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So I wanted to take some time to put together my primary tips on how to survive a winter that my people have spent generations avoiding. 6. Book a trip somewhere warm so you have a thaw on the horizon was Val’s first suggestion! Kelly  preps for drives with kitty litter and a spare coat or blanket in your trunk at all times. Carolyn focused on how to make the interior livable if stranded — have water bottles with you. Emily says you should keep winter boots, mittens, hats, blanket in front seat of car (if you are not wearing them). Emily suggests you always have canned and boxed goods like tuna and Mac and cheese in house.
Carolyn says if you are stuck at home, puzzles or other busy things for when the power goes out, candles, meals that don’t require heating (last year one supper was a clif bar and Fat Tire).
Kelly shows her agnerdness saying a portable phone charger battery will also save you in a pinch if you lose power. We are finally above zero here (MN) today and tomorrow, but we are back in the deep freeze all next week.
For someone to is used to the cold (but doesn’t necessarily like it) these are all very good tips. If you think of questions and need an ear, comments and the contact form on here will get email to me. That said, besides eating a healthy diet, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of warding off the latest bugs. Wiping down bathroom surfaces with antibacterial wipes might seem to conflict with my feelings about antibacterial soap, but I’m all about getting bad germs off of household surfaces to prevent their spread. As much as I try to feed our family healthy meals, I know sometimes we get busy and don’t eat right. Most of our family takes One a Day vitamins because they have specific formulations for all of us – Women, Men, Teen Boy, and Teen Girl. Emergen-C gives my body the immune boost I need to mostly stay healthy after being on a plane…even when there are sick people on the plane. In a perfect world, we’d all stay home from work or school when we are even the least bit sick.
Of course, my family stays home when we have anything more serious than the common cold, but it’s amazing how much a regular cold can drag you down. If you really don’t want to get the flu, you can get the flu vaccine right at Walmart while you pick up your medicine cabinet supplies. And if you have any questions about medications or flu prevention or treatment, I’ve always found the Walmart pharmacists to be very helpful. West Bengal is one of the poorest places in world with almost a third of population living below poverty line. We plan to distribute free blankets to needy poor and install a hot-water geyser in Kalitala – a poor village in Howrah district of West Bengal, India.
Just imagine what a small child or an old woman has to face in winter nights when they have hardly even full-sized thin clothings to cover their bodies in wide open. Filed Under: Projects About AgniveerAgniveer symbolizes the efforts of a soul marching towards the ultimate goal through destruction of ego and falsehood. While the story behind Diwali and the manner of celebration varies from region to region (festive fireworks, worship, lights, sharing of sweets), the essence is the same – to rejoice in the Inner Light (Atman) or the underlying Reality of all living things are connected to Brahman. May you keep propagating spiritualism and truth with ever increasing vigor and effectiveness.
A couple walks to the subway in the snow and sleet in the Brooklyn borough of New York City.
Nearly 50 percent of the Northern Hemisphere's total landmass can be classified as a cold region at some point in the year [source: Discovery Channel]. A­TA­he other thing that's factored in with cA­old weather is wind chill -- the effect of moving air on exposed skin. If you want to go outside when the temperatures plunge, a facemask can protect from frostbite and windburn. With much of the country in the grips of bitter winter weather, Canadians are coping as best they can with bone-chilling cold, massive snowfalls and predictions of more nastiness to come. In Saskatoon on Tuesday, Environment Canada is predicting a high of a€“25 C, well below the seasonal normal of a€“11 C.
Cold weather in some parts of the country may invite scoffing from people living in other places where such low temperatures are run-of-the-mill at this time of year. Here's a look at ways to ensure you and your property stay safe and survive the current frigid temperatures.
There's no rocket science involved in understanding that colder temperatures can pose health concerns for individuals, especially if they are outside. Environment Canada is urging extreme caution for people heading outdoors in the current bitter conditions. In a weather alert for Toronto posted Monday, the agency predicted wind chills of a€“30C to a€“35 beginning later in the day.

Houses are built to withstand many conditions, but can be vulnerable to extreme cold in particular aspects, such as plumbing. To prevent frozen pipes, turn off the water supply and drain the pipes if you're going to be away. Don't use heat sources like torches or open flames to try to thaw frozen pipes a€“ use a hair dryer instead.
If you're at home, and unsure if your insulation is adequate to offset frozen pipes, a small, steady flow of water could help prevent freezing. Winter driving comes with its own challenges, ranging from navigating road surfaces that may be covered in snow and ice to ensuring you're prepared if you suddenly find yourself stranded. The CAA recommends drivers be well-prepared for any winter driving conditions they might encounter. In frigid temperatures, CAA reminds people to pay particularly close attention to their battery, which can be drained of power by the cold.
But the first winter in Oklahoma, I came to see clearly why I was being told to have a good coat. Knowing I have friends in places where this temperature look like a welcome relief, I made sure to caption it as a whine to point out 16 degree weather.
And yet, my experience shows that as long as I am well prepared for the elements, I can keep a smile on my face and keep my sense of humor saying weather was bringing its A game this week.
I also asked some girlfriends (listed below) who are lifers in colder climates to help me add in tips from their experience! Find a warm hat, something to keep the wind off your ears! My nephew got me thinking seriously about a warm hat recently & I asked my tweeps for tips for really warm hats and was blown away with the response!
Stay hydrated. The constant barrage of heaters dry the air out so bad that you need to look at staying hydrated. Debbie says keeping a big pot of soup on the stove helps her family get through the long ranching days working cattle.
Keep your phone charged as much as possible, and have a radio that works on battery back up for weather updates. I did have some bibs back in the day when I lived in NY… maybe I should consider a pair again!
A headband would have been good under that hat, but getting it clasped today was about enough.
When its cold (like -30C or so) and you have to be outside to do chores and feed cows, my best advice is to layer up.
I actually had the whole convo with a coworker about the fact people like me would have seriously died in this weather a couple of generations ago. I will be moving from Singapore to Ohio shortly and am nervous about all the lessons I have yet to learn about living where it snows. I’m of the firm believe that exposure to a variety of germs is essential to building a healthy immune system. Once the bad germs are off household surfaces, we shouldn’t need antibacterial properties to get the bacteria off our hands. A good multi-vitamin helps us get the nutrients we need to stay well when we can’t eat healthy meals every night.
There’s nothing worse than coming home from a business trip, exhausted from jet lag and then getting sick on top of it. Unfortunately, especially when it comes to work, you need to show up or you won’t get paid.
We keep both NyQuil and DayQuil on hand to keep us going when we have colds but need to keep on going with life.
Central to Hindu philosophy (primarily the Yoga, Vedanta, and Samkhya schools of Hindu philosophy) is the belief that there is something beyond the physical body and mind which is pure, infinite, and eternal, called the Atman. We stand against any discrimination against anyone on basis of caste, gender, color, region or religion. According to a University of California, Berkeley economist, deaths related to cold reduce the average life expectancy of Americans by a decade, if not more [source: UC Berkeley News]. We'll also go over the basics of surviving freezing weather conditions -- from building a snow shelter in the wild to simple tips for the average homeowner. In Toronto, the temperature is not expected to rise above a€“18 C, again a far cry from the normal high of a€“2 C.
But no matter how cold it gets, people everywhere are figuring out how best to endure the conditions.
If you drink before you go outside, it could increase the risk of hypothermia because of increased blood flowing to your extremities. If there aren't any buildings around, look for a small cave, a ditch, a hollow tree or a vehicle to reduce the chance of frostbite or hypothermia. Frozen pipes bursting after the recent ice storm in southern Ontario were a vivid reminder of that. Not full blast but enough so some water is flowing through it, because that's the other way to prevent pipes from freezing," says Karageorgos.
It wasn’t what you would think was brilliant advice, but as someone who had lived in a place where you make short moves from your warm car to a warm building, coats were something I had thought of as fashionable outerwear more than a defense against harsh wind and deep cold.

I learned a lot those three years I lived on the High Plains, I learned some more a few years later when I lived in New York and learned what nor’easters were. Since several of these ladies have to get out to do chores on their family farms, they really know their cold weather gear! Frequently people (including me) find this really heavy sweater or whatever and decide it is a great defense.
Hats with flaps to cover the ears were tops for many though a few suggested headbands can be effective too. Louis, I looked at the realtor like she was nuts when we talked about the fireplace inspection, telling her I never lived in a place with one and couldn’t imagine being comfortable using it. It seems funny to think of a car overheating in the window, but poor airflow can cause big problems.
When you are at the hardware store, check out the way various shovels grip and find something you think will work for you.
This year for Christmas the hubs and I both gifted each other really nice Underarmour long underwear – worth the investment if you can afford it if you will be outside for a decent amount of time. Long underwear, Carhartt coveralls, Carhartt Arctic jacket, a warm toque, insulated gloves, and my arctic Muckboots keep me warm. I figure if someone is beginning to get sick, wiping with an antibacterial wipe might prevent the spread of the illness to other family members. And since the CDC predicts that the flu won’t peak until February this year, it’s not too late. In other words, Agniveer stands for compassion, character, tolerance and rational humanism. Within these regions there are two subclassifications -- wet cold weather and dry cold weather. He experimented by timing how long it took to freeze water in varying degrees of wind strength [source: USA Today]. Cold weather also indirectly causes fatalities through accidents due to snow and ice, carbon monoxide poisoning and house fires.
And Kelly Rivard points to good winter boots — water-resistant, non-slip tread  & well-lined!
I keep that and a broom at the front door along with some ice melt so I can get the front step cleared ASAP.
I wasn’t sure I’d wear that hat but today I even had the clasp done at my chin! However you want to put it but double-paned windows, well insulated homes, etc make it easy for us to get through this weather if we think and act. With this awakening comes compassion and the awareness of the oneness of all things (higher knowledge). Maybe you've had a car accident going over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house. Wet cold describes conditions where the average temperature over a 24-hour period is 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The elderly and the infirm are most susceptible to cold weather illness and injury, although the same UC Berkeley study reports that women make up two-thirds of the deaths after a cold spell. It’s so important to me that I have a few pair and have become one of those people… people who wear Ugg boots! I tend to use handwarmer a lot too when we are hunting – nothing like putting your hands in your pockets and feeling toasty warm heat! And sometimes when I need a reminder, I think of my family and the others who settled this area a hundred years or more ago and how they survived, especially because we have so, so, so many more conveniences that they didn’t have.
Wind chills have been wicked and I wish I was somewhere warm but that leaves out most of the US these days!
How can we enjoy the warmth of heaters and jackets when our own family is shivering to death? This typically means that there are freezing conditions at night followed by thawing temperatures the following day.
If you have a combination of layers, you are more likely to keep your body warmth in and cold out. But when it is seriously cold out, I have a pair of lightweight Marmots I wear as liners in some fleece NorthFace gloves. Just as we celebrate the birth of our physical being, Diwali is the celebration of this Inner Light.
Knowing some basic tips and tricks can help make a difference in your comfort level, and even whether or not you make it through the night.
Keeping your hands from drying out is also important — Deb Brown, Leah and Emily all agreed on that!
A few weeks ago I was thrilled to realized I did indeed know how to safely light the pilot light!

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