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While Land Rover vehicles can take on any obstacles in the desert, it cannot be said the same of their owners. Y&R Dubai researched every indigenous animal and plant, people could encounter in the Arabian Desert and how they could be used to survive.
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Living solo can make a few nagging home and kitchen issues even more frustrating than when you have someone around to help. Make sure the wine overflows so the jar is completely filled and no air gets into the wine. Once you’re done with your soda for the day, shake it up before putting it back in the fridge. Once you’ve found the perfect place to hang your picture, press the picture against the wall so the toothpaste leaves a mark.

Scorching temperatures, deadly animals and sinkholes are just a few things they might encounter. Here’s how to make some of that stuff easier (though overall these are small prices to pay for never having to wear pants around the house). With one hand, grip the jar where the rubber band encircles it; use the other hand to twist off the lid.
And when they venture deep into it, even the most experienced drivers can quickly succumb to the harshness of the desert. The agency used a reflective packaging similar to army rations, which could be used to signal for help, and bound the book with a metal spiral, which could be used for cooking. Or, mix with water and pour into a spray bottle; spritz rodent-infested areas with the mixture. Land Rover in the United Arab Emirates worked with Y&R Dubai to create a survival guide explaining the basics for staying alive in the Arabian Desert, packaged it in a way that would spur the attention of our target audience.

Finally, the agency even took an extra step so that in case of emergency, people could always EAT the book.
It was made out of edible ink and paper, and it had a nutritional value close to that of a cheeseburger.
We sent the book to 5,000 existing customers, gave it away as a supplement to the cars’ manual and made it freely available in sports shops.

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