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Through the autumn and winter of 2012, UK flooding has been some of the worst seen in decades.
Flooding is one of the more destructive natural disasters in terms of property damage and loss of life. Floodwaters can destroy infrastructure, cause power outages and literally trap people in their homes for days or even longer. You can expect disruptions in public transportation such as rail and bus service and traffic jams during a flood. To check the current status of floods in your area and to check on warnings and alerts on UK flooding in general please visit the Environmental Flood Agency live flood warning website. Once you realize flooding is probable, begin moving possessions to upper floors or place them on high shelves. Food and water are the number one priority during any situation and ideally, you will have an emergency food and water kit, and if not begin filling jugs or any vessel that is safe for water.
For emergency purposes, the average person will need between two and three litres of water daily just to sustain proper levels of hydration.
Tinned food is recommended as an emergency food source because unopened tins are not susceptible to water damage.
For real emergency food that is high in calories and will help you to sustain energy levels I suggest stocking up on MRE’s – Meals Ready To Eat [Self Heating Field Ration Packs] – these are designed for emergency situations and will give you much needed energy and nutrition.
Keep in mind UK flooding in any area of the city will have an effect on you regardless of whether the waters reach your flat or building.
Once you know that floodwater’s waters will reach your home switch off the main gas and electric at the mains and turn off the water source.
Flooding will cause waters to be contaminated with raw sewage and various chemicals and toxins so you must avoid wading through the waters. Under no circumstances should you ever consume any floodwater’s or allow children to play in the waters. If you have no access to stored drinking water then prepare by purchasing a good quality Water filtering bottle ( see review portable water filters).
Avoid walking or driving through flooded streets because you can be swept off your feet by only 15 centimetres of moving water and less than a metre of moving water can sweep a vehicle away. Manhole covers can be displaced by the waters so it is extremely dangerous to be out walking in any type of flooding. If you encounter flooding, turn your vehicle around if safe to do so and find higher ground. If you must evacuate, carry your kit that has your emergency food and water along with personal papers, medication, torches and clothing and any other items you need for the next few days. UK flooding will undermine the foundations on flats and other structures so it is important that you monitor the situation closely and if they recommend you evacuate your building you should do so. Ensure someone knows your intentions whether you are staying in place or evacuating so, someone will know to alert rescue personnel and can give them a general or specific location to begin searching for you. Flooding will cause many people to panic but if you are prepared with a flood kit and know what to do next, you can reduce stress and prevent panic in yourself and family members. UK flooding is a serious matter and the greater population density that we find in many areas will create more devastation because quite simply, there is more to destroy because of new construction of homes and businesses. The good old sand bag is still a tried and tested method of holding back the flood waters as they start to rise around you your house. Doorways and opening are obvious places where the water will penetrate – so block them off. You don’t necessarily need piles of sandbags, just the bag itself – again, be prepared, have a stash of Polypropylene Rotproof Sandbags ready and waiting to be filled. Check your household insurance – are you actually covered and insured for a natural disaster like a flood. Are you prepared enough for even a ‘small’ flood – with food, water, torches, batteries, warm blankets.

While humans fret about the right age to let their kids walk to school alone, much of the animal kindgom sets their offspring free early on. At just two to three days old, tiny barnacle goslings in eastern Greenland face one of the most extreme survival strategies in the natural world: Leaving their nest high up inaccessible cliffs and plummeting 120 metres (400 feet) to meet their parents down below.
After its first six weeks, humpback whale calves must embark on a 3,000-mile migration from its Hawaiian nursery waters to its Arctic feeding grounds.
In Kenya’s Maasai Mara, a lion cub has a one-in-five chance of survival after its first two years. A young orchid mantis (Hymenopus coronatus) stares up at a nearly full-grown orchid mantis. The seal pups of Kaikoura, New Zealand, take on a mysterious one-time journey as their first lesson in the wild. Watching a young albatross take flight in slow-mo is like watching Michael Jordan’s epic slam dunk in Space Jam. Watch these fascinating animals take their first steps when Life Story premieres Sunday Jan. These aren’t quite what you thought when they asked you to be in their fishing tournament. Many of the Marines appeared unperturbed at the prospect of drinking cobra blood, which is sold as an aphrodisiac in parts of Eastern Asia.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. If you’re stranded or lost in the wild, the one thing you need to live long enough to tell your harrowing tale is drinkable water.
In a survival situation water IS life, and yet so very much of it is potentially contaminated.
At ASI, we cover all forms of water procurement including solar stills, transpiration, dew collection, wells, natural water sources, sterilising and filtering and more. Torrential rains and melting snows can cause rivers to over flow their banks, levees to burst and can cause flash flooding in areas that are not even experiencing storms.
Even if your area has never experienced flooding in the past you are susceptible to flooding at any time during heavy rains or because of significant melting snows.
Evacuation is very likely during a flood and you want to be clear of the area before you are trapped by the floodwaters. Power will still be disrupted and streets can be flooded causing traffic problems and interruptions in rail and bus lines. Thoroughly wash your hands or use hand sanitize if your hands are submerged to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria.
One of these Lifesaver water filter bottles will, purify any contaminated water and give you and your family safe drinking water (4000 ltr per bottle). If your vehicle stalls then move away on foot because you want to avoid becoming trapped in a vehicle being swept away. Being fully prepared with an emergency flood kit is essential to survive the first few days. The waters will wash away the soil and weaken the foundations of buildings to the point the building can collapse. Being prepared is a state that should be maintained at all times because you simply do not know when the next disaster may strike.
But there are also a few other products that will also help prevent the water from seeping into your home. The door opening can be sealed against water by using an instant door guard kit – designed to block off the main doorways and prevent water from getting past. To reduce this risk fit an Air Brick Flood Seal, they only take a few minutes to fit an there in place, stopping the water.
In fact, many animals face their first tests of survival after just a few short weeks, days, hours, and even minutes after they’ve entered the world.

In order to gain the strength and diving ability for a long journey, these one-ton calves learn to twirl at the surface of the water. Orchid mantid hatchlings only need 20 minutes before their bodies have hardened and transformed. Instead of heading out into the sea, they appear as if they’re programmed to swim upstream from the beach into the depths of the forest. Spend the night alone in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia, surrounded by complete darkness, while hunting for your meal.
By submitting your comments, you acknowledge that CBC has the right to reproduce, broadcast and publicize those comments or any part thereof in any manner whatsoever. Once he was finished out-fishing the rest of us, he had to move on to bigger and better things. Humans can only live a few days without it, and that’s in ideal temperatures and conditions.
It is ALWAYS best to assume that ground water is not safe to drink straight from the source, and to take the appropriate actions to purify any water you obtain. Safe drinking water ensures that your stay out bush, whether planned or prolonged through mishap, will not be made worse by drinking contaminated water that can cause illnesses. Furniture can be placed on blocks or bags of sand to raise them up above any possible floodwaters that enter the home. Even though the water is not yet deep, it may be soon so it is important that you move away quickly. These harsh challenges are just rites of passage for these young, new members of the animal kingdom. They also work on doubling their weight by drinking over 3,500 pints of its mother’s fat-rich milk.
They then arrive at a secluded waterfall where they splash around with the local seal pups and practise the maneuvers that will help them dodge their enemies. But the biggest test is their main course: scorpions, a favourite among meerkats and a good source of protein. Please note that comments are moderated and published according to our submission guidelines.
Learn with Australian Survival Instructors when you attend a course how to procure, manage and filter LIFE SAVING water in Australia’s harsh conditions. While all this is going on, young calves also have to keep up with their mothers as they outrun the aggressive behaviour of adult males looking to mate.
They’re born with the exceptional eyesight and long leg reach needed to escape (and intimidate) spiders.
Meerkats throw themselves into the ring with these dangerous, persistent critters, disarm the scorpion of its stinger and steer clear of its pincers. A six-foot wingspan and a gusty sea breeze don’t make for an easy learning experience, but tiptoeing over hungry tiger sharks sure help as a motivator to make it across the water. Remember, based on common sense, the best water procurement for the average outdoors person is to take enough with you in the first place as you explore and enjoy our country’s beauty.
Water sourcing in a true survival situation is about learning the techniques to expand your chances at recognising natures signs of water, gaining insights into recognising where you might find water based upon geology and natural geography.
It’s unknown how the first seals found this sanctuary, but each year more and more pups make the journey. Successfully ripping off a scorpion’s tail is a small but significant rite of passage for a young meerkat. Learn how to procure water with ASI just as indigenous peoples did when you attend an ASI course..

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