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First released for GMod9 about 5 years ago, hosted privately on Garry's Mod for around 3 years and now, FINALLY, making a public release. Guy's you must have the real GMOD or a GMOD 10 Crack version to play this, its only a mod I am able to play with my GMOD 10 Crack version. I forgot it was flatland, and I had the goals kinda based around a mine, so I added chests! Oh, and ah, if ya wouldn't mind, could ya also maybe send them to y YouTube channel as well since you'll be playing my map? Hello fellow Minecraftians, Gavman15 here with another great project!In this project, you have been chosen by Notch to protect Minecraft. My brother pointed out some problems, like picture frames with things you AREN'T supposed to have in them.

This map was amazing, I accidently dropped my wither slaying sword and it was blown up, so I ran around the map and was annihilated. You've been stranded in your little cabin nestled in-between a hill range, a wonderful and peaceful scene. I have added many new features to this version of Cure such as… No story line, no locked doors, no daytime! All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. It's pretty much that way with all the monsters so you can't sleep in the beds and skip the night.
Your team is killed off one by one until you are the only one left in the dying city (Unless your playing co-op :P).

I have added some new chests all over the place, close to 100 chests total xD I have filled them with many supplies needed to survive in the ruined city! The new drug, bath salts, had become highly popular, and turned everyone into flesh eating humans, like cannibals, but dead.
You will spawn outside the house, then you will have to look around for a chest with keys in it. Cool new spawn and house!If you like it, leave a DIAMONDIf you really like it, click FAVORITEIf you would like to see more work, SUBSCRIBE!I am currently working on a MUCH larger map, on an archipelago.

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