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Whether you are marooned in the wilderness or the unlucky target of road rage, "The Encyclopedia of Survival Techniques" helps you get out of any precarious situation, anywhere in the world. Signalling will make a great deal of difference to your chances of survival, if you can communicate effectively, for example to a passing airplane.
In this post we will learn internationally accepted signals that will be instantly recognized by potential rescuers.
When communicating body signals correctly, the pilot of an airplane will either tilt the wings or flash green signal lights. The following signals can be formed using available materials in your immediate surroundings. Using a signalling mirror efficiently along with Morse Code, can be seen from very far away by potential rescuers in the sea or in the air. A good example of using Morse Code in survival, was of a woman who was abducted and put in the boot of a car.

Another woman disabled the rear lights to attract attention from the police, after being abducted and stuffed in the trunk of a car. You can download the Morse application on your Iphone for free or you can download Just Learn Morse Code for free on your computer.
A reflected signal can be seen for up to 100km (62 miles) in normal conditions and up to 160km (100 miles) in the desert. If you are using signal lights, send six flashes in one minute, then allow one minute's pause.
If you are using sound, send six signal blasts in one minute, then allow one minute's pause, then six more blasts and so on. The phonetic alphabet was created as to avoid any discrepancies  during communication.
Click on a title to look inside that book (if available):Compton's Pictured Encyclopedia (1922)To Inspire Ambition, to Stimulate the Imagination, to Provide the Inquiring Mind with Accurate Information Told in an Interesting Style, and Thus Lead Into Broader Fields of Knowledge, Such is the Purpose of this Work by Guy Stanton Fordthe clove hitch is used to make a running noose.

Waving frantically could be misunderstood as, well, a simple wave and your rescuer could fly away with no attempt of rescue.
This means it can be used for rescue, or even when you are in stealth mode, for whatever reason.
She used the wires of one of the lights to signal SOS and was rescued after another driver recognized the code.

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