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Find our full compendium of extras, secrets, and unlockables with the Black Ops 2 cheats list, with articles on glitches, retro game easter eggs, and intel locations.
MELEE EARNS MORE: Killing a zombie with a melee attack will earn you twice as many points as shooting them.
USE THE MYSTERY BOX: While the wall-mounted weapons are your best bet for easy access to more ammo, the Mystery Box will provide some great options. UPGRADE WITH PACK-A-PUNCH: Once you have a weapon you like, save up cash for the Pack-a-Punch perk machine. Teddy #1: The first teddy is found in a chair, in the wrecked bus in the center of the map.
Teddy #2: The second teddy is in the backyard of the home with the Nuketown sign out-front. To turn on the power in Tranzit, you’ll need to get on the bus and ride it to the Power House. To build the turbine, grab the mannequin from the central map, a toy plane’s wing under the nearby payphones, and a fan sitting by some seats near the window.
The Circuit Board is located in a lower inner circular area, sitting up against a stack of crates.
Set up two Turbines beneath the Pylon, and wait for the mysterious voice to order your team to kill the electricity-zombie. Treyarch is giving a wink to its fans with this hidden location, even if the Nazis are far gone. Teddy #3: The final bear is in the Town, located near a pool table inside a building where a perk can be purchased. Inside the vault, you’ll find another lightning bolt door similar to the Power Station door. Down inside the bunker through the now-open door and look for three parts; the shell, the stool, and the battery.
Once the hatch is in your position, pay to open the door of the diner, and look in the back left corner for a pile of rubble.
To complete this achievement, you’ll first need to turn on the power at the Power Station.
To unlock this achievement, you’ll need to find three special items hidden throughout Tranzit. Attach the plow to the front of the bus, the roof hatch to the closed escape door on the roof, and the ladder at the back left exterior. To find the first part, you’ll need to construct the turbine to blow up a door in the Bus Station. In the Farm, you’ll want to use the turbine again on a shed near the large barn full of crates. Collect 2000 points, and purchase the Tombstone perk at the Power House, located in a vending machine upstairs on some ruined catwalks.
Tag: black ops 2 The new Black Ops 2 Revolution DLC comes with a new zombie map and we're in for a treat with Die Rise.
With the turbine, you’ll be able to open doors that would otherwise cost cash to get open.

Just ride it all the way down to the Power House, the shed leading down into the station is just across from the bus stop, in a small door that’ll cost you 750 to open. Now your team needs to find the Pylon, a large structure hidden in the cornfields between the Farm and Power Station.
Leave two players with their Turbines near the Pylon, then send two other players with their Pylons away to the green teleporter lights around Tranzit.
The recreated ruin is just how you remembered it, just stripped down to the bare essentials. If your Turbine is active in the Power Station and correctly placed, the lightning bolt door in the vault will open. This item will appear about halfway through the tunnel, to get it you’ll want to jump off the bus.
In the green light, the denizen will pop off and burrow into the ground, leaving a hold behind. You’ll randomly teleport to one of the green light locations, and unlock this strange achievement. Place the constructed turbine next to the double doors, right beside the workbench to access a new room.
At the Town area, look for a shed outside with two double doors you can open with the turbine. After dying, wait for the next round and respawn, then simply return to the place you died.
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Black Ops 2 BuildablesSay hello to the new buildable in Black Ops 2 Origins - The Maxis Drone!
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We’ve got general tips for survival, but also in-depth guides for Tranzit and Nuketown. Using points, you’ll be able to purchase weapons, perks, and open doors to reach new areas.
Wait until the bus makes three stops to reach the Power Station entrance, through a locked shed just across from the bus stop. Collect them and attach to the power switch to turn on the electricity, activating the green lightposts around the map.
Leave the Power Station and head back to the Farm on foot, and enter the cornfields to your right.
Access the Power Station by buying your way through the shed door directly across the bus stop.
Remember this location, if your Turbine shorts out before you reach the next location, you’ll need to replace it or get a friend to help. The upgrade switches locations randomly, so you’ll need to check each spot until you get the hatch. Look up to interact and you can add the open ceiling hatch part, netting you access to the roof.

Well, take a look at these tips and we'll help you push into the 30's and 40's.Playing alone is obviously a lot easier because you can self-revive and zombies are always going to head in your direction.
There are small easter eggs, like the hidden Nacht Der Untertoten map, or huge multi-step ordeals that require a full team to complete. Collect it to regain all your lost weapons and perks, and you’ll unlock the achievement.
However, no one lilkes a loner so we're going to teach you how to work together and still reach the high levels.Use the knife earlyThe knife is the best weapon for collecting maximum points. Other automatic weapons such as sub machine guns are good too.This 'primer' hit count increases as the levels progress. Some idiot always tries to poach your zombie and ruins your final knife lunge which was going to give you max points. Easy way to avoid this is never play with n00bs.Get a LMGThe ray gun is good but it's a one shot wonder and you're not going to rack up the points fast enough.
The other problem with the ray gun is that is requires two shots to kill zombies at level 20+ which causes problems. As you probably know, those bombs attract zombies giving you the chance to run out of trouble and also revive your friends.Line up the zombiesStarting around level 15, those zombies are going to come at you faster than you can take them out one by one. The problem with the tombstone is that when you die and decide to lay your tombstone you're leaving the level and leaving your teammates to finish the job.
That's ok if you're on the lower levels but once you get higher up, you need all players on the field to stand a chance.Stick to the dead zoneIf you're not sure what we mean by the dead zone, it's that little corner where there are no spawn points for zombies and no windows for them to come through. It's to the right of the pack-a-punch machine if you face it head on, head over to the mesh fence opposite the stairs.Get in the corner and move in circles as zombies come towards you, line them all up like a little train. They bounce off in the wrong direction, you need to prime them to avoid a lengthy delay and they usually miss their target and fall in the lava. This is especially effective when zombies are compacted into tight groups and you can take out a bunch of them in one ago.Semtex can be found in the small round behind the pack-a-punch machine, in the corner.
It's only $250 - a worthwhile investment right from the start.Upgrade to Mustang SallyIf you're clever enough to keep your pistol until the later rounds then you're going to give yourself the opportunity to pack-a-punch to the Mustang Sally dual wield weapon. This weapon fires explosive bullets that are just as good as grenades with pin point accuracy. It also gives other players the chance to pack-a-punch, collect more perks and rebuild any windows if needed.Best way to leave a crawler is with a grenade. Just throw it close to the zombie but not directly at it.That's probably enough tips to keep you going.
Many if not all of these tips are going to be helpful when it comes to playing Die Rise, the new zombies map included in the DLC.

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