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For Laura, one of the most noticeable differences has been some of her female co-worker?s sexy style of dress. Anna*, a poet and former English instructor at one of Prague?s top language schools, actually believes that her safe clothing choices worked against her.
As Laura got to know her colleagues better, she was soon privy to one particular male co-worker?s occasional sexist jokes. EU legislation, defining sexual harassment and outlining steps for fostering appropriate workplace behavior, has since been implemented, and the European Working Conditions Observatory (EWCO) reports that a number of companies have established a workplace code of ethics. Chances are if you?re a native English speaker in a primarily Czech-speaking office, you?ll inadvertently end up turning a deaf ear. Aside from the deluxe kitchen and other perks, another obvious difference between Laura's new Czech office and the U.S. Laura concludes that, if anything, it's not really her gender but rather her status as a foreigner that has set her apart from her officemates. I do agree that here people take racist and sexist jokes much more lightly than in the west(ern part of Europe). As an executive that splits his time between Prague and NY, I definitely find that women are less sensitive to what would be considered in NY to be close to a sexual harrassment offense. I, for one, came to Czech Republic into English spoken company, speaking English around English speaking people - is only natural and expected.
Seems to me like the Czech office has a more realistic & normal attitudes than in the West. It has also completely confused American men & made them into docile creatures who are afraid to act like men.
Even if a girl is "provocatively" dressed, I still expect people to work hard in my office.
Also, here, it seems it's a must for front desk receptionists to be dressed provocatively and to be rather "bimbo"-like, more as window dressing than to actually be of any use. Kudos to "Laura" who realises and accepts that there are cultural differences within the workplace environment.

Well, only the expectation of being treated differently for you are a female shows your attitude and focus.
Mary Soames died peacefully at home yesterday evening surrounded by her family, following a short illness, her family said. Winston Churchill pictured in 1947 his daughter, then called Mary Churchill, on her wedding day. The jury's conclusions in the fresh Hillsborough inquests into the deaths of 96 Liverpool fans will be delivered at 11am. Some would equate my move back to their return home following a week in Florida the previous month. Feminist scholars agree that historically, Czechs come from a society that suppressed femininity in the labor force while the sexual objectification of women was more of an American feminist concern. Andrea Fialova, a representative for Grafton Recruitment in Prague, tells us, “there can be some confusion, especially for women, over business casual and what it means on an international level. Czech public officials, however, largely consider sexual harassment—in the form of degrading remarks toward one's female co-workers—a non-issue. Laura admits that she misses a lot due to her lack of proficiency in Czech, but adds that, “Even when I catch the odd joke, I?ve never felt like I was being treated like a lower being.
In the US many women spend about half their time at work looking for ways to get offended by something.
Ironically, the same women who made them that way then complain that they can't find a man who turns them on because all the men around them don't act like men.
Being called a "bimbo" or whatever from other women staff shouldn't be an issue as I judge on staff output.
A pity, since they're usually the first ones to be seen by clients and visiting business people. The difference in work environment has been, for the most part, a pleasant change from the States. This perceived unfriendliness is certainly something that all newcomers to the Czech Republic experience.

The trend we're seeing right now is toward more formal office dress.” No matter where you work, she says, clothes should always be ironed and neat, as people in the Czech Republic tend to be fussy about these things. Indeed so-called “mild” instances of sexual harassment are still very much tolerated in the Czech Republic.
I remember starting shitstorm by demanding my supervisor to speak English when none Czech speaking people are around.
Most often these so called "bimbos" are harder working and more valuable to a company than the "feminists who spend their time obsessing about a low cut top. There are thousands of very bright and very capable people all looking for work but with a limited number of jobs many will suffer rejection before they feel the joy of acceptance. Simply put, it was not a hot topic," says Lucie Biderova, project manager for Gender Studies, a non-profit group that educates the public about gender-relevant issues. According to 2005 research conducted by the Social Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences, in fields that are predominantly male, such as agriculture and manufacturing, nearly half of the women interviewed said that they?d either personally or indirectly experienced harassing behavior from male colleagues, almost always supervisors.
It is important to remember that just because you are rejected for a job it doesn’t mean that you are a bad person, that you are not intelligent or even that you were not capable of doing the job. No better evidence of these varying ideologies exists than the controversial 2011 calendar featuring prominent female politicians in sultry poses. It might just mean that there were lots of applicants and the employer had to choose one highly capable candidate ahead of you. Keep trying and you will get your reward.Learning from rejectionRemember that the reason(s) for rejection from one company can lead to acceptance at another.
When you have been rejected for a job it is vital that you review your application and interview (if applicable) and search for ways that you can improve for next the time. Similarly, by attending interviews you will have gain experience of the interview environment and types of questions employers ask and how you should answer.

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