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Living alone is a right of passage and it gives you the chance to learn more about yourself and become who you are as a person.
In fact, when you employ the right tips and hacks, living alone is something you will absolutely love doing because it does give you the chance to have ultimate privacy.
Here at Hometipsworld we look for interesting articles covering home improvement, cleaning and gardening tips from around the world. Living solo can make a few nagging home and kitchen issues even more frustrating than when you have someone around to help. Make sure the wine overflows so the jar is completely filled and no air gets into the wine. Once you’re done with your soda for the day, shake it up before putting it back in the fridge. Once you’ve found the perfect place to hang your picture, press the picture against the wall so the toothpaste leaves a mark.
From August 25th 2012 until over a year later, I slept and lived in my car in Los Angeles, California. Fast Food: This is a somewhat cheap and accessible option but I generally went for the foods that were in a grocery store as they were cheaper. Homeless shelters: Sometimes or much of the time homeless shelters give free food away as well. Additionally, grocery stores usually have a bakery or already-cooked foods section and these are somewhat affordable as well. Once you do find that place you have to make sure to do everything you can to not be noticed. Additional tip: Do not open your doors once you get to your spot or get out of your car at all.
Keeping your hygiene good is absolutely key to sleeping and living in your car and staying unnoticed. There are a few options of where to hang out on your day off work or when you have free time. Car Fan: At night time I find it tough to sleep without some background noise, so this came in handy. Power Inverter: This is a device you can plug into your cigarette lighter and charge your laptop, cell phone, or any other electronic device as long it is a small enough wattage. Jumper Cables: Sometimes for a couple different reasons, I found that my car battery died and I needed a jump.
Spare Keys Container: Having spare keys around are very important while sleeping in your car. Here’s how to make some of that stuff easier (though overall these are small prices to pay for never having to wear pants around the house).
With one hand, grip the jar where the rubber band encircles it; use the other hand to twist off the lid. While no one can say with absolute certainty what it would be like, the author does give readers quite a bit to consider if ever such journey was possible.
If I ever get stuck in the Jurassic period I would want this book with me to help me survive.

I used to get 2 pieces of fried chicken and some potatoes and it was decently priced and nice to have some “real” food for a changes sometimes. There were many times while I was living in my car, it was late at night and my head was throbbing.
Even in Los Angeles, in the winter and many times other seasons of the year as well I needed it. Most likely because I left the lights on or I charged my electronics too long without driving.
Or, mix with water and pour into a spray bottle; spritz rodent-infested areas with the mixture. The sections on how to butcher various different dinosaurs were amusing, but it could’ve been even more amusing if taken somewhat further, playing with even wilder speculations. But it did in fact help me achieve my goals of saving money and being able to live on my “own” in my car.
It was nice to reach in my little soccer bag and take some pain medicine and be able to sleep peacefully after that. If I hadn’t had a good sleeping bag, I would have frozen and been very uncomfortable the entire night. He attended Arizona State University and received a degree in Nutrition Management in 2010. I have put quite a few "boxes" through it and as long as I keep it cleaned the rifle works just fine!
It was easy when I got hungry, I could just reach over and grab a banana to eat when I needed it.
I eventually got some jumper cables so when my car battery died, all I had to do was ask anyone who had a car around me if they could give me a jump rather than also having to ask them if they had jumper cables too.
Also, I went to an automotive store and got 2 containers for about $10 that store keys and have a magnetic cylinder on the back so you can connect it to any metal at the bottom of your car for when you lose or lock your keys in your car. It seems many of the requirements for our footwear translates to the hiking boot, such as protection from the elements, grip, and comfort, so I'm unsure if I should be worried about wearing them for a hike or not. The one I had had was 100 watts, which means anything you charge has to generally generate less electricity than that. He has been on CSI Las Vegas as a SWAT Officer and on a new TV Pilot playing a security officer. There were many times after work I was extremely hungry and was leaving work and had a piece of fruit I reached for and ate right from my car. You cannot afford to get sick in your car when you already have enough other things to worry about.
There are some illustrations but they are few and don't show all of the wildlife that is discussed.So what is this book then?
I recommend having a backpack with everything you need for the shower and a combination lock to lock up your stuff while you are in the shower. It is not going to give you detailed information about all of the different species, as if that would be possible, but instead gives you practical on the ground information that you would need to successfully live where no humans have existed before. The author uses modern day cities as a starting point on your journey to the Morrison Formation.

Have you ever wondered about what a trip from Tokyo to the US would involve 150 million years ago? Never considered mountain ranges, bodies of water or even the position of the continents themselves. The second section, after you have made the journey from your point of origin to the Morrison Formation deals with the landscape once you have arrived.
First off there is an inland sea where we would expect Utah, Montana, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona.
The author goes over the basic geography of the area you may venture to into including rivers and floodplains.
There is a great deal of information on finding minerals that you could use for day to day living including salt and iron. A great guide on the best places to look for these and several other basics for living in the area.
This is a time before grasses and flowers so finding out which plants can be used for food is going to be a primary objective.
Using modern descendants of ferns, conifers and other plants the author parallels their uses and preparation methods to avoid being poisoned or killed from your dinner salad.
While you won't find lettuce, carrots or broccoli there is still quite a bounty of edible plants we have found in the fossil record and the book gives many suggestions on which ones might best suit our digestive systems.The last section discusses what most everyone was looking forward to, dinosaurs. Most of the descriptions are there to give you a basic overview of the most common dinosaurs you would see.
Since this is based on the fossil record from the area we really don't know how complete this picture really is.
There will undoubtedly be dozens or hundreds of creatures we never even knew existed but we can only really focus on the ones we do know.
After the first trip returns I'm sure they will make several modifications for the next groups to follow.So what does the book cover about dinosaurs?
While dinosaurs are certainly the stars of the show the author includes lots of information on small reptiles, pterodons, fish and primative mammals. Not exhaustive but should be enough information to know what animals to avoid and which ones we may need to make living possible.The last few pages are the author imagining what a typical day living in the Jurassic might be like. He does a great job of relating that it is more like going on an extended safari than the thrill a minute adventure you often see in movies.To be honest I can't think of any other book that I have read that is similar. Still I was pleasantly surprised in that it was captivating in the subjects without being a text book. It also challenges you to learn about all aspects of what this trip would entail without dumbing down the content. It tells you what you would probably find useful when trying to figure out if a plant is edible or if you need to avoid the large dinosaur you see across the clearing. This book is now surely one of my favorites and I know what I will revisit it in the future.

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