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In the game, players must survive through 6 various disasters on 10 preset maps spawned on a green elevated island. In February 2016, the game was updated with two new maps called Lucky Mart and Party Palace. When a round starts, a map is chosen randomly and players teleport to that map when generated.
To increase the challenge for survival, a fall damage script is present to damage a player if one flies in any direction at a fast rate.
The ocean surrounding the island becomes flooded, and rises to a height of approximately 4 ROBLOXians tall. A cyclone will spawn near the center of the map, and begin to travel around the island through a random path. Slowly spreading by each brick, a fire burns and "disintegrates" any objects in its proximity, including players, who slowly take damage when burned.
Orb-like spheres begin to spawn catastrophically from the sky, detaching and disintegrating anything they hit. Far away from the island, a large wave appears amidst the ocean and steadily moves towards the island. Identical to Blizzard, but the color of the disaster is yellow, similar to that of sand and the wind is much more powerful. On any location around the map, a large climbable caldera forms and begins to erupt only in a matter of seconds.
The ground shakes, collapsing and breaking almost any structures on the map and conveys any player in a random direction, sometimes to the water if one doesn't react fast enough. A park with a sign, a fountain, a tuck shop and a statue beneath an arch with a sword in its hand. A carnival with a turbo drop, private boats, whack-a-mole, carousel, strong man game, a popcorn machine and a light yellow building with a red roof. There used to be a way for the player to forecast the disaster that is about to occur without looking for clouds.
When a round starts, and the player is teleported to the island, the player opens their stats menu a second time. However, possibly due to the creator discovering this method himself, the stats menu was removed entirely in October 2014. Two VIP gamepasses is also present, which gives the player a Green Balloon and the other giving a Red Apple, though the gamepasses only costs 80 ROBUX, which can take up to 1 week (7 days) of ROBUX allowance for a regular Builders Club (BC) user, 3 days for a Turbo Builders Club (TBC) user, and 2 days for an Outrageous Builders Club (OBC) user. Free Accounts, also known as Non-Builders Club (NBC), do not earn any ROBUX and they had to log in daily for 134 days to purchase it for the alternate price of 1337 Tickets, but Tickets has been discontinued since 14 April 2016, thus this no longer works. The game has been notably controversial for its hacks by other members, most notably in June, 2014 when a hacker managed to put porno images of a women fully naked in the middle of every active server at the time. Never get to the highest place before the disaster occured as you don't know what disaster will happen. Try not to drive movable vehicles (Especially the cars on Raving Raceway) as they have been quite glitchy as of the recent update. If you have to evacuate quickly, you want to be sure that your vehicle will be ready to go. If there is a natural disaster headed your way and you do not plan to evacuate, you will want to be sure to safeguard your home. Finally, the most important skills that you will need to have in the event of a natural disaster will be both preparation and organization.

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Click the button below to add the Emergency Preparedness Safety Posters - Survive a natural disaster SW0113 to your wish list. People stand on the beach watching the heavy surf caused by the approaching Hurricane Sandy. As the media reports on the projected impact of Hurricane Sandy– already being labeled by some as “the storm of the century”– it’s critical to remember what exactly your family needs to weather a natural disaster. People buy water at Whole Foods Market in Manhattan on October 28, 2012 as residents do last minute food shopping in preparation for Hurricane Sandy. How many flashlights do you have in a cupboard or drawer somewhere, about half of which probably have batteries that no longer work?  If it truly is an emergency situation, there is a strong likelihood that the power will be out for an unknown period of time.  Don’t prepare halfway– stock up on a flashlight for everyone if you can, and make sure their batteries work.
A line wraps around the store as Manhattan residents do last minute food shopping in preparation for Hurricane Sandy. The Marketplace by TheBlaze, a collection of American small businesses who join together to offer discounted prices on the goods they produce, has a number of items that tackle emergency situations like Hurricane Sandy.  Since news of the massive storm hit, the 72-hour kit has been the #1 bestseller, the personal water filter at a close second.
Wherever you get your supplies, Hurricane Sandy serves as a reminder that natural disasters rarely give much notice, and it’s wise to at least have the basic necessities.
On January 14, 2014, the game was largely updated, featuring 5 new disasters, a server-wide leaderboard, and Double Disasters, which spawns two disasters on one map. Upon arrival, players have approximately 20 seconds to prepare for a randomly chosen disaster that is not revealed to the player until it starts. Players submerged in flood water begin to lose health, and objects on the map become un-anchored and disintegrated.Unlike bricks, trusses do not disappear. Every burst is approximately 2 seconds apart, and anything it hits will explode or otherwise become destroyed. Orange "Fumes" as well as blackened objects are the only visible sign that a fire is occurring. They do not cause an additional fire, but if one is close enough, their arms may amputate and disappear from the island. Upon impact, it destroys any bricks it slams into and kills any players who are not on high ground.
When it begins, the large force rushes in from a random direction and begins to blow away objects, causing damage to players if they aren't behind any objects. Before the dusty wind hits, the view becomes dusty and the screen will be covered with sand. In the clouds, this fictional disaster will randomly precipitate a deadly acid on every brick it can pour onto. This discharge sends flying lava bricks onto the island, in a similar fashion to a meteor shower, swallowing any brick and player it hits. On the higher area of land, there's a road and a wooden building with lots of surfboards inside. Very few players have worked this method of forecasting out and it is quite complicated to attempt the trick. Also, at the same time, majority of the servers were flooded with water and the entire lobby structure destroyed.
Some disasters such as Blizzard, Sandstorm and Volcano Eruption have obvious clues before they strike!

When a disaster occurs, many people will be left to fend for themselves for several days; therefore, they will need the necessary items to survive.
The weather radio will help to keep you informed of any additional weather that may be headed your way. Therefore, you want to make sure that it is on schedule with its maintenance, but most importantly, you will want to make sure that it has a full tank of gas.
Depending on the type of natural disaster that is headed for you, safeguarding can mean anything from boarding windows to placing sandbags around the home. It is important to remember that a disaster cannot be prevented, but you can definitely be prepared for it.
Along with its 81,000,000 place visits, Natural Disaster Survival also has 580,000 favorites.
Players near the tornado will have a part ripped off, or may become decapitated, giving an instant kill.
Also, the blizzard will cause any players who are not touching any wall or corner to suffer from hypothermia and if long enough, will cause them to freeze to death. When it begins, the large force rushes in from a random direction and begins to blow away every brick. Players not in shelter may become damaged by the rain, and if protection hasn't been found in time, one dies.
During a double disaster, players likely climb up on the volcano to avoid the second disaster, if volcano is one of them.
The hacker was never identified by name via normal members and it was later reported that he was found and terminated by other admins. Regardless of where your residence is located, there is a chance that you will be affected by one. Furthermore, it will allow you to keep up with road closings, and this knowledge can prove to be the difference between life and death in many situations. During a disaster, the gas stations will be overflowing with people, and in many instances, they will run out of gas.
You should always keep an emergency plan, but most importantly, you should review it before the disaster occurs. Players won't take damage from the sandstorm itself, however it can easily throw bricks at you killing you. For some reason, players have proven that running away constantly will in fact decrease the damage done drastically, making them able to survive without shelter. By having the equipment and skills listed below, you will greatly increase your chances of surviving. You should have three days worth of water for every person in your family, and this also includes enough water for your pets. In addition to all of this, it can also keep you informed of when you should expect help to arrive or where you can go for help. When it is time to evacuate, you do not want an empty gas tank to serve as a hindrance for you.

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