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Dressed in a forboding Gothic cloak, the innate whoreness of Michonne is revealed by her chained slave fetish and insisteance on wearing all black prostitute’s clothing. This character straddled the cute blonde female women dominatrix style and forced her to do unnatural things on camera.  Michonne also carries the baby of the murdered Christian on the show, Dale.
The only thing really worse than Michonne’s lesbianism and devotion to the perverted is her racism. In her opening scene in the Walking Dead, Michonne has capture two Afro-zombies and has cut off their arms and one of their foots.  This reminds me of what ol’ massuh did to that Kunta Burton in Roots! In the back of mind, I always knew there was some racial Democrat undertones to this show — with how they never give that T-dog boy more than three lines and always making him do hard labor. But when Michonne showed up like the heroine of the ages with her two black slaves on chains, I can see The Walking Dead is probably written by Charlie Manson and he thinks this is what Helter Skelter is going to be like. Why would they features children on the show if it wasn’t intended for their audience? I’m pretty sure their are assloads of criminals that know how to make crystal meth and would be willing to teach something like that to a child. I usually keep my opinions to myself, but I really hope this Michonne takes out Lori or at least whacks her boney arms off and puts a leash on her.
In the final episode, once again we see Lori, the skinny mattress whore, fretting over Shaayne because Rick gave him what he deserved. Obamacare is what creates these zombies and they only exist because Liberals ware waiting for the sanctions to work. The movie will be shown on Wednesday, March 26th and Sunday, March 30th at  9:00 pm at the PSU Theater.
If you have photos or info from any of the events around MSU and would like them featured on the eBulletin contact Julie Hill or Josie Harpole. Xbox, Xbox Live, and all other Xbox Live specific terms are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corp.

Michonne is supposed to be a power character on the show, one who will make all the young girls watching this filth want to act like her. If anything you guys said was real, the FCC would have their asses on a silver platter for something like that. I am going to keep my daughter away from that demon box we call the television for a very long time!
The liberal homogays who run the TV networks are responsible for the decline in Christian values on TV now, I say we pick up picket signs and march up to their doors and request that the play more quality family programming. We should line them all up on a wall just like our soviet brothers and begin using gods fruit against those Emosexual Homogays! The Emergency Bivvy is made from the same heat-reflective polyethylene as AMK's world-famous emergency blankets (reflecting 90% of your body heat back to you), with the added benefit of being fully sealed so that no wind, rain, or snow can get inside.
To unlock this mode you are required to beat all 10 stages of Survival mode.Survival more is all about having a good setup to survive as much flags as possible.
Do you really want your daughter to grow up to be a lifeless, diseased prostitute who puts her rotting ovaries upon a terrified old man and leads armless black slaves around wooded areas? What happened to the old days where kids would watch good shows like the veggy tales or passion of the christ? I had enough cash at that point and to be honest I think that the controls are good enough to pick up money yourself.
It shows many children and adults dying it is above all a terrible show that seems to love showing dead children and demons eating the corpses. It would however not hurt to have more slots!Below you will find the setup I got my idea from. Two cobs will take out normal Gargantuars while you will still have 2 cobs in reserve on each side (well up and down) should more Gargantuars show up or should the red-eyed ones show. The Winter Melons will keep the outer row in check since it will not be covered from the Gloom-Shrooms.

The Pumpkins will need some maintenance but they should be okay as long as you keep an eye on them. If you should be rushed by Digger Zombies who take out a Winter Melon, plant a Spikerock in it's place. Revert to the original setting if needed on the next level.With this setup you should be good to go.
Focus to get your Cattails up and running in the beginning while setting up Kernel-Pults in the non-pool lanes.
Obviously you should have more Sunflowers in the beginning, I recommend the usual two rows, and replace them slowly later on.Once you have your setup ready you should always choose some explosive power from the plant menu.
As they are slowed by your Winter Melons they will suffer heavy damage and usually not be able to pick up any plant. If you want to be absolutely sure they do not get anything, plant an Ice-Shroom as soon as you see the target markers and activate it as quickly as possible. Note that if you do not use that many Umbrella Leafs then two Bungee Zombies might remain in a row. In those levels I suggest packing double Pumpkins (using the option to clone a plant) and keeping a close eye on that row. In levels with those kind of zombies you might want to have a Cob Cannon rotation in order to blast the incoming zombies and minimise the risk of blowing up your Spikerock or Gloom-Shroom defences.
You can also use Cherry Bombs, Ice-Shrooms and the like to get rid of them quickly.I hope I could give you some details on how to get to at least 40 flags.
You should have enough info on zombie types to see why this is working and I suggest you try it should you get desperate or fail with other setups!

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