying in Paris for up to a year, for the first time does not need a residence permit.National Health InsuranceWhile enrolled in universities in France, EU Nationals can utilize their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). It is mandatory for non-EU nationals to register with the French National Health Insurance Scheme.
If a student studying in Paris already has a cover through French social security, this is not applicable.Student Housing In ParisHelp for students studying in Paris is offered by student complementary insurance schemes. Students studying in Paris have different options for accommodation such as: Halls of residence  Renting private flats   Hostels for studentsFinancial help for housingTwo financial allowances are available which provide housing assistance for students studying in Paris.
It is mandatory for Non-EU nationals to present an application to secure a temporary work permit which enables them to work at a maximum of 20 hours every week. With the above-mentioned resources available, students studying in Paris are bound to enjoy their stay in this magnificent country and make new friends as well as unforgettable Life experiences and knowledge.

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