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While nobody wants to find themselves in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, surviving this ordeal is not impossible. One of the most common and hotly debated questions is, “how to kill a zombie?” However, with the appropriate weapons this is not as difficult as it may seem.
Outside of weapons, there are other items that will be needed to survive the entire zombie outbreak. Surviving a zombie apocalypse will be challenging, and it will require you to use all the resources you have available. Purchase your own power generator and fuel in case the grid goes down for an extended period of time. You should pick up a trustworthy CB radio so you can stay up to date with news and announcements about any progress that is being made to contain the outbreak. Similar to having a CB radio, owning a bunch of walkie-talkies is a valuable tool that would allow you to communicate with your group in case you get separated. Fleeing from a direct zombie attack is always the best way to avoid being bitten, especially if there is a big group of them hunting you down. Consider stocking up on other equipment that could be useful, such protective clothing and flares to signal your location to search parties. During a zombie apocalypse there is a high chance of nuclear power plant failures if the stations go unmanned. Lastly, remember to forward any knowledge you have about surviving a zombie apocalypse to family and friends. Dr Dale's infinite zombie wisdom is now available to buy and own forever in this survival bible. SCRIPT NOW AVAILABLE FOR LICENCING & PERFORMANCE Now you can present your very own zombie survival seminar as the script to How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse is available for performance worldwide. You can listen to the best bits from all three seasons of the HTSAZA Podcasts on our podcast page here!
13 FOUR STAR REVIEWS The award winning spoof lecture from the School of Survival teaches you all about zombie survival, zombie science, zombie killing and zombie zombies. This article will outline a few strategies to use if a zombie breakout or uprising were to occur in the near future. By studying a good zombie survival guide, it is possible to gain better insight into the question of, “How to survive a zombie apocalypse?”.

After all, everyone requires food and water to survive, and these items will be scarce during the outbreak.
Many people are under the impression that bomb shelters and other heavily fortified structures are the safe locations. From former high power executives to habitual criminals, those spared from the virus will be randomly selected. The broadcasters may have life saving information that could lead you to safe zones or give you updates on containment. Purchase professional models used by military personnel that will allow you to talk over a large radius. If you don’t have one laying around the house somewhere already, you should pick one up at the local pharmacy soon. Kevlar and other military clothing could make the difference between you keeping all your marbles or loosing them all to your vacant walking carcass. There are several different types of martial arts to choose from that can be highly effective in warding off zombie attacks.
Backup systems will only last so long and once those fail, you will need to take preventative measures to avoid contamination. Despite the unlikeliness of such an event, it is always better to be prepared than being caught with your pants down when your next door neighbor becomes undead and crashes through your windows for a tasty bite.
However, there are some common sense tips that can help you achieve zombie apocalypse survival.
It is almost sure to kill or at least incapacitate the vengeful undead, and most importantly, it can do this from a comfortable distance. While they are good for temporary shelter, the occupants will eventually run out of food and ammunition. With proper planning and smart use of resources, it is possible to protect yourself and the ones you care about.
It will take time for the military to get things under control so consider doing a Costco run now before it’s too late.
Test it beforehand and make sure it is fully functional in case a zombie apocalypse begins tomorrow. The first aid kit is more for repairing minor wounds that are unrelated to direct zombie attacks, but it can save lives.

Nuclear fallout is also a possibility if the military resorts to radical tactics of nuclear warfare to neutralize the infected. This could result in the individuals being trapped and having to fight off zombies using hand to hand combat and makeshift weapons. Weapons and food will be the currency of the times and you do not want your allies to steal your supplies and leave you stranded. If you can gather a weapons cache, stock up on food and find suitable shelter then you will be well positioned to survive anything you may encounter. For more direct zombie attacks such as bites, scrapes and blood contamination there isn’t much you can do until a vaccine is discovered. You may also want to arm yourself with an arsenal of swords, knives, spears and even consider other things laying around the house, such as baseball bats, golf clubs or the handy rolling pin in the kitchen. If this happens, then look around for something that is heavy, can be swung and provides a comfortable distance between you and the zombie.
Many with supplies bound for grocery stores will be abandoned, and the contents of one of these trucks can feed you for a very long time. There is little doubt that this will be one of the most challenging times of your life, but with the right gear and the right attitude, you will be fine.
If you act quick, unfortunately amputation is sometimes the only solution to a bite on the lower leg or outer arm.
Once you have identified a suitable object, aim for the head of the zombie and swing like you are Babe Ruth.
Zombies are not renowned for the swimming abilities, and a boat can afford some safety from other survivors. Outside of close family and lifelong friends or partners, anyone you encounter is a potential thief or killer. Between other survivors gathering supplies and infected truck drivers, you will want to make sure that you carry plenty of ammunition.

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