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Survival Guide is an artistic endeavor featuring California vocalist and keyboardist Emily Whitehurst.
Young Aundee, known as Andrew James Southard to his peers, exudes an eclectic and unpredictably addicting sound that perfectly compliments the evocative melancholy of his vocals. There will always be a certain amount of risk inherent with pushing the limits of power sports and with extreme versions of skiing, snowboarding and mountain biking. Several years ago, only a few miles from here, two people visiting from the east, were out for an afternoon hike on a beautiful September day.
There are many other incidences, but just with the last few years, there has been at least five people dead (or presumed dead) and three people that were rescued after induring four or five unimaginably miserable days. As an example, one of my friends had to be rescued because he jumped from one rock to another several miles back into a wilderness area. As Murphy’s Law predicts, the most important navigation signs on the trail will be the ones that are missing. You must be prepared to depend or yourself to get into and back out of these areas, so it is your responsibility to have GPS, compass or maps and the knowledge of how to use them. Our public lands are a tremendous resource for everyone to enjoy and we want people to come visit, spend a little money and see what our mountains and deserts have to offer, but we also want you make it back home safely.
From the author of Me and Earl and the Dying Girl comes a novel about music, love, friendship, and freedom. A problem facing homeowners everywhere, mold can form in basements, attics, living rooms, bedrooms, walls, ceilings, floors, and heating and cooling systems, both inside and outside of the house. This book will help you make sensible decisions and cut through the 'fear factor' language in a lot of advertising.
If you get caught in an urban disaster and you happen to find a can of food, being able to open a can may be the difference between life and death for you. Caution: The edges of the can will be sharp after doing Step 3 so be careful or else you will risk cutting yourself.
If you don’t have a candle, you can still use your soda can for a makeshift lamp using olive oil. Step 2: Take a rectangular shaped tin can (just like the one in the picture) and stuff it with the cardboard from step 1. Step 3: To use it as a light source, simply light the cardboard up and to use it as a warmer, simply close the lid ( the fire will go out immediately), and you can now use it as a warmer. If you need some AA batteries for a flashlight or any other survival tool but all you have are some AAA batteries, this easy trick will definitely help you. A temporary fix but this should be good for a few hours, until you can find batteries with the correct size. If you run out of batteries, you can also make one out of a lemon (and a piece of zinc and copper). To do this, you will need: a lemon (you can also use lime or any citrus fruit), a galvanized nail for the negative electrode,  a copper coin for the positive electrode and some connecting wires. Taylor Realty Group - Broomfield Thornton Westminster CO Real Estate & Homes for SaleServing Denver Metro & Boulder County Since 2004!Serving Denver Metro & Boulder County Since 2004!
Buyer’s are finding it challenging to find a home to buy or to beat out other offers. SEARCH ALL LISTINGS: This might sound simple but you would be surprised how many agents and companies only try to sell their listings first.
ACCESS TO BOTH MLS’s (DID YOU KNOW THERE ARE TWO?): Along the front range there are 2 MLS’s.
FIND OUT ABOUT UPCOMING LISTINGS BEFORE THEY ARE LISTED: Your agent needs to be networked with other top producing agents in the area as they often tell each other about their upcoming listings before they hit the market.
NO REGRETS OFFERS: Decide what is the most you would pay and offer that amount from the very start. WHY Taylor Realty Group?Colorado home buyers and sellers need a consultant, not a salesperson. Broomfield BloomerMichael and his team helped my wife Theresa and I find the perfect place for us. The lazy, hazy days of summer are upon us, and this is YOUR chance to change the course of your family forever!
This is YOUR time to take back your family, get connected, and finish summer with a stronger bond than when you began. This is YOUR time to be intentional, and to build into the lives of each family member with fresh determination and the desire to grow closer together. That’s right, it’s time to put the Strong Family Project{#strongfamilyproject} into action!
I am challenging YOU to strengthen your family this summer, starting June 1st, with weekly intentional activities and bonding time to bring you closer than ever before. There’s a theme for each week and you can WIN PRIZES, just for focusing on what matters most, your family. Take the guess work out of your weekly summer posts, by participating in the Strong Family Project Challenge! Each week, I’ll feature my favorite posts in my weekly newsletter, blast you on my social media sites and feature you in my post the following week. Plan something fun to do with your family that you haven’t done before or done in a while. Do something together outside that gets the whole family involved and don’t be afraid to try something new.
Building a strong spiritual foundation in your child is a beautiful legacy, so this week be intentional about guiding your children spiritually. Nothing builds a stronger family than a solid marriage, so reconnect with your spouse on a date night!
Family friendly competition is fostered through game night, so break out the board games and get ready for a healthy dose of competition.
Think of the legacy you want to leave your with your children, and do something intentional that gets you headed in that direction; whether a special tradition or starting a journal, plan what you want your children to take away from your family time together. I can’t wait to see how creative you are on being intentional with your family this summer and how you connect in new ways!

Looking for in-depth summer tips to thrive, not just survive in all aspects of “mom life” this summer?
Subscribe to Faith Along the Way, and you’ll receive my FREE e-book, Mom’s Summer Survival Guide, when it launches on May 31st! Her music falls somewhere between indie rock and electronic, always with descriptive, storytelling lyrics, strong vocals and a sprinkle of pop.
Growing up in a sheltered fundamentalist household, Southard withdrew into a diverse mixture of electronic, dub, reggae, and punk influence that nurtured him and motivated him to run away from home at the age of 16. He recently decided to take his promoting to the next level by bringing remixes of Bay Area rock bands to the dance floor.
They are usually carrying only some basic gear and are not prepared for survival situations. They were still moving, but since they had no light, they were about to spend a cold night in the woods.
I have no idea about how many people had close calls or had to spend one unprepared night in the woods. The jump was only about 8 feet, which is usually nothing for a young guy, but this time, he broke his ankle. For whatever reason, they will continue to walk into the wilderness totally unprepared to navigate.
You should expect that trails are not properly marked and that signs at intersections will be destroyed, knocked down or even deliberately turned. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. The accompanying USA Weekend story documented the mold-related headaches, fatigue, and respiratory problems that forced Melinda Ballard and Ron Allison to abandon their dream house, leaving all their possessions behind.
The resulting discoloration and musty odor can not only lower property values and destroy a home's ambience but also cause serious illness, allergy, and headaches. Jeffrey May, author of My House is Killing Me, is a recognized authority on indoor pollution who focuses here on mold—how it prospers, how it affects one's health, and how it can be remediated. The most common problems can be headed off or corrected once the homeowner understands the life cycle of mold.
Were I actively listing and selling homes, I would keep this book handy as a reference and I would take every opportunity to see how the issue is playing out at the local level.
Leading you through his most tried-and-true forensic methodologies, Jeff May gives you the tools to root out the causes of the bedeviling musty odors that have forced homeowners to flee their homes. May's company May Indoor Air Investigations LLC, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, specializes in identifying the causes of mold, odor, and moisture problems in homes, schools, and offices. Your upper lip should be on your thumbnails and your lower lip should be below the thumb knuckles.
All you need is some tin foil to fill the gap between the terminals of the batteries and the gadget. If you are using two coins (one zinc and the other copper), cut two slits 1 to 2 centimeters apart. Push the galvanized nail on top of the lemon, 1 to 2 centimeters away from the copper coin. If you get beat out you won’t have any regrets….and if you win…you also won’t feel you overpaid. If a broker charges more, see if they can justify their fee….meaning will you NET more from the sale vs a cheaper agent?
But the ones who are will  have a strong listing marketing program that maximizes the interest in your home.
This minimizes the double mortgage payments and with how fast homes are selling, you won’t stay on the market long.
Our “STRATEGIC” approach is committed to providing Expert Guidance & Friendly Personal Service. Print off the Strong Family Challenge printable below, and plan a simple activity each week for the entire family. Every Monday, visit Faith Along the Way for activity ideas that correlate with the week’s theme. Write a post following the weekly themes, or post your own family’s participation on social media using, #strongfamilyproject and tagging Faith Along the Way. Somehow when I know the map of where we are headed the steps along the way seem more manageable.
I love being intentional, but I don’t always love the brainstorming or thinking it out part. We are always trying to find things to do as a family with teenagers and now we have a guide to help us plan some summertime memories. After supporting Joan Jett, performing at First City Festival 2014 (Beck, The National, Phantogram) and recording a freshman full-length album, Survival Guide was named one of the Top 12 Bay Area Bands of 2014 by San Francisco’s premier rock radio station, Live 105. His live performances remind of and show inspiration from the likes of Karin Dreijer Andersson and Dave Gahan. With over 360 million acres of public land in eleven states, people come from all over the world to enjoy outdoor activities here.
It happens to the experienced and inexperienced alike,  whether they are simply out to get some fresh air, exercise, see the sights or just to be immersed in the natural world. Accidents happen and a broken leg can be a life threatening situation even when close to medical care. He crawled about five miles back towards the trail head, but luckily was found by rescuers on the fourth day.
According to one source, they even ignored advice from someone at the trail head about taking more clothes in case the weather changed. They hadn’t told anyone where they were going, so nobody would have been looking for them. Obviously, nobody plans on getting injured alone or otherwise, but a risk that you are willing to take at home might not be such a good idea when you are five miles from your vehicle and 100 miles from a hospital. He dragged himself for about three hours back toward the trail head before someone found him and took him to the hospital.

Another family was so terrified that they had their mold-filled house torn down." "Mold growth threatens property managers and builders, as well as homeowners and renters.
May, a certified indoor air-quality professional (see his excellent book on indoor allergens, My House Is Killing Me!), and wife Connie explain what molds are, why and where they grow, and how to rid our living spaces of these dangerous fungal microorganisms.
The Mays explore what mold is, where and why it grows, how it flourishes, and how it may or may not cause health problems.
Home inspectors would obviously be a great source of information, both academic and practical.
The book is a good read for the lay individual concerned about mold, the parent with a child with asthma, chronic sinusitis, or chronic non-seasonal allergy. But if you don’t have your compass with you, knowing to how to make our own compass is valuable knowledge. To actually use it, connect the corresponding wires to the terminals of a LED for example to have an emergency light source.
If you are searching on national sites like Trulia or Zillow, these only refresh every few days and once a listing is sold, they often leave it on the site for weeks. Most agents only subscribe to one as they are expensive, but you & your agent need to be searching both. A full Pre-Approval means they have already verified all your income, assets, credit, and other documentation and the underwriter has already determined your loan will be approved once you find a home.
It is so great that you are encouraging families to be more intentional in their time this summer. The upcoming album, entitled “Way to Go”, conjures feelings of a dark modern fairytale and showcases Whitehurst’s vocal range and talent, following two previously released 7” vinyl singles, “Hot Lather Machine” and “Wildcat”, released on San Francisco’s Side With Us Records. Southard's remarkable voice effortlessly combines stark vulnerability with an intensity that lifts and moves. They get into trouble because they make the assumption that they will get back to their vehicle at a certain time. I personally know three people that have broken legs (2 falls and 1 snowmobile accident) in the Back Country and had to be rescued. Rescuers only started looking for him because someone noticed his car never returned to his campsite.
Because of swelling and poor blood supply to his ankle during that time, he almost lost his foot.
Probably the same knuckleheads that have the energy to pack a full six-pack of beer to the top of a mountain, but are unable to pack the empty cans back out. Spend some time looking at good maps before you go, so you know what to expect from the terrain and that you understand which direction you could find roads and other potential exit points.
Legal settlements in some mold cases have reached the millions, and home insurance rates are skyrocketing. The authors furnish clear explanations, examples from actual situations, and valuable advice gleaned from May's 15 years' experience. Readers learn how to identify mold, how to prevent it from spreading and when to call an expert. It is also a good read for mold professionals of limited experience and those planning to enter the profession. Being prepared and having a few tricks under your sleeve can make the difference between life and death. Learning how to open a can, any kind of can, without a can opener, a knife or any other tool, is a useful trick a survivalist should have. But just in case you don’t have a whistle with you, you can make your own with an acorn cap. If you’re going camping, hiking, boating or whatnot, call someone close to you or leave a note or a message. If you are just pre-qualified (credit is only thing verified) then sellers are tossing your offer to the side and choosing buyers who have a rock solid approval. Remember, short term rentals are SUPER EXPENSIVE so price them out ahead of time when making your decision. It seems that someone dies almost every week in our state alone, whether it is from an avalanche or snowmobile accident in the Winter to lost hikers, falling climbers and children being swept away by fast moving streams in the Summer. Luckily for our hiker from Maine, she was found alive after four days, thanks to the hard work of rescuers and the hotel staff that reported here missing when she didn’t check out of her room. Ironically, the man was inspired to hike the same canyon because of the movie that told Ralson’s story. A guest chapter by two physicians reveals how prolonged exposure to molds affects our health.
Tell them where you are going and when you will be back  so that if you’re gone for too long, someone will be looking for you. 24 hr response is reasonable and treat the buyers how you would want to be treated on the buyer side.
Her story is an amazing survival story, but if she would have told someone where she was going and when she expected to be back, at least the last two days of her experience would have been avoided completely. The book includes a chapter by two physicians who explain how exposure to mold can affect health. A storehouse of knowledge presented in a readable style, this will appeal to homeowners, apartment dwellers, and real estate agents alike.-Irwin Weintraub, Brooklyn Coll.
May was an English teacher and school administrator before joining May Indoor Air Investigations, LLC. When a guy gets off the 4-wheeler and heads into the woods, he turns into a hiker or a hunter and that’s when he can get lost.

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