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The Crovel name (pronounced crow-vole not crov-all, but personally I prefer the latter) combines crowbar and shovel which is exactly where name and the thing for that matter came from in the first place. The Crovel Elite is considered the backpacking version, but as an avid backpacker, I would consider it more a Bug Out tool since my backpack errs on the lighter side.
I could also envision using the Crovel Elite as an ice axe for crossing the unexpected snowfield or frozen water main leak.A  Having a handy lanyard hole will make the Crovel just that much better.
Fully deployed to ita€™s overall 22 inch length, the head points away from handle with the blade parallel to the handle. The crovel is not a complete substitute for a shovel, or a saw, or a hoe, or a pry bar, or a knife, or an axe, or a hammer. And speaking of fun, I guess ita€™s a sign of success -and a dash of innovative design- when your product shows up as a weapon in a violent video game.
The Gerber Gator Exchange-A-Blade Sport Saw, is essential to any camping or outdoor gear package.
The Klipp™ Biner Knife is a compact, durable knife and carabiner combo that is ergonomically-designed for comfortable use. About the size of a key remote and just 2.93 inches long, the resqme tool is the smallest car escape tool that you can find.
The SaberCut™ saw is a lightweight, strong, versatile and low profile hand saw that is ideal for the survivor but easy to use by anyone. The Woodman’s Pal Machete also functions as machete, axe, hatchet, trim saw or just about any other tool you may need for your outdoor and survival adventure needs. Inspired by prepper Rodney Dial's extravagant underwater cache system, but don't have the means to travel by boat or have scuba gear laying around? In determining the appropriate size for your underwater cache, first think about what you will be putting into the cache.
Get Building: Although PVC pipe comes in various sizes, to maximize your storage and allow for wider items, for this demonstration we will be using a 6” diameter pipe. TIP: The region you live in will undoubtedly determine the best location for your cache(s). You can also hear Rick on his radio show Secrets of a Survivalist where each week he talks with the world’s best survival experts that share their own secrets of survival. However, a closer look at these lists reveals some of the weirder things they suggest you hoard aren't as crazy as you think. Survivalists come in all shapes and sizes, including a subset that appears to believe that birthing a large army is an important step in securing their rightful place in the barren wastelands of tomorrow.
However, a few unintentional similarities to the Quiverfull movement doesn't mean that preppers can't still care about safe sex.
Actually, the real reason non-lubricated condoms are such a hot commodity has very little to do with protecting your nethers from disease and baby seeds and way more to do with surviving actual life-or-death scenarios. The survivalist hard-on (yep, and I'll do it again, too) for prophylactics untouched by chemical pleasure-enhancers is the result of drilling deep (told you) into the magical properties of our latex friends.
As if that weren't useful enough, that list also doubles as a gaslighting manual for when your monogamous, pill-protected significant other inevitably questions you about your stash.
If I Am Legend, Dog Stars, The Flame In The Flood, and other media are to be believed, canine companions will be staples in our post-apocalyptic lifestyles. But should we really base our future survival strategies on these works of fiction just because lovable pups tug at our heartstrings? Or they'll infect us with rabies, a plague all too common and frightening in developing countries like Bali, even without the added complications of a global catastrophe. I certainly don't want to have to deal with packs of free-roaming, rabies-laden beasts in addition to nuclear fallout and food shortages. Hate to break it to you, but your dog probably has a better chance of making it through a total societal collapse than you do. People who carefully and painstakingly prepare for mass extinction don't exactly seem like the type of people who plan great parties.

However, if some tales of survivalist stockpiling are to be believed, our nutty neighbors have enough of the social lubricant squirreled away to hold the most epic end-of-the-world-party of all time outside of Edgar Wright's social circle. While it's a given that at least some of it will be consumed in the name of keeping the proverbial party going, there are a lot more important reasons that alcohol is going to be nearly essential to living after modern conveniences have sunk deep under the world-spanning deserts and dust clouds that will inevitably plague our future. The stories of alcoholic beverages historically being safer to drink than unfermented ones are apocryphal at best; however, as any 17th-century sailor would tell you, the addition of some spirits to potable water that's been sitting around for too long will make it much more palatable. The uses for alcohol in a survival context aren't limited to things that benefit your health. Thus instantly bypassing the tedious fire-starting methods you learned as a scout and wowing nearby members of your preferred gender with enough time left over for a much-needed scrub down before the snuggles commence. And, of course, people aren't going to stop wanting to get drunk just because they can't pop over to the corner bodega for a six pack whenever the urge strikes.
But then again, not everyone agrees with my definition of backpacking in that I often forgo such comforts as the tent, stove, and occasionally even the sleeping bag (think bivy sack, down coat, hat and thin foam pad). And of course, if you flip it over, you now have a stool to sit on.A  Ia€™m looking forward to spending hours on it later this fall during hunting season.
However, when you transition to using the Crovel as a chopper or saw, your side-slamming motions might now be in line with the pina€™s release motion.
Sure, Ia€™d rather have my Gransfors Bruks, but therea€™s no efficient way I could dig a hole with the fine Swedish iron. In the game Killing Floor2, an early generation but wickedly enhanced Crovel makes a cameo as the right tool when you need to lop off a mutanta€™s limb or head. Gore & Associates Signs as Sponsor of 2015 Outdoor Foundationa€™s Outsiders Ball Texas Law Shield, Matt Best, C. Just wrap it around a small tree or branch and use the finger hooks to easily saw them down. As with all preps, focus on basic needs and include items such as food with a long shelf life, defensive weapons, emergency medical supplies, shelter items, bush-craft tools, and other immediate survival supplies. Now wrap teflon tape on to the threads of the clean-out plug and screw the plug into the fitting.9. After paint dries, gather the items to be placed in the pipe and make sure they fit through the cleanout fitting (with screw cap off).15. A quick look at any one of the disturbingly common and frighteningly thorough shopping lists they post online drives home the fact that anyone who self-identifies as a "prepper" most likely went off the deep end a long time ago. Hunting, canning, and digging your own latrines does nothing to make the threat of an STD less real.
According to our research, these flexible, durable, waterproof wonders will be as much of a deciding factor in your dystopian longevity as fire and can openers. They also make serviceable stand-ins for rubber gloves and can be used to protect the muzzle of your other essential survival tool (killing it right now).
A quick Internet search of "dog survives" lists everything from drowning to being shot, from bear attacks to war -- whereas the closest you've ever come to "surviving disaster" is getting your wisdom teeth pulled, and even then it was only with the help of a cadre of trained medical professionals and a carton of the strongest painkillers on Earth. They can carry their own supplies without complaint (already making them superior to most humans right now), sniff out food and water, and search for and bring down prey.
At least, with those vast collections of guns, ammo, and other terrifying armaments, I certainly hope not. It might not be practical, but who needs practical when you and everyone you know is doomed to die from radiation poisoning or cancer? Liquor distillation was originally invented in part for medical purposes, and alcohol can be used as a solvent to dissolve medicinal herbs -- and also to knock out patients during good old-fashioned fallout-shelter surgery.
Portability and long shelf-life make liquor of all types a valuable trade good -- people will kill to get a taste of the delicious bottom-shelf leftovers from your local dive bar when their only other option is the equivalent of prison wine. Chopping can cause the pin to fly free of its home so you want to keep the pina€™s direction in mind when you chop with the Crovel.
And for those who have done some deconstruction, or emergency rescue, having a reversible or rotatable tool that serves many functions may actually have an advantage compared to a whole shed of single-use tools.

Unlike other premium outdoor saws, the SaberCut™ saw offers you a flexible blade for cutting from a variety of angles and in places where you have little clearance. After tying the paracord to the end, clamp it down with stainless steel clamps on both ends.10.
Individually vacuum seal each item with a standard kitchen vacuum sealer and make sure they are air tight. Sure, it's fine to keep a few extra cans of food and cases of water around for an emergency, but if you start adding body armor and butt paste to your stash, you might want to tell George Miller that it's time to see other people.
After all, gonorrhea and genital warts are going to be a whole lot harder to treat without reliable access to medical care.
Some breeds, such as huskies, have been specifically tailored to bust their butts on the barest of rations.
Then again, I suppose everyone will need a drink or 10 to get through the inevitable horrors of forever navigating the "what's for dinner" question without Seamless or, you know, realizing that your urban-dwelling family members will probably never arise from the blasted pit of rubble where their apartments once stood.
High-proof alcohol can be used as an antiseptic, and it does a great job of cleaning wounds and preventing infection. Since most chopping will take place with the non-saw side of the blade, entering the pin from the saw-side will help prevent knocking the pin free when chopping. By using waterproof PVC plastic piping to hide your supplies, your cache can be hidden in plain sight (under water in a pond, stream, water tank, etc.). If you are in a farm setting you may consider caching in one of your animal water troughs no longer in use.
And there must be at least a few survivalists out there rational enough not to want to endure the horrors of premodern pregnancy and birth unless absolutely necessary. Dogs also have a long and storied history of offensive and defensive combat use, making them perfectly suited to attack anyone who thinks they have more of a right to that sweet, sweet snack cake stockpile than you do.
One of the biggest hurdles preppers could face after disaster strikes is safeguarding their food, supplies, and ammunition from refugees and marauders.
If you are considering using a lake nearby or in your community, keep in mind that people may fish in these areas and may snag your monofilament line so placement will be critical.
Some preppers have buried their preps in underground caches, but even this has its problems. Seal off the end of the clean-out by screwing in the clean- out plug with Teflon tape on the threads. Landscapes change, a map is lost or misplaced, no digging tools are available when the time comes to retrieve the cache(s), or you are on the run with little time to dig something up.As an alternative, you might want to consider underwater caches. While caching preps deep underwater, accessible only by scuba-gear, may seem like the ultimate solution (at least for prepper Rodney Dial), most of us do not have diving experience and gear. Make sure you hide the wrench somewhere close to your cache so you can open it in an emergency.
Tie a length of monofilament fishing line to the end of the paracord so that you can have a fishing line tied to a bobber or, just simply to an onshore tree trunk, this way you can pull in the paracord, and then use the stronger paracord, to pull in the heavy cache. There are streams, ponds, rain barrels, and culverts - and anything that can hold water can also hold a hidden cache. The key is to place these underwater caches in areas with relatively shallow water, and in the case of a pond, near the shoreline, anchored to the ground. You should be able to walk and retrieve it, and not have to dive down into the water to get it.

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