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When we think of the Wild West we often think of the old films with John Wayne or Clint Eastwood.
By the way, in 1900s these cigarette packs came with a set of illustrations that depicted the hard life of a cowboy in the Wild West and a few tricks that made their life easier and a lot more enjoyable.
The frontiers people who came to the western states looking for a new life, had to be hardy folk, who had the skills to take care of themselves with little resources and scarce food availability. Maybe we can all take advantage of their wisdom, and learn how to cope with a new life after SHTF.
The weapon of choice of those old westerners was the Colt .45 six-shooter because they could carry it in their belt and it was easy to use. Life was hard in those days, if you had cattle, you had something other people wanted and you had to be prepared to protect that asset. Another weapon of choice was the Winchester model 73, also known as the gun that a€?Won the Wild Westa€™.
The famous American Poet, Robert Frost, in his poem a€? Mending Walla€™, said that,  a€?good fences, make good neighborsa€?. As land rights started to enter the arena, around the latter part of the 19th century, fences started to be erected. Homesteaders would go around cutting the barbed wire the ranchers had used to designate their land, to try and push it back into the public pot.
Buffalo ranged the North American plains in their millions before the West became fully settled.
Once the settlers arrived they too hunted the buffalo, but they didna€™t make use of the animal in the same way.
If the legal system let the ranchers down, then they would resort to forming vigilante gangs.
One account near Fort Griffin in Texas tells of a vigilante group who caught a man a€?in the acta€™ of stealing horses.
The weapons of choice were the Colt .45 revolver for shorter ranges and easy shooting, but for longer ranges, the Winchester was his preferred piece. The best steeds were those that knew when to keep still, to let their rider take a clear shot.
The cowboy would use a gentle pat on the horses steer, or move his knee into the horsea€™s side to indicate it was time to keep very still.
Antelope are hard to hunt as they have excellent vision and are well camouflaged against the flats that they wander through. Affairs of the heart are an exciting and important part of any young persona€™s life and cowboys are no exception. Having a wife and partner who can play an active role in the life of the ranch is something that good cowboys seek out at some stage or other. Courtship for cowboys was a mutual affair, if the man wasna€™t right, the girl would make sure he knew. And likewise, the woman would need the necessary personality and skills to take up life on the ranch. Often the girls would have been brought up on the ranch and so would already know the hired hands or a€?cowpunchersa€™ well and would have a good idea of who would make good husband material. Being a cowboy wasna€™t just a job, it was a way of life and anyone entering that lifestyle had to be of the same mind. The life of a ranchera€™s wife was remote and often hard, as their husband built up his business and herded cattle across many miles of land. They had to spend many a night sleeping in the outdoors, under the stars; no tents were used a€“ if it rained, the cowpuncher got wet.
Cowpunchers were a hardy lot and knew what it was like to go without sleep whilst on the trail. During those two hours they would ride amongst the herd, singing quietly to the cattle to let them know they were being watched over, the songs were gentle to prevent the herd from bolting if startled, but to let them know that the rider was there. Sleep for the cowpuncher was intermittent and short and cowpunchers were known to rub tobacco in their eyes to keep awake.
Cowpunchers would use tricks like driving the herd into a tight grouping, making them feel more secure. The men had to have stamina to do this as it may take them all night to pull the herd together again. Those old western films from the 1940s always seemed to have a horse being a€?broken ina€™. The horse needed to be mature, because of the work it was expected to do, such as carry a rider for days on end. However, when the first settlers got there they found it was in fact the homeland of Native Americans.
Cowboys lived through these violent times and when they rode out with the herd they literally took their life into their own hands. Food during the earlier days of the Wild West, before the railroads opened up trade, could be monotonous.
Provisions such as coffee, sugar and flour were scarce and stocked up on, when the opportunity arose.
For fresh vegetables they would have to forage for fresh berries, wild fruit and other green edibles and roots. It meant that the calves, as they grew up, retained this mark (symbol) and could freely move across the range, yet be easily identified when it was time to be taken to market. The task of rounding up, that is bringing together perhaps thousands of cattle was a mammoth one and needed highly skilled men to do that work. In the early days of the Wild West, early Texan settlers would hire a€?Vaquerosa€™ who were skilled horseman, used to driving wild cattle to market.
The Vaqueros had strength, agility and they understood how cattle moved and could be controlled. Texas had a large number of cattle after the American Civil War and these cattle were sold at higher prices in places that had a scarcity of meats such as those in eastern and northern states.
These women soon learned how to make the most of scraps of food, when the meat ran out, theya€™d make soup from the bones and left over scraps. The women of the West as well as being the persons who cleaned and cooked, were also doctor and nurse. Lasso is a word of Spanish origin, but the Westerner called it a a€?ropea€? and the people in Southwest called it a a€?reataa€?. I only read the first page as the sick bucket is in another room and my horse was too lame to fetch it so I had to shoot the critter, but what are the survival tips meant to be, exactly??
That’s why knowing how to construct a wilderness shelter is such an important skill for anyone who spends any amount of time in the great outdoors.
Here are some actual real-world Survival Shelters; these shelters should give you a good idea of what’s possible and can give you a good starting point to go out there and practice. Here is a great example of an easy Aframe shelter, covered with leaves and debris for added insulation and waterproofing.
Here’s a quick and easy swamp bed that can help get you up off the ground in cold, wet, or damp environments. A good fire reflector helps maximize heat retention and minimizes the amount of firewood you use.
Here is a good example of a Lean To Shelter with a Reflector wall for bouncing heat back into the shelter. A survival shelter doesn’t have to be fancy to work, and it can often be improvised with existing structures and random materials sourced from the area. The cordage for the bed is roots by the look of it and if a person does not have a knife on them while hiking in the woods, they really should stay home. I have made shelters 4 and 6 with nothing more then a pocket knife which I always have on me.
If you use spruce root you can tie down nearly anything, a basic fixed blade survival knife you can use to make all the shelters above.

Tall, conical shaped shelter (tee-pee style) with fire inside to heat and cook out of the wind, rain or snow. He is dedicated to ensuring that all of his students leave his classes with the comfort level for the outdoors that they expect. We teach a range of both modern and primitive wilderness skills covering the priorities of survival that will provide you the ability to live and be rescued in the wilderness.
What would you do first if you were lost or stranded in the woods, miles from civilization? Summary: If you are planning to go camping this summer these tips would keep you safe and make the trip enjoyable. Don’t forget to pack the pie irons or binoculars again with this handy printable camping checklist. A rock maintenance strip around the house … catches splashes, keeps siding clean and minimizes pests. There are several good books on desert survival too, and any suggestions for our readers are welcome.
Muchas gracias amigo Spooky, thought perhaps this is something we could do to prevent more tragedies from happening. Some of the older books and articles on desert survival will tell you to drain the water out of your vehicle radiator and drink it - DON'T DO IT - if it has antifreeze it will kill you, and even if you know for a fact there is only water in your radiator, it likely has contaminants like lead etc so it is better not to chance it. A good thing to look for are windmills and stock water tanks - they are built for livestock but often have good water. Having GOOD MAPS and knowing where you are on them is an excellent habit to get into - while it is possible to get lost with a map in your hands, it is less likely plus the maps will show many water sources (springs etc).
That is it for this evening, thank you in advance for posting your desert survival tips and as always - good luck and good hunting, I hope you find the treasures that you seek.
The deserts of America are all similar in that they are short of water, but they are all different in the types of plants and animals that live in them and in the extremes of climate. Theya€™d sit out under the stars, eating beans from a can and chewing tobacco or smoking a cigar. In the old days of the West, a cowboy needed a handy weapon, one he could carry around easily and that would be multi-purpose, for controlling his cattle and protecting him from a€? cattle rustlersa€™. In the early days of the Wild West, keeping your ranch fence intact wasna€™t an issue because fences were only used within the context of a coral; the cattle roamed freely across the plains. In 1862, homesteaders were given the right to 65 hectares of land if they agreed to live on it and improve it.
Ranchers would have to go around the circumference of their land and fix any broken fences to retain their ownership rights. During this time buffalo were hunted by the Native Americans every part of the animal being used for something.
They were such a popular food source that by the end of the 19th century, they ended up being hunted to almost extinction, with only 300 individuals in the wild by 1900 a€“ something that has happened to many species throughout human history. So if a horse was stolen, this was seen as a massive crime, certainly in the league of murder and could result in certain states in delivery of the death sentence.
They hung him, there and then, leaving a shovel underneath the body in case someone wanted to dig a grave. Because of this, cowboys would sometimes wait until they had established their ranch before embarking on courtship, instead bringing their new wife into a more settled ranch.
Their camp was basic and they camped wherever they could find a suitable spot, but some would sleep in the saddle.
Each person in the outfit had to guard for two hours through the night, to protect the horses and cattle against rustlers and predators. But they were good-natured folk and would hand out the cigarettes and often sing a song like a€?Little Black Bulla€™ for entertainment, or tell tales of their lives. More modern horse handing techniques have come into play and the idea of a a€?horse whisperera€™ is someone who can teach a horse to handle a rider without any harsh techniques, but by using systematic methods that train the horse to perform certain actions based on simple commands.
To try and alleviate the problem, the government formed reservations for the Native Americans. Even fully armed with their trusty Winchester, a lone cowboy was easy game and the Native Americans armory, included powerful short bows to bring you down, and ball-headed war clubs and tomahawk axes to finish you off. Vegetables, like beans, were often out of a can, the meat variety was limited, squirrel being an alternative to the usual buffalo.
The cowboy and girl would need to use preservation techniques, like salting, pickling or dehydration to keep food over the winter. They could then add some extra pizazz to their meals and keep the rest of the meat using one of the preserving techniques.
As they roamed pretty much freely, the rancher needed a way to recognize their own cattle from anothera€™s.
Neighbors would recognize a brand and if they caught a rustler, even if it were neighbora€™s cattle being stolen, they would catch the rustler and a€?string him upa€™. The cowpunchers would find a mother and calf, separate them form the herd and then lasso the calf. The settlers soon learned the ways of the Vaqueros and became just as skilled in the management and rounding up of large herds of cattle. Between 1865-1880 there were around 10 million cattle herded by cowboys in Texas up to Kansas. This meant that the horses too, had to be highly trained as the cowboy relied totally on their working to his commands. Cowboys often had several steers that would be used throughout the round up, as the drives were long and arduous and horses needed to rest up. A woman, who accompanied her husband on the long arduous trip to settle land, had to be as hardy as her husband. Wea€™ve all heard of a€?Calamity Janea€™ the frontierswoman and scout, but most women of the Wild West led much simpler lives. Women of the Wild West had to learn quickly how to survive and they were taught to ride from being a young girl. The women would also be the gatherers and occasionally the hunters too, of small animals, like mice and rabbits. In fact, when it comes to common ways that people die during a wilderness emergency, hypothermia, a drop in core body temperature, and hyperthermia, an increase in the body’s temperature, are right at the top of the list. They are easy to construct, and can be as simple as a tarp draped over a single line, or a more elaborate design using local materials.
It’s also a great way to get you up off the ground in areas where poisonous critters might be poking around at night. A small fire can be built in between the wall and the Lean To, which allows heat to be reflected back into the shelter. This Debris shelter uses natural trees and debris that was already in the area to construct a quick and warm place to lie down for the night. I teach my friends and family to always be prepared when going on hike, if your not always prepared your never prepared. I’ve seen lost of survival techniques on how to build shelters in the woods, but some people are in desolate, arid climates with little vegitation. We are a school of wilderness survival that focuses on teaching skills that will help you survive in an unfortunate wilderness or urban scenario.
From the mountains of Afghanistan and the desert of Iraq, to the jungle of the Philippines, above the arctic circle in Norway to the woodlands of the United States. We also provide skills to help you better prepare your home for natural or man-made disasters. Multiple day classes will start at 9am on the first day, 8am on the following days, and end at 4 on the last. The school will also provide additional water for you to refill your water bottles throughout the day.
Have you taken enough precautions and planning so that the trip becomes hundred percent safe and entertaining? Always carry a well stocked first aid box: You never know how, when or where somebody can get hurt.

Ensure your drinks and foods are always cold: Though this thing sounds very basic, but if the food and drinks are not properly chilled then those will become inedible, gross, and fatal for consumption.
Look carefully before setting up the camp: Before finalizing the camp site you need to look around and decide.
Read the rules: In many places, the forest reserves and national parks ban use of fire on the campsites, because during summer there is more occurrence of bushfire. Use a blow up kiddie pool and fill with pillows and blankets.No itchy grass, no ants crawling on food!
Too many people have died in our deserts, and a part of the reason is due to not knowing the basics of how to survive in such an environment. A lot of our members don't seem to realize that what we post here is read by many more people than just the T-net crowd, and some of them are here for the information and tips.
Also, flocks of birds will often circle around water holes in the early morning and late afternoon right around sunset. There are more types of foods available in the Sonoran desert than in the Red desert of Wyoming for instance.
As well as rustlers, cowboys, especially those who lived in the southwest, also had to protect their ranch, cattle and families from other hostile elements, including Native Americans. As the land became broken up and given to the new homesteaders, the competition for land increased and existing ownership had to be protected. The bones for knives, arrowheads and even dice, the fat used to make soap and to cook with and even buffalo dung could be used for fuel.
It was often believed that the horse rustlers were from ethnic groups like Mexican or Native American. The action of the ranchers in protecting their most valued resource, the horse, was seen as natural justice. Having a wife who understood how to help run that ranch was an important part of that dream.
They were a band of brothers who relied on each other for protection and entertainment and kinship.
Anything can set off a bad reaction in the cattle herd, which could result in the serious injury of a cowpuncher or rancher.
Nighttime was a dangerous time, the bark of a coyote, or a sudden thunderclap and the herd could stampede in seconds; anyone in the way of the hooves and horns would become trampled, stabbed, or kicked. If the herd were to panic, the skill of the herders and their horsemanship meant they were able to ride around the front of the stampeding herd, pushing them into a tight grouping again to calm them.
The breaking in had to be done within a week, which meant that the horse needed to be able to be ridden within about four days.
This didna€™t work out well and as resources became depleted, including the near extinction of the Buffalo, the staple diet of the Native American, anger spread and the Indian Wars of the late 1800s began with conflicts such as a€?Wounded kneea€™ and a€?Geronimoa€™ now ensconced in American history. The best way for a cowboy to protect himself during the Indian Wars was to stay in a group with other men. Some folk would create a smoke house that would be used communally, the people taking advantage of it, leaving some meat or fish for the smoke house owner as payment for use. The branding iron has a distinctive metal symbol at the end to represent a particular ranch. Many stories are told about the women who blazed the trail to the West along with their husbands, fathers and brothers.
Willow bark was used for infections and headaches; poultices were used to treat wounds, and sulfur and molasses for stomachache. We will teach you how to use everyday items in your home and vehicle that will increase your chances of survival should you find yourself in crisis.
So, each time you go camping, you need to take a well stocked first aid box, with all the essentials like cotton, band-aid, bandage, scissors, ointment, essential medicine for emergency situations, and such other things ready. You need to ensure that the site is at a cool and shady place, safely away from the blazing sunrays. If you do not want to make life dangerous by becoming dehydrated then keep plenty of water stock with you.
So, check out the rules carefully and plan your trip likewise, so that you do not fall into legal trouble.
I don't want to discourage folks from exploring our beautiful desert country, just want them to have a little more knowledge of how to stay alive.
GPS satellite handheld devices are great, BUT if your batteries go dead or it gets dropped and broken, its usefulness just ended. Another common incident is someone out for an easy hike discovers that he or she no longer recognizes where he is, and is LOST. Only because they were such a useful resource, North American Buffalo was once very close to extinction. Local men within this community would become the focus of the vigilantes who would hunt them down, taking swift action against them, including hanging.
The cowboya€™s only hope of an antelope kill, is to have a steady quiet pony, a keen eye, and an accurate long shot gun, like a Winchester. And in the mid to late 1800a€™s serious injury was to be avoided at all costs, as modern medicine and hospitals were not available in the Wild West. The breakers were often highly skilled and were intuitive with animals and the use of the word a€?breaka€™ in this context is perhaps over harsh at times a€“ although less skilled handlers may have used overly heavy methods of course.
The women of the West were an integral part of its development, keeping the menfolk and children fed and healthy. Then pass this knot through one of the loops and tighten the lasso as you can see in image 3. You also need to take insect and mosquito repellant to prevent any bug from biting your trip members or driving you crazy by coming near you.
A little bit of physical exercise in the warm, summer months can make your body dehydrated fast. A good bird to watch for finding water is the mourning dove, as they will go to a water source near sundown. A person out for a day-hike is not packing the equipment, water or food you would have for a camping trip. Building a fire can help ward off hypothermia and is good for morale, plus in daytime the smoke can help searchers locate you if you are missing; at night the light from the fire also helps searchers.
The cowboys of old did make use of the buffalo hide, using it for clothes and bedding against the harsh winters.
There is cell phone coverage on the property incase you need to keep in touch with civilization. If you are not too careful then the camping would go down the drains with several members yelling in pain from ant bites. The best survival tip for harsh environments I can pass on is try not to get yourself in that situation in the first place.
The West was seen in the 1800s as an undiscovered country, devoid of human habitation and ripe for settlement.
K12 received his Wilderness First Aid certification from the Wilderness Medical Institute of the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) and was a member of the King County Search and Rescue. Do not depend on availability of clean water on the campsite; rather, take more than necessary water with you.
The calf, now branded with the ranches own personal mark, would wander freely across the plains, the rancher knowing he could pick out his cattle.
Take a tarp, trash bag, or more other local cover and cover over the whole of one end with a small extension. Always be sure to put it out, and try and cover over as much area on the roof that you can when you sleep.

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