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This is the pouch I made-It clips quickly on and off using 4 clips that I bought from MEC.If I made another I would make it slightly larger and from a softer fabric.
The Tactic pack I linked in my original post actually has a pocket for a hydration bladder and another pocket.
Astral makes outstanding PFDs but I've always liked and used Kokatat PFDs, in part because in the past it was easier to find Kokatat products for sale than Astral. I should add that, maybe most importantly, I'm looking for a jacket that I don't want to take off. Forgot to add that looking back at an e-mail response from Kokatat about the Poseidon, they mentioned that the Tactic Pack is usable on most of their PFDs. Yes the moving plates in the green jacket are awesome, they allow for a great range in movement. Safe driving is always important, but being on the road during winter warrants extra precautions. Roll down your windows, cue up the playlists and hit the highway on one of these expert-recommended Canadian road trips.
As parents, we're often passing things to our children in the back seat of the car to keep them entertained and quiet. In our increasingly fast-paced world, it's become commonplace to see people texting, doing makeup and worse while driving. Distractions coming from the back seat are just one of the challenges parents face while driving with their children. Distractions while driving are everywhere and can include anything from mobile phones to billboards and backseat passengers. According to Transport Canada, 30,000 people in Canada have been killed in car crashes in the last decade. The 1000d cordura I used is a bit stiff so doesn't conform very well to whatever you have in the pouch.This pfd has decent front pockets so the combination of the pockets and pouch is pretty good.
It seems that if it SOLD with a belt it falls into the specialist category so becomes a Type V.
Fill up your car's tank with gas and check the oil and tires the day before you leave so that you're not dealing with unnecessary hold-ups. Preferably leave on Sunday: a lot of holiday-makers will have already arrived at their destination and there will be fewer trucks on the road. Pack a picnic and a supply of drinks so you don't have to line up in a cafeteria or road house.
Place any baby-care items that you may need during the trip in a separate bag that is easily accessible.

I think if I were doing a really remote trip with greater chance of having to sit out adverse weather for several days I would opt for a fanny pack instead to give room for a bigger first aid kit and survival blanket.
The problem I have with a fanny pack is that if it's not completely comfortable, I may not always wear it.
Some have a lot of extra flotation and are intended for SAR land based teams others are paddler specific and have just a little more buoyancy to improve swimming in aerated water.
I find for ww paddling on day trips I love having the rescue belt option but for longer wilderness trips I switch PDFs to one that supports a rear pocket for my ditch kit and I run easier ww. It's not bulky at all, it just doesn't fit all that great.Ray,does the bulk of the Greenjacket move as advertised? If you're travelling with kids, find rest areas where they can play, and that have baby-change facilities, if necessary. No matter how quickly you might want to arrive at your destination, stop every 2 hours to stretch your legs. I like the idea of clipping on a backpack then forgetting about it.I'm also considering the advantages of having a rear pack that I can use as a hydration bladder on trips that I don't take a full survival kit on. Palm in the UK always adds extra foam to their pfds to allow for loss of flotation over time due to the foam being compressed and natural decomposition.I initially bought the specific hydration pack for my PFD, wanting to use it as a storage pouch but it just wasn't built for wilderness tripping, wrong fabric to stand being knocked about on portages and placed on the ground under the canoe.
If you are wilderness tripping in a big tandem boat I question the usefulness of a rescue belt.
The movement they show in videos makes me think that its bulk would not interfere with paddling strokes (vs other sea kayaking targeted vests).
The Green Jacket is an awesome PFD--Many consider it the best ww option but you might find it over the top for all day tripping. If I want a rear pack and a rescue belt, I'm looking at $55 for the Tributary pack and $245 for the Ronin (Type V rescue).
It would be nice to come up with a way of attaching a fanny pack style bag in a way that it could be unclipped for hiking. The Sea Wolf, which is like a lite version of the Greenjacket, has the same harness system.Brian,I don't need a rescue belt.
For $100 less I could get the Astral Sea Wolf (Type III WW, huge front pocket) and add a belt later.
I only wanted a vest that has one or is capable of adding one so I don't end up buying a new vest in three years if I end up doing more whitewater. I could still add an NRS rear pack or get Chris to make one (which would probably be a little more durable).The huge downside to the Sea Wolf is that I don't know if I can try one on. Kokatat doesn't seem to have many jackets that you can add a belt later.What type of rear pocket do you use with your MsFit?

Our local paddling store is supposed to let me know soon if their Canadian distributors can bring it in. Much too much hassle, your modular approach is the way forward.I’ve carried a UK military wound dressing since it was the only compulsory item to carry on the Outward Bound course I was on in 1980.
I’ve added a small roll of duct tape, some zip-ties and a Thermarest repair kit to mine for running-repairs. Only comment is that even with a fire steel fire making can be really difficult so, as always with any skill that you may actually be relying upon to save your bacon…. I have two fire steels, one that I use and practise with and one in the kit to be there in perfect condition should I ever need it.
Knowing that you can use everything (legal) effectively will add to your confidence and positive attitude which could be the difference between success and failure.Reply Paul KirtleyHi BernieAbsolutely.
I remember you showing me a little ‘green box’ with a sealable lid in which you carried some sharpening stones ??
I try to spend as much time in the woods as humanly possible and you just never know what can happen.Reply PierreI have been struggling for a few days on the matter of matches.
I understand the need for a backup to the firesteel for convenience lighting some kindling.
But if you already have a firesteel and a lighter, why bother with matches?Then it finally occured to me.
Even if you keep it warm close to your body, once you get it out to use it you might only have a few seconds of pressure. That’s where, in my rationale, matches have a role to play.Do you see other distinctive advantages of matches? I never tested greased cotton wool in very cold and wet environment.Reply Paul KirtleyHi PierreGood questions! I travel a lot for work and I am interested to know what you would leave or replace had you wanted to carry a kit on an aircraft, obviously a knife is out etc regards DanoReply Paul KirtleyHi Dano Thanks for the comment and positive feedback on my blog. People underestimate the difference made to survival rates by taking full notice of this information. The terrain and mode of travel or situation where such a kit might be of use is a pretty rare event.Any how nice work on the blog.

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