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Every year during winter there always seems to be a time of record braking temperatures and this year is no different.
If you have a small dog or a member of the hound dog group, they need to be brought in the house allowed access to a heated space with warm dog bed to sleep in. From a plant’s perspective, cold in January is not nearly as bad as unexpected cold in spring. For more information on cold and plants, check out this publication on trees and shrubs from the University of Minnesota Extension. Having a dog sweater available for these dogs will ensure they stay warm on long winter nights. Plants that are hardy to USDA Zone 4a can survive air temperatures as low as minus-30 degrees F. Many Minnesotans remember our remarkably early spring in 2012, followed inevitably by a freeze, which seriously damaged apple crops as well as garden plants all over the state.
Unfortunately, these dogs belong to pet owners either inexperienced or uncaring, cannot and do not survive the freezing temperatures winter brings. Those rated for zone 3a (now just the top third of Minnesota is zone 3b or 3a) can handle temps down to minus-40 and grow fine next spring. These micro-climates can be much warmer than the rest of the landscape and are often a good place to put marginally hardy plants.
They were mulched with leaves this fall, and they have some snow on them — my guess, 3 to 5 inches.

Outfitting your dog in a set of dog paw protectors as well as some dog outerwear like a coat or sweater will keep them warm for short periods. There’s a reason you see Japanese maples (definitely a zone 5 tree) in courtyards near the front door or other protected spots. First would be to educate inexperienced dog owners letting them know that when the temperature dips below the freezing mark to bring their dog in out of the cold.
It is best to have short more frequent dog walking sessions then a couple of long walks during cold weather. Plants that are just getting established or are stressed in some other way (disease, crowding, root damage) are more likely to be damaged or killed by the cold.
Providing shelter from biting cold either in a dog house or the heated home is the best option.
As dog owners take the initiative and let your conscience, guide you if notice a neighbor leaving their dog outside unprotected from the elements. Try talking with them first and if you do not notice an immediate change call your local authorities. The light snow that falls in very cold temperatures has a high percentage of air in it (sometimes up to 90 percent), which keeps the temperatures at ground level, where your plants are, warmer. Allowing outdoor pets access to shelter increases their chances of survival but, may not be enough if the temperatures fall below the 20 degree mark.
Many gardeners add mulches, like straw or leaves, after the ground freezes to increase insulation.

At these temps coupled with the wind your dog can be severely affected causing frost bite even death within hours if not minutes depending on how low the thermometer goes.
It is our responsibility to raise and protect them giving them a home, a warm place to sleep, food to eat and companionship. 7, 2013)Dozens of people are filing in to the shelter, getting a bed roll, and settling in for the night.This shelter has 200 beds. Keep your dog safe by providing the dog supplies they need to survive the cold temperatures of winter. Both of these additions, provided you have a longhaired dog, offer them the chance they deserve.
A fifth man may have been another victim of the cold weather in the East Bay, pending an autopsy.Tammi Martinez is relieved to be in a safe place. She said she's worried about friends because right now, it hurts to be outsideTeams from EHC LifeBuilders spent the day out in the field, delivering blankets and socks to people who do not want to go to a shelter.

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