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The ESEE Navigation cards are an excellent product to carry in your wallet, map case, pocket or survival tin as a great reminder for navigation & survival. Products Related to ESEE Izula Gear Navigation Cards - Including Roamers, Survival Tips & More. Unless you literally really do live in the woods, you’ll have noticed the must-see movie at the moment is The Revenant, starring Leonardo DeCaprio. In the film, a metal drinking canister originally carried by one of Glass’ companions (Jim Bridger) has an important part to play. And our first survival lesson from the film is this: The Frontiersmen of old all had metal canteens, and we suggest you choose a metal canteen over a plastic water bottle, also. The survival lesson here is, if you ever find yourself fighting for survival, look for opportunity in every new situation you find yourself in. As well as learning to be an opportunist, in a survival situation, you’ll have to learn to improvise too. In a scene reminiscent of another well-known blockbuster (The Empire Strikes Back), this is demonstrated when Hugh Glass removes the innards from a dead horse and crawls inside it to shelter from a blizzard.
In The Revenant, Hugh Glass demonstrates a simple technique which you can use to catch fish. Having worked closely with experts in survival and bushcraft, I now know the best thing you can do to make sure you survive an emergency situation is take the time to prepare properly before you go out.
A century after it happened, The Milwaukee post recounts Hugh Glass’ tale of survival.
If you want to know more about his story, you can read about Hugh Glass here; while this link leads to an article in which Ray Mears fact checks The Revenant film.
I don’t know why, but the vast majority of players seem content to respawn from the default base over and over, with a tiresome slog back to the action. There’s too much of a mentality of ‘someone else will do it’, just change class for one spawn and do yourself -and your team- a huge favour and drop a beacon.
Life is so much easier if you drop them close to a map’s hot zones for team deathmatches and if you’re playing objective matches, they really help keep the pressure on the enemy as you try to breach their defences. It’s also worth sliding when you come around corners just in case campers have a headshot lined up for anyone that appears on foot. From the start most of the ability logos are horribly similar to the untrained eye, the only way you’re going to be able to see what most of them are is by diving into the menus and looking through them one by one. Better yet, make sure your initial loadouts include all of them so you can test the full range.
The images on your loadout selection screen mid-match aren’t particularly clear, so you may want to rename the loadout to give you as much info as possible. While working in a team goes without saying for objective mission types, they can also be used to survive in general with a bit of common sense. You now know where an enemy is and can make your way into the area from another side to outflank them. It has some drawbacks though, it loses accuracy at greater distances, it’s slow to aim once you’ve opened fire and it doesn’t fire immediately when you pull the trigger, as it has to get rolling first. Didn't even think about warming up the minigun while on the roll - will try it out later, thanks! Written by gamers, for gamers, we'll also be delivering the juiciest news from the industry, cutting commentary, insightful articles and open, honest reviews.
As a month of shows takes hold, we catch up with the designers, models and fashion pack members to find out what it is that gets them through the four fashion capitals-worth of shows.
It might seem a little early to start posting about Christmas but it is actually only 7 weeks away. This comprehensive guide gives you all the information you need to survive the holiday season with your fitness intact.
1 of the main lifestyle changes that happens over Christmas is that you drink more alcohol. There are high calorie alcoholic drinks such as mulled wine (which contains a massive 253 calories per small glass) and low calorie alcoholic drinks such as dry white wine (which contains a much lower 83 calories per small glass). If your favourite alcoholic drink also happens to be high in calories try making these smart substitutions 50% of the time.
Another thing that changes around Christmas is that you eat more food and generally this food is higher in calories.
Finally, if you are involved with any cooking over the festive period try to lighten the meal and have healthy starters, main courses or desserts on offer.
Whilst you will not be be able to stick to your normal exercise routine over the holiday period, you can still fit some exercise in if you are flexible. Whilst the cold icy Christmas weather is not very suitable for traditional forms of exercise such as cycling or jogging, it does create other unique exercise opportunities.
Fitness is probably not the first thing that springs to mind when you are buying your Christmas gifts.
The extra social commitments you have over Christmas make it very difficult to get a proper amount of sleep each night. With this Free Fitness Tips Christmas Survival Guide I hope I have given you all the information you need to stay in touch with your fitness goals.
I have put together a list of tips below which are my own view on what is important to do if you have decided to move to Norway.
1 – You MUST learn the language in order to survive, to get a good job, to enjoy social occasions and understand the environment around you.
4 – They say that the first two months after moving to a new country will make you decide whether to stay there or not.
7 – Make sure to find work, not only for monetary reasons but also to help make friends and learn more about the country, people and customs. 9 – Having a positive attitude towards the move and the country as a whole is extremely important. Hi I’m planning on moving to Norway I have been there on a holiday for 3 weeks my sister and her family live there and I wish to move with my so who is only 10 months at the moment but we are planning on moving next year I still have to go bak for 2 weeks for a holiday at Xmas so will experience even more so far I have loved the country and been informed that I can have a nursery for my son from the age of 1 and I have had job offers too do u think there is anything else I need to know before I make the big decision ? Now the beauty of the GearPODs system is that you can build your own survival kit by selecting from 9 pre-assembled, single kits OR you can select a pre-assembled multi-kit like the GearPODs Wilderness System. Not only does GearPODs offer pre-made kits… the system is designed for you to build and expand your own survival system to suit your needs. So if you want… you can totally customize or even build your own virtually indestructible kit by selecting empty PODs and filling them with your own stuff… OR you can add your own POD creations to a pre-assembled GearPODs kit. So the ability of the GearPODs system to be customized and be changed and upgraded over time is the true genius behind this line.
The PODs themselves come in 4 sizes and can be attached to each other in any arrangement you choose through the use of these rugged, double threaded connectors and caps. So let’s take a look at what this kit includes – starting with the Health and First Aid kit. The GearPODs health kit is a compact, yet comprehensive first aid kit for treating common outdoor ailments and injuries and is kept safe in a Medium POD. And one of the most helpful features of this, and every other kit in the GearPODs line is a kit inventory… or contents sheet.
This contents sheet is VERY useful for people like me – who want to make sure their survival kit is always fully stocked and ready for use.  It really is a nice touch and something that most of the other kits are lacking.
Another aspect of the GearPODs Health kit, is that even with all of this gear it still has quite a bit more room left in the POD for you to add additional items if you like.
Next let’s look at the GearPODs Shelter Kit that provides a basic emergency shelter system to help you stay warm and dry in an emergency.
The Shelter Kit includes a lightweight, orange, silicon-coated, ripstop, nylon tarp system, with some nylon cord, 6 line tensioners and a thermal emergency blanket to keep you warm or for use as a large rescue reflector. The Adventure Tarp System is all packed neatly in an orange stuff sack, with very good directions and illustrations on how to set the whole rig up.
First I found 2 trees that were about 8 feet apart that had a nice patch of level ground between them. Then I rough-measured and cut a length of nylon cord long enough to wrap around each small tree and have enough left over to install the tensioners. Next, I installed the nylon cord with tensioners and strung my line about 3 feet above the ground between the two trees and tightened the cord using the tensioners. The kit’s instructions with helpful diagrams made installing the center cord and tensioners easy. Then I cut my existing cord into 4 lengths and tied each length to the loop on each corner of the tarp using a bowline knot (which the instructions show you how to tie). Next I made 4 tent stakes with branches using my survival knife and pushed them firmly into the ground.
Now, I have to admit… in my testing I lost 3 of the 6 tensioners from this kit… so I had to resort to an old Boy Scout knot – the taut line. Although a taut line knot is easy enough to tie… just don’t lose your line tensioners and you’ll be fine. When I was finished with the Adventure Tarp System, it came down in about 2 or 3 minutes and packed up nicely, in the stuff sack and POD and is all ready to go next time.
I’m usually not a big fan of button compasses but this is about the best one we’ve seen because it accomplished its only task – of pointing North – every time.
In the top section of the Survival POD, you’ll find the Cook Mug with lid and a heat dissipating band around the top so you can hold the mug when it’s hot.
Inside the Cook Mug we have another stuff sack that contains a boatload of quality and useful survival gear as well as a wind shield for the cook stove.

In the stuff sack there is a one-handed fire starter… which is similar to a butane lighter without the fuel. Then flick the striker wheel with your finger to get sparks… It seems like every time I use a fire starter like this, it takes me a few tries to light the tinder. Nonetheless… this fire starter works fine with a little persistence and can be a life saver in an emergency. You would use these matches to ignite the solid fuel cook stove tablets since they are not designed to ignite using sparks. AND for extra safety, the kit includes a Fresnel Lens that can focus sunlight on tinder to start a fire. Also included is a little Mini-LED flashlight with a battery that GearPODs says will last for over 24 hours of continuous use. It’s not the brightest torch we’ve seen, but it is certainly sufficient for a survival situation and we like its long battery life for sure.
Next, let’s look at the break-resistant container with fish hooks, a swivel, sinkers, safety pins and a sewing needle.
For a blade, the POD comes with a folding razor blade knife with a pretty sturdy fold-out handle and blade guard that extends the usefulness and safety of this tool.
I’d still want to have a survival knife along… but if I didn’t, there’s a lot that can be done with this blade.
There is also a folding jig saw blade for cutting wood or metal, with a similar handle to the razor blade knife. A 30 inch or 76 centimeter long roll of duct tape is included for repairs or emergency first aid. 4 sheets of weatherproof stationary and a pencil with a cap are handy for keeping a journal, leaving a message, drawing plans or maps.
Signaling with a mirror is one of the most effective ways to get help since on a clear day a flash from a mirror can be seen up to 20 miles or about 32 kilometers away. And last… but certainly not least… the GearPods system includes a really nice water and tear proof survival guide. This survival guide tells AND shows you how to use many of the items in the GearPODs Survival Pro Kit and, like in the other GearPODs kits, it lists the contents so you can do a periodic inventory to ensure that your kit is ready to go.
To light the Esbit solid fuel tablets… you need to use a match or two… your fire starter is not going to do it.
Once you get the solid fuel going, place the windscreen with the vent holes facing down wind and place your Cook Mug on the stove base. Now to remove your cook mug from the stove, be careful NOT to touch the wind screen… it’s HOT!!!
Also, if solid fuel is not your gig… our you want a backup fuel source, GearPODs offers this denatured alcohol burner system.
Another cool thing about the Gear PODs system is that each pod is about the width of a water bottle so it can easily slip into water bottle pockets or into packs.
GearPODs also offers adjustable POD cases in digital camo and black that are designed to further protect your gear and make it easy to strap your PODs onto stuff like bug out bags and backpacks. Surprisingly, there are NOT a ton of reviews or comments on the GearPODs system available… this may be due to GearPODs NOT being available on Amazon until recently.
But all of the comments we have found have been very positive highlighting the innovative and well thought-out design, the completeness of each kit, the ruggedness and quality of the pods and gear, and the ability of this system to be customized to fit about any survival need. And because of the versatility of this system, and the fact that it’s much more than your typical “take-it-or-leave-it” OR “one size fit’s all” kit… but is more of a complete, upgradable, and totally customizable survival system –  it’s really in a class of it’s own. We took off half a star because the although the GearPods system is nearly perfect in every way, it is not small or pocketable. And it’s great that the GearPODs system is totally modular, so no matter what your budget, you can start building your Ultimate Survival Kit today. The GearPODs Wilderness Survival Kit is great for Bug Out Bags, Emergency Kits, Get Home Bags, Disaster Preparedness, Camping, Canoeing, Hiking, Backpacking, Extreme Adventures, Hunting, Fishing, Snowmobile, Four Wheeler and Vehicle Emergency Kits.
ABOUT GEARPODS ®GearPods Connect represents a new approach to handling and protecting your adventure gear, providing a flexible and modular container system that is ideal for building kits. If you continue to use the site, we shall assume that you are happy to accept the cookies anyway. It’s based on the true story of Hugh Glass – an American frontiersman from the 1800s of Scottish-Irish decent.
Even after being mauled by a bear and left for dead (without weapons or supplies) by his companions, John Fitzgerald and Jim Bridger, Glass somehow managed to make it 200 miles to Fort Kiowa, in South Dakota. And you can always just skip survival tips 1 and 3 if you really don’t want to read them.
Without wanting to give too much away, it has a distinctive emblem carved on it, which makes it instantly recognisable.
They’re much more robust and, in an emergency, can be warmed or heated directly in the embers of a fire. Even though the bones have been stripped bare by wolves, starving, he has the presence of mind to crack them open for the marrow inside.
Making the most of your surroundings and the objects you come across will be key to your making it home alive. In the wild you’ll find yourself surrounded by resources; you just have to think of ways to use them to help you survive.
And if you follow this survival advice of Back Country Survival, you won’t ever find yourself in an emergency situation without a survival kit containing them. He simply places a few large rocks in a stream, making a horse-shoe shaped corral; fish swim in but can’t escape. It kept wild animals at bay, helped him cauterise wounds and sterilise tools, and of course it kept him warm. Driven by the will to survive and a need to exact revenge, he made it out of the wilderness alive. I have to sprint almost everywhere in FPS games, call it impatience, call it my team’s inability to drop a goddamn spawn beacon every now and then, or maybe I’m just too eager to get shot in the face. Or you can slide into cover if you know you’re not going to have the range to turn and return fire. Close quarters combat is kind of a big deal in many maps, so it pays to be handy with an assault rifle or even the oddly weak shotguns.
Tempting as it is to stick to one class when you’re trying to grind through to unlock a new scope or ability upgrade, you’re just wasting your own time with some loadouts in some maps. You almost have enough loadouts to equip every primary weapon in the game, so I’d advise trying them all out to see which you want to dump –a puny sub machine gun and a painfully slow shotgun were left at home for me. If you have two assault rifle classes, maybe indicate which of them has the longer range in the title or mention which sight you have equipped too. If you see two teammates enter a room just ahead of you and witness an unholy storm of bullets rip them to shreds, don’t follow them in!
You’d be surprised at the amount of players content to set up camp and only watch a couple of entrances, unaware that you can still approach on their blindside.
A huge ammo clip means you’ll never have to reload in the middle of a firefight and its raw power will make mincemeat of any opponent in a head-on encounter. The closer the combat the better, so even in wider environments like the forest, you can stay close to the rocky walls so enemies can’t see you coming from a distance.
Well, you can prime the gun by briefly squeezing the trigger to initiate a roll, with practice you can keep it rolling without firing, and then when you need to fire, it will do so as soon as you hold the trigger, enabling you to tear through an entire charging party before they’ve even seen you.
Over the next 7 weeks I am going to be posting plenty of useful tips to help you avoid the Christmas bulge and maintain some level of fitness over the festive period. Whether you are trying to fit in some exercise, looking for the perfect gift for a fitness enthusiast or just want some help avoiding all the tasty treats – I have it all covered here. Whether you are attending Christmas parties, going round to your friend’s house for drinks, going on a night out or visiting family, alcohol always seems to be flowing. By making some smart substitutes you can significantly reduce the amount of calories you drink this Christmas. This will still allow you to enjoy your favourite drink but also allow you to cut out some alcohol calories over the festive period.
You are likely to be snacking on cakes, chocolates and mince pies and will probably go through a few large 3 course meals before the holiday season is over. If you know you are likely to be eating a lot of food later in the day, then eating something light in the morning such as fruit, yogurt or even a protein shake can really help. Nuts and oranges are 2 healthy snacks that always seem to make an appearance around Christmas time. Even something as small as serving salad as a starter or taking the bread off the table can reduce the total calories in the meal.
Alcohol, cakes and mince pies are all seriously lacking in nutrients and as a result your intake of these important compounds normally drops over the festive period. They ensure that your body is running properly, keep you safe from disease and infection, promote optimal health and much more. The increased intake of alcohol and low quality foods also has a negative impact on your immune system.
You have more social commitments (so less time to exercise) and the weather does not make outdoor exercise particularly appealing. For example, if you normally exercise outdoors but find the weather too cold, try working out at the gym instead.
Sledding, ice skating and even snowball fights are all unique forms of exercise that can only be performed when the snow is here.

However, a fitness themed Christmas present is a brilliant way to introduce a friend or family member into the world of fitness. However, you might be surprised to hear that during the festive period 17% of the UK population suffer from a form of winter depression called seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Unfortunately, failing to get enough sleep can have a negative effect on your mood and make you feel grumpy and irritable.
Studies have shown that dark chocolate, nuts, salmon and tea can boost your mood and make you feel happier. Alcohol and high quality treats are a constant temptation, you have very little time to exercise and the gloomy weather has a negative impact on your motivation. Your fitness will probably suffer during the festive period but the little things you do can really add up. The main point of the festive period is to spend some quality time with your friends and family and relax after a long, hard year. He has a keen interest in health and fitness and has been writing about that very topic on this website since 2007. If you disagree with these, or have anything important to add to the list then feel free to contact me. If you move to Norway and try and force your ways on people then you will fail and wont be accepted. Don’t just sit indoors watching tv as you never know when the experience might come to an end and then its over. Living in the wrong area could bring you down and drive you away sooner than you may have wanted. You can personalize the look of you GearPODs kit by selecting from 7 different colors of caps and connectors including, black, blue, tan, orange, yellow, red and green. The key to using Tinder Quick with any fire starter is that you need to pull one end apart like a cotton ball.
It’s so practical that these sharp and pointy items are packaged in this container so they don’t rip through the stuff sack, or poke things… like fingers when fishing around for gear in the stuff sack. Each tablet is designed to treat 1 liter of water against viruses, bacteria and other nasty stuff. Mine came with the mirror side a little blemished around the edges, but this didn’t reduce its performance at all. So it’s not a viable every day carry item unless you carry around something like a day pack with you, everywhere you go.
However, if you find yourself alone in the wilderness without even these bare essentials, all is not lost. The weather was brutal, his wounds were open to infection, and there was the constant threat of predators like wolves and bears. If there’s one survival tip you take away from this blog, let it be this: Learn how to make a fire. If you suddenly come under fire when rounding a corner, going into a slide can throw your opponent’s aim off and if you can turn enough, you may be able to return fire mid-slide, which is obviously all sorts of badass if you can get the kill first. Become a more rounded player and you’ll find those duller maps start to open up a bit more for you if you’re confident with various loadouts.
If you’re running around corners a lot you won’t have time to activate a stun blast, but having an auto-stun drone would be handy to watch your back if you set up camp as a sniper.
Check out the stats for each one to judge distance, rate of fire, damage and so on to see what’s going to work best for you.
As tempting as it is though, don’t always opt for a knife kill, some of these maps are so small you may end up getting shot by someone else as you approach your target. Today, Amanda Bretherton, managing director of Next Models."My ultimate tip to anyone going to London Fashion Week for the first time is to make sure you know how you are getting to the next show, or it's impossible to get between one to the other on time!
However, today I am going to get you prepared for the coming weeks with the Free Fitness Tips Christmas Survival Guide. For example, if you switch mulled wine for dry white wine you can save a notable 173 calories per small glass. Like with the alcohol, I am not going to tell you to avoid all the Christmas treats all the time.
You do not have to spend the entire festive period snacking on fruits or nuts but even just a few smart food substitutes can really add up. Getting adequate nutrients can help strengthen your immune system and reduce your chances of contracting the common cold or the flu.
You can still have your Christmas treats but by eating these plant based foods as well you can ensure your body is not deprived of the nutrients it needs. Additionally, the increased consumption of alcohol probably leaves you with very little motivation to exercise. So if you are willing to brave the outdoors, give these unique outdoor Christmas exercises a try. So by doing exercise during the holiday season you can fight the Christmas bulge and keep your spirits high.
That is why over the festive period it is extra important to catch up on your sleep whenever you can.
So if you choose your foods carefully during the festive period you can avoid holiday weight gain and the winter blues. Following just a few tips on this list can help you make sure that all the good work you have done building up to Christmas does not go to waste.
Just make sure you come back even stronger in January and are ready to tackle the New Year head on. He stays fit and healthy by going to the gym at least four times a week and eating fresh, natural foods most of the time.
Remember they are just my personal view of what I think you will need to do if you want to emigrate to Norway.
However, this does take time, but try and learn as much Norwegian as you can before you go, then you will pick it up easier as you live with the language all around you.
You need to embrace the way the Norwegians live, their customs and culture and adapt to that yourself. There is so much to do in Norway, to experience and even if not all of my experiences were positive, they are all part of the adventure. Moving during the Winter will still be possible, but hard because of the snow and cold weather and for that to be your first experience of the country could be a negative one. Try and get a job before you move to Norway as then your new employer will help you find somewhere to live and help you with other aspects of emigrating to Norway. Just like any country there are rough areas to live in and if you have a picture in your mind of something different before you arrive there, you will be very dissapointed and this could affect your mood and desicion to stay. It is an adventure after all and should be seen as such and the things you will experience will stay with you for the rest of your life, both positive and of course some negative. I didn’t have a plan B and when my experience failed I had to just pack everything in boxes and move back to the UK, as I didnt know what to do now I was alone. Man up, and check out our Sunday Seven Survival Tips to leave behind your days as a snivelling recruit and be reborn as a feared harbinger of doom.
The personal assault drone won’t net you many kills but it will often spot targets long before you do, which can be very useful if you’re struggling to get on the scoreboard. I'm really looking forward to seeing Matthew Williamson, Pringle and Burberry this year - as it's their first show here in ages and it's great to have them back in town.
Christmas would not be Christmas if you could not let your hair down and enjoy a drink or 2 (or 3+…).
However, there are a number of tricks you can use to ensure that all this extra food does not destroy your fitness goals.
Fortunately, most types of SAD can be easily treated with a light box (a specially designed box that stimulates daylight).
Experiencing nature is a major part of living in Norway, so go on walks, trips to the mountains, Winter sports, travel North to see the Northern lights and Midnight sun, there is so much to see and do. Also you need to live in an area which will accomodate your travel as if you don’t have a car you will need to live near to either a bus or train station in order to get around. If you arrive in Norway with a passion to learn the language and integrate into Norwegian society then that will drive your experience and be a great start. If you do your research before going and plan as much as possible then you will be fine and I will be envious of you! It can be destroyed by enemy fire, but it doesn’t expire if you die and you’ll get loads of points when your teammates spawn on it. It’ll take a while, but mastering your abilities is essential to not being perforated on the battlefield. 100 calories may not seem like much but if keep getting short, regular bursts of exercise throughout the week it can quickly add up to a much more substantial number of calories burned. If you are making a rash decision to move there, it could be a disaster, so make sure you have spent a long time thinking about it, do your research and understand how it will be like living there.
Everything will be different to what you currently know and are used to, so you need to take things slow, as otherwise you could crack and will be booking a flight home. Maximising the amount of sleep you get over Christmas can help you stay positive for the full holiday season.

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