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A big reason for the declines is increased online shopping, as Americans hunt down deals on their smartphones, tablets and computers. Still, most analysts expect this year's holiday sales to show stronger growth than last year's. Gerri Spencer and her daughter Jasmine Hansen were enthusiastic participants in Black Friday shopping this year. That's a much larger increase than the 3.5% gain Christopher forecasts for total holiday retail sales, including both online and in traditional retail stores.
The move toward earlier discounts was intensified this year because many retailers struggled with overstocked warehouses and store shelves heading into the fall, Christopher said. Shoppers are even starting to postpone some of their back-to-school purchases until later in the fall, in anticipation of such deals, Christopher said.
For those who choose to build a survival farm, it is very important to realize that it may not look or operate precisely like a conventional family farm.  Here are 14 tips you will need to take into consideration and some ideas about what things may be of most use to you. Unfortunately, inflation and decreasing monetary values make it very hard to give accurate cost estimates.  When in doubt, shop around and look for as many ways to improvise using DIY methods.
It goes without saying that you will need land to put a house on, grow food, store valuable items, and set up a perimeter defense.  Some experts claim that you can have a survival farm on as little as two acres, while other estimates go as high as 200 acres or more.
A great deal will depend on the condition of the land, weather phenomena in the area, and what you plan to do with the land. My own personal plans for a complete survival farm requires approximately 15 acres for prime wooded land to about 25 acres of desert land. Aside from land, here a number of things that need to be built, stored, or developed in order to make the farm self-sufficient in a wide range of scenarios. In a similar way, rather than use conventional blades for a wind turbine, try experimenting with shell designs that spin faster and also concentrate air that can be used for air pressure tools and other applications.
Other than keeping a good supply of guns, ammo, and other weapons, it is also important to have a multi-level perimeter defense. With regard to actual living space, it is best to have small cleared areas that are hard to see or recognize by air. Since drones and other newer technologies can also detect heat signatures, building or carrying out various operations underground may also be of immense help. For example, something as simple as a UV light can be used to kill off air borne pathogens. It goes without saying that water quality is going to deteriorate even in remote regions once a global crisis occurs.
Aquaponics can fulfill all your dietary needs as long as you choose the right plants and can keep a large enough stock of fish on hand. If you are going to raise animals for survival needs, make sure you select heritage breeds, and then find out how many distinct blood lines you will need in order to prevent inbreeding. Unfortunately, there are thousands of “survival farmers” out there that only have one or two cows, and think they are self-sufficient.
While storing medications and supplies may have some benefit in the short term, eventually they will expire or become useless.
Many families looking to live in a survival farm know that they are interested in preserving life for the next generation.  That being said, who will the children marry when they come of age?  If you do not include multiple families with widely divergent blood lines, all of your hard work will be lost. Contrary to popular belief, true survival for ourselves and our species does not depend on looking inward, it also depends on looking outward to others. Old style automobile engines, rickshaws, animal pulled carts, and pulley systems are all resistant to EMP attacks.
Each building on the farm should be designed in a way that uses passive solar heating and underground cooling for temperature control.
No survival farm would be complete without having a safe way to get rid of human waste, dead bodies, and anything else that might spread disease. Everything that you design for above ground living should be duplicated and functional at least 30 feet beneath the surface of the Earth.
As you can see, building a survival farm is very different from what you might expect.  In today’s world, there are many complex ways to harm other people and prevent them from surviving. So, if you are committed to putting in the extra time and work, there are also many ways to foil the plans of those who want to be the last person on Earth or have other sick ideas in their head about ruling over everyone.
Although this is a fictional scenario, those might likely be the thoughts that run through your mind following an earthquake, hurricane, flood, wildfire or other natural disaster. While some may think that the likelihood of such a disaster landing on your doorstep is low, it could happen. Given that a disruptive event might occur without warning, what will do you do?  Here are some tips and possible solutions to the “OH NO!
Tip #13: Respect others for their efforts and understand that it may take a while for a community to make use of all of the help offered. Interestingly enough, I have not found find many references to this term using Google so the how, where, and why I started using it most likely has to do with my own thoughts on TEOTWAWKI. Although I am well prepared, I still worry that in the panic and chaos of a disruptive event, I will be impotent to act. Emergency Essentials carries a wide variety of equipment and supplies – all at competitive prices. I earn a small commission from purchases made when you begin your Amazon shopping experience here. The post 17 Tips for Taking Charge After A Disruptive Event by Gaye Levy first appeared on Backdoor Survival.
The bright yellow OtterBox Survival Kits is waterproof, which is handy if you pack gets wet or falls into the water. Subscribe to this site and share it via social network or just by telling your friends and beloved family about it.

Being involved in outdoor activities really help you know some "prepping" tips and tricks.Learn Ways to keep a fire going. What will you do if you are in the most uncompromising situation like being lost in a camping site, or worst being on a boat wreck or a plane crash? If you are aware of the things that are happening in our environment, then it is just right to know some survival skills for you and your family. You will never know if when will these things happen to you, and when these things come you don't have to worry because you exactly know what to do. Since it is a material that will help you create fire easily, it also makes your fire going for longer period of hours. If your wood is moist, then it will surely be hard for you to light it and keep it burning for hours. We’ll assume you already have the survival knife and  basic Ten Essentials, and are assembling the rest of the tools needed for a portable survival kit. This custom pipe tomahawk is a useful survival tool and weapon, but it may not be a good choice to include in a survival kit.
Will you be in a cold wilderness environment, where gathering firewood to keep a campfire going will be critical for survival? Or will the tool be used in an urban setting, where the primary uses might include breaking up pallets and splitting wood scraps from a dumpster for firewood? A hatchet is a small axe that can be wielded with one hand, and the flat part may be used as a hammer.  A hatchet is a great tool for splitting wood, limbing trees and hammering in tent stakes.
The pipe tomahawk on top could be useful, but the Plumb hatchet below it is the better tool. But I take it along because the hawk  looks so cool tucked in the back of my sash next to the powder horn! Despite my enjoyment of  tomahawks and history-related weapons, I usually carry a saw in my daypack.
Wilderness survival expert Peter Kummerfeldt is a proponent of carrying a saw instead of  an axe. The Leatherman Wave, below, and the Swiss Army knife both have usable, quality saw blades. ABOUT LEON: Since 1991, Leon has been an assistant scoutmaster with Boy Scout Troop 18 in Bend, and a wilderness skills trainer for the Boy Scouts’ Fremont District.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Another key factor: Many retailers are offering bargains long before Thanksgiving, limiting the impact of Black Friday specials.
Americans are starting to see early signs of pay increases, hiring has been solid in the past year, and low gas prices are leaving more money in shoppers' pockets. Online sales jumped 14.3% on Friday compared with last year, according to Adobe, which tracked activity on 4,500 retail websites.
Overall, about $1 in every $7 in holiday shopping sales will occur online this year, IHS predicts.
Americans are doing more of their holiday shopping in November, he said, a decade-long trend, even though December remains the month in which consumers spend the most.
For example, if you are determined to have a full sized herd of cattle that will not become inbred after just a few generations, it will require far more land than doing the same thing with goats or chickens. Your survival farm should have air-tight rooms that are large enough to house all your animals and family members.
You should know how to make and use bone char and charcoal so that you can filter out heavy metals and other contaminants.  It is also important to be able to boil large quantities of water to get rid of pathogens. Even if you are not going to rely on this system, you should keep necessary equipment, seeds, and fish available as a backup in case you cannot farm the land or other problems prevent you from raising food out in the open. Once the cows die off, they may not be able to buy new ones, and worse yet, relying on frozen semen for reproduction will fail miserably once there are no other farmers to buy it from.
You may also want to experiment with electric motor based systems that can run on solar and wind power. You can use compost piles, cesspools, and other systems for waste management.  Just make sure that you do not contaminate water and food growing areas with raw sewage or its derivatives. No matter whether you are dealing with a nuclear attack or need to hide out from drones, this is about the only way you will be able to succeed for long periods of time.
Those thoughts and worse will jump to the forefront if the disruptive event is a pandemic, nuclear event, or civil unrest where your life may be in danger. Local services will be overwhelmed and you should only look to them for help in true life or death emergencies. Be patient with those who do not respond well, and work hard to ensure that your own response is positive and constructive. Remember, disasters are usually no one’s fault, and are an unavoidable part of simply living in our world. Will I be the deer caught in the headlights?  If it happened to you, would you be able to think on your feet and simply act? It contains no chemicals or iodinated resin, no batteries and no moving parts to break or wear out. You may begin by reading some of the articles below or going straight to our blog for the latest.
How to deal with earthquakes, job loss, volcanic eruptions, corruptions, and many more are the things that people should be prepare of in order to survive. If you have been ship-wrecked or lost in the woods while camping or doing some outdoor activity.
It is now time to learn how to create it if you don't have a lighter with you or a box of matches. Strike this two in a pile of tinder so that the spark made from the collision will help to heat up the tinder and create fire.

You have to be sure that you will check the fire from time to time to see if there is enough red charcoal in your fire. When choosing any tool for wilderness or urban survival, start by anticipating  where you might be when you may need the tool, and what tasks it will need to perform. Will the tool be mostly carried, or do you anticipate remaining somewhat sedentary and that the tool may be used a great deal?
In an extreme situation, might you need this tool to break down a door, gain forced entry into or egress from, a locked vehicle? This meant, that for long-term survival, the hatchet could be a tool with incredible durability.
When he heard I hunt with a flintlock .40 caliber Pennsylvania rifle, he claimed I only had part of the kit.
I still carry the tomahawk, along with the powder horn, shot bag and other accouterments when I black powder  hunt.
When I take a break in the field, it’s fun to stick the tomahawk in a tree, lean the long rifle up against it, and hang the powder horn and shot bag off the rifle barrel.
From left, is my old reliable Gerber folder; a Fiskar sliding blade, and a double-edged Pac-Saw Wyo.
As a big game hunter, I need a tool that can saw through the pelvis of a deer, hog, antelope or elk.
I haven’t seen anyone chop the antlers off anything, but I did loan my Pac-Saw to a guide once so he could take the antlers off a moose skull.
I used a full-sized axe once to help dress out a whitetail buck once, and it worked fine. The Boy Scouts have banned hatchets at camp outs because of the potential danger. A special axe yard is cordoned off at scout camps, so nobody inadvertently walks behind an axe user.
Leatherman 830039 New Wave Multitool with Leather Sheath Both saw blades work well for sawing through a deer pelvis bone, removing lower legs for quartering and either blade will easily saw through a stick the size of my wrist. Gerber Exchange A Blade Utility Serrated Hand Saw Designed as a wood saw, it cuts as you pull. It takes an incredible amount of firewood to keep a campfire burning throughout the night, and the person with a survival mindset will start gathering wood as soon as possible. As usual, it will depend on your skill level, potential needs, and  willingness to practice. Friday and were at Cabela's, a hunting and outdoor equipment store, in Kansas City, Kansas, an hour later. It is also very important to have air filtration and oxygen generation systems on hand. Since modern air filters are usually disposable, this is the perfect place to develop your own equipment. If you have been caught unprepared, this will be more of a challenge than if you’re able to be completely self-sufficient.
Don’t call 911 to ask for information, report power outages, or to pass on information that is not life or death in nature.
Focus on the things you can control such as helping your community heal, staying positive, and moving forward.
You have to consider the fact that you are the only person who can save yourself in this type of situations. A fire is what you will just need in order to survive and be found if you are into a very uncompromising situation.
Even though you don't have these two things with you, you don't have to be worried for you can still create fire in many ways.
Or you may be a backpacker, hunter or fisherman who needs a light, easy-to-carry wood cutting device. The tradition, Jim said, was that after finishing making a rifle, the gunsmith would take the leftover chunk of wood from the rifle stock blank, and a piece of gun barrel, and fashion a matching tomahawk. Then, I sit and and admire the workmanship of  my tools while chewing on jerky and hardtack. Sometimes you need a saw to cut through the ribcage of a big elk.  And while I can disjoint the lower legs of an elk or deer with my SRK hunting knife, the saw is quicker. And consider that  the cutting power of a hatchet or axe depends on velocity generated by swinging the tool.
In a pinch, it is safe and effective to pass out your saws and have everyone start gathering wood.
You’ve already shown your survival mindset by reading this far, and now you can make an intelligent choice! Fires can do wonders in a person's life; it can do well and harm you or others at the same time. A hunter may be looking for a tool that can cut wood and that will also be useful in  quartering and field dressing a big game animal. No long hunter, he pointed out, would be caught dead without his tomahawk, because if the rifle didn’t fire, the hawk was his backup! Axes and hatchets can bounce, slide or ricochet off wood at odd angles and then an accident is possible. Keep in mind that you have to be responsible in creating it so no one will get hurt along the way.
Choice of  tools is important, because there isn’t much space, and you need to keep the weight down. I also used a Sawsall, a fold-up woodsaw, in the Boundary Waters, and it is an effective tool.

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