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Come prepared to be showered with invaluable information, introduced to some life saving skills, work hard and have a lot of fun at the same time. The course assembles Friday evening for an initial safety brief at 7pm and finishes at approximately 3pm on the Sunday. One of your first concerns when you find yourself in a survival situation is to communicate with your friends or allies. If in a noncombat situation, you need to find the largest available clear and flat area on the highest possible terrain. Whatever signaling technique or device you plan to use, know how to use it and be ready to put it into operation on short notice. A radio is probably the surest and quickest way to let others know where you are and to let you receive their messages. You will find descriptions of other signaling techniques, devices, and articles you can use. In a desert environment, smoke hangs close to the ground, but a pilot can spot it in open desert terrain.
To have the pen flare ready for immediate use, take it out of its wrapper, attach the flare, leave the gun uncocked, and wear it on a cord or chain around your neck. Red is the international distress color; therefore, use a red star cluster whenever possible.
These flares reach a height of 200 to 215 meters and descend at a rate of 2.1 meters per second. Wear the signal mirror on a cord or chain around your neck so that it is ready for immediate use.
Do not flash a signal mirror rapidly because a pilot may mistake the flashes for enemy fire. Haze, ground fog, and mirages may make it hard for a pilot to spot signals from a flashing object.
Note: Pilots have reported seeing mirror flashes up to 160 kilometers away under ideal conditions. If you lack other means, you can use natural materials to form a symbol or message that can be seen from the air.
In snow-covered areas, tramp the snow to form letters or symbols and fill the depression with contrasting material (twigs or branches).
In any terrain, use contrasting materials that will make the symbols visible to the aircrews. All Army aircraft involved in operations near or over water will normally carry a water survival kit that contains sea dye markers.
Radios, whistles, and gunshots are some of the methods you can use to signal your presence to rescuers. If the radio has tone capability, place it upright on a flat, elevated surface so that you can perform other survival tasks.
Now that you know how to let people know where you are, you need to know how to give them more information. When an aircraft is close enough for the pilot to see you clearly, use body movements or positions (Figure 19-7) to convey a message.

If you have a life raft cover or sail, or a suitable substitute, use the symbols shown in Figure 19-8 to convey a message. Once the pilot of a fixed-wing aircraft has sighted you, he will normally indicate he has seen you by flying low, moving the plane, and flashing lights as shown in Figure 19-9. This 15 inch survival knife with drop point blade features a thick quality stainless steel blade with serrated top edge.
If you live far from medical services or spend a lot of time hiking, camping or other activities that take you far away from medical sources and for anyone that wants to prepare for emergency situations that may leave you without medical resources for extended periods of time, learning how to suture wounds could be a life saving kill to know. Product DescriptionA book to transform the performance of all clay shooters Proven tournament techniques Written by one of the world's leading instructors Breaking Clays is a comprehensive and practical book that presents in- depth advice and instruction for shooters of all disciplines. Build three fires in a triangle (the international distress signal) or in a straight line with about 25 meters between the fires. If in a jungle, find a natural clearing or the edge of a stream where you can build fires that the jungle foliage will not hide. If you don't have a mirror, polish your canteen cup, your belt buckle, or a similar object that will reflect the sun's rays.
However, be sure the glass side is against your body so that it will not flash; the enemy can see the flash.
Do not direct the beam in the aircraft's cockpit for more than a few seconds as it may blind the pilot. When using a strobe light, take care to prevent the pilot from mistaking it for incoming ground fire. Build mounds that cast shadows; you can use brush, foliage of any type, rocks, or snow blocks. If you are in a water survival situation, use sea dye markers during daylight to indicate your location. Since radios are line-of-sight communications devices, any terrain between the radio and the receiver will block the signal. Be ready to relay other messages to the pilot once he acknowledges that he received and understood your first message.
Follow instructions and continue to use sound survival and evasion techniques until you are actually rescued.
She is currently seeking career opportunities in the super yacht industry and will be blogging her experiences throughout.
If this video from Duke Plastic Surgery  Dr.Zen will show you a variety of suturing stitches. Beginning with the basics and advancing to proven tournament techniques, the book is packed with invaluable tips on how to break more clays in your chosen game.Chris Batha has worked with some of the top competitors and shooting coaches in the world today. As a survivor, you must get your rescuer's attention first, and second, send a message your rescuer understands. Keep in mind that signals to your friends may alert the enemy of your presence and location. You can get other types of trees to burn by placing dry wood in the lower branches and igniting it so that the flames flare up and ignite the foliage. Try to create a color of smoke that contrasts with the background; dark smoke against a light background and vice versa.

When fired, the pen flare sounds like a pistol shot and fires the flare about 150 meters high.
As with pen flares, be ready to take cover if the pilot mistakes your tracers for enemy fire. Star clusters reach a height of 200 to 215 meters, burn an average of 6 to 10 seconds, and descend at a rate of 14 meters per second.
If you can't determine the aircraft's location, flash your signal in the direction of the aircraft noise. The doctor will show you how to use the needle holder and how to make your stitch and then how to knot and tie the stitches to close the wound. While every top shot has his own approach to shooting and teaching, Chris recognizes that what works for one person will not necessarily work for another. Before signaling, carefully weigh your rescue chances by friends against the danger of capture by the enemy.
If in a snow-covered area, you may have to clear the ground of snow or make a platform on which to build the fire so that melting snow will not extinguish it. Before the primary tree is consumed, cut and add more small green trees to the fire to produce more smoke. If you practically smother a large fire with green leaves, moss, or a little water, the fire will produce white smoke. Survival kit includes a hollow grip with a compass top to store items within the knife itself, as well as additional pouches on the sheath to hold the rest. I found this interesting because when ever I had thought about having to give someone stitches or seen it being done in a movie, it always looked like they just sewed it up like cloth. This clear and concise book offers a distillation of the best tips and techniques that really work to improve your scores and give you the knowledge to develop to your full shooting potential.
Always select an isolated tree so that you do not start a forest fire and endanger yourself. The ranges of the different radios vary depending on the altitude of the receiving aircraft, terrain, vegetation density, weather, battery strength, type of radio, and interference. With sewing cloth you sew till you run out of thread or until you finish the hole, seam or hem you need to finish, then knot and tie your thread.
Try to have a hill or other object between the signal site and the enemy to mask your signal from the enemy.
When sewing skin, each suture is stitched, tied and knotted and the thread is cut before making the next suture. Sea dye markers are also very effective on snow-covered ground; use them to write distress code letters.
In the video you are seeing the best way to make stitches and knots to leave the least amount of scarring.

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