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According to the governor’s office, two people have been taken hostage by a prisoner with a knife at the Maine State Prison in Warren.
A prison dental technician was taken hostage early Wednesday by an inmate doing life for murder, but the woman was released unharmed shortly before the inmate surrendered, authorities said. An inmate who used a homemade weapon to take a female guard hostage at a maximum-security California prison Saturday surrendered peacefully after speaking to a family member, prison officials said.
When I was first employed by the department in a maximum security juvenile prison I wanted information on what to do if taken hostage by inmates. Everyday the news reminds us of how vulnerable corrections officers are to the threat of being taken hostage. The Capture Stage: Most inmate hostage situations take no longer than 1 to 2 minutes to evolve. Create a rapport with your hostage takers, but you must do so with dignity and self respect.
Make eye contact with the hostage takers sparingly, use the hostage takers first names if you know it, and talk to the hostage takers especially about your family and show them family photos if you have them. Avoid appearing overly attentive or interested in what is taking place with the evolving situations, the hostage takers may view this as patronizing or insincere. Do not refuse favors offered by the hostage takers, this may aggravate them and further harm your health and safety. Do not make threats toward your captors or give them any indication that you will testify against them in court later.
If inmate hostage takers are attempting to conceal their identity, do not give any indication that you know who they are.
Internal: Internal stressors are usually self induced and are the most corrosive to your morale. External: External pressure include the inmate captors attempts to dominate and disorientate you and make you dependant on them by removing your control and knowledge of what is happening.
Remember, your captors are also under a huge strain; hostage taking is not for the fainthearted.
While developing a relationship and cooperating with your captors may be beneficial during the period of captivity, it is not without risk and may jeopardize your safety, particularly during any attempted release.
Hostages are isolated from the news updates and situation perspectives other than those allowed by the captors. Waiting and Negotiation Stage: The negotiation stage is used to get as many hostages, especially elderly staff and women released from captivity as well as for gathering intelligence data on the situation.
The inmate terrorists and the hostages are likely to be in a highly agitated emotional state. Negotiations in other domains, especially labor-management bargaining, tend to follow a common cycle. Cooperate with the inmates in preparing meals, tending to the injured and generally looking after all the hostages. If a rapport can be built with the inmates, ask if the conditions can be improved – ask for food, water, blankets etc. Do not make yourself stand out by drawing unnecessary attention to yourself; you increase the chance of being singled out and victimized. Release or Rescue Stage: The only way to effectively escape the captors is a collective and organized attack by as many hostages as possible against the inmates.
If you attempt to escape you must be combatively ferocious and as aggressive as you can and such an attempt should only be made when it is clear that all other options have been exhausted and all the hostages are willing and understanding of their peril if the escape fails.
What kept me alive was the ability to connect with and engage my hostage-taker in a real, honest conversation, listening to his rationale for his actions, and expressing appropriate empathy for his situation. My agency (South Carolina DOC) has an excellent, on going training program for all types of emergencies, including hostage situaitons.
If negotiations break down completely and the hostages are being injured, the SORT team will assault at the request of the commander.
You will be handcuffed before you are taken out of the area until a positive identification can be made.

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I am sure there is nothing to prepare one for the physical and psychological onslaught of a hostage situation. That adds a whole other dimension to these cards, as including them in a survival kit gives people something to entertain themselves with, when caught in a survival situation. The adrenaline that may keep you alive in this type of situation, also works to exhaust you after a while. Who knows, you might even plant a seed in their minds, converting them to your point of view. He now works to educate others on the risks that exist in our society and how to prepare to meet them. There is a fine balance between the need to stay alert and the need to maintain a reserve of energy in case an opening for escape appears.

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