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When I filed for divorce, I had been working a few months, after years of being a stay-at-home-mom. Life keeps happening all around us; life is change and moving forward is the direction I focus on. Recently digging out some dead plants in my garden, (probably drowned by all of those salty tears), I found two bird's nest on the ground. During divorce I learned that I am perfect in my imperfections, happy in my pain, strong in my weaknesses and beautiful in my own way because I am me.
The lessons I have learned from my failed marriage have taught me more about love then I ever knew before. What started as an innocent on-line baby book to chronicle Jill Smokler’s stay-at-home days with her children, quickly transformed into a vibrant community of parents, brought together by a common theme: Parenting doesn’t have to be perfect. When my older son was little a good friend’s son was just a brat, I continued our friendship but they did not play together any more, it was too stressful and would have ruined our friendship. Then the mom fails to parent while the child whines like a horrible bitch and the drunk (chubby) mom tells me I should make more time to get to the gym. I know this kid too, and yes like mumma bear I don’t learn my lesson and invite her back ahhhhh!!! When I was growing up, my mother watched her friends kid, who was my age, and this kid was the Queen Goldilocks. Our daughters friend Goldilocks came over for a birthday party and proceeded to tear down all the decorations DH and I spent the night before putting up.
I know you know all this stuff already but hopefully reading articles like that remind you you’re not alone. I don’t dislike my kids – in fact, because I love them, I understand that people need their space to think and breathe and plot.
We’re supposed to schedule screen-free time so our children can use their imaginations, alone in the untamed wild of suburban backyards in pricey neighborhoods, while we stand at the window fretting they may scrape their knees even though they’re wearing three layers of knee pads, an industrial-sized bike helmet, and a bubble. So, if my kids want to run around screaming bloody murder while beating each other with bubble wands as I leisurely sit in a lawn chair, drinking coffee, sunning myself, and reading any manner of book – or Elle Decor, you know, for variety’s sake! Mary McClelland is a reality TV blogger, who spent years working in the entertainment industry until she suddenly found herself stranded with two "adoring" childlettes.
Am I the only one who feels weird when she associates graphing calculators with highschool geometry?
I know that this is not as the case because after all, parents of multiples have a 75 to 80% divorce rate. I agreed with him and since the kids were awake before I left for work, I laid out their Sunday clothes and did Claire’s hair, just to help him out a little.
To be honest, I had my doubts that he would be able to pull this off because normally on a Sunday morning when we are getting ready, I am the one that feeds the kids, gets them dressed, packs snacks, and dresses myself in the time it takes him to shower and dress himself.
When I called Jeff later in the day, I found out that he not only successfully took the kids to church but he also took them to visit his Grandma in the nursing home and took them out to eat for lunch.
My answer was met with a blank look from my friend so I went on, “He took the kids out all by himself and it was no big deal. My friend just looked at me, “You wanted him to fail?” she asked with a tone that said I had lost my mind.
Lmao, I completely understand 100% loved the bit about getting all the kids and yourself ready in the time it takes hubby to freakin’ shower! Must admit its the first time ive seen anyone having a pop at a mother of triplets for daring to say it gets a little stressful. Im sorry, I am no perfect parent…I have several times flipped my daughter off on the other side of the door *she does it back*, My gold star is that she doesnt get smacked for backtalking, she can actually behave a whole week or I get to sit in the tub with a cpl a beer at my side. Dependapotomous aka dependa, on the other hand, is a derogatory term to describe all military wives that don’t look like movie stars or have their own 401k. I had no idea there was a term Gold Star Mother until reading the above comments and googling it. While I applaud your ability to do what you do with 4 children, (I am a mother of 3), I think you need to change the name of your article. I don’t need a gold star, but I understand what she is saying about being upset things went so well for him.
I once sent my husband to swimming class with our 6 year old, 4 year old and one baby twin. I have a 6 yr old and 4 yr old twins all boys, so one less than you and I often experience what you just described.
Would it be bad to say I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one that feels that way??!! And the part about you getting yourself and all the kids ready in the time it takes for him to get himself ready? My husband always tells me nothing happens when he takes the boys out solo, but I have spies, hee hee and they tell me he lies! I chalk it up to kids always giving their moms the hardest of times because we are their primary caregivers, and they know that no matter what they do, we’ll still be there for them. I couldn’t agree more, we have an insane-to-manage house too and I HATE when things go smoothly for my husband and I HATE that why are you so stressed out look. I have been in your shoes and almost wasted a good prayer to have a random store meltdown, or a raging battle over whose turn it is to use what bowl. I am not a mom, but I don’t know how any of you do it without losing your minds sometimes. You just became my hero, i could not imagine working not only full time as a mother but then on top of that having 12 hour shifts. I see the way my daughter looks at her own plastic piece of perfection with adorning eyes, and I wonder “Am I doing permanent damage?” It’s not that I think the unrealistic characteristics Barbie portrays are dangerous in and of themselves, but I do feel that she could at least meet us moms half way in teaching our daughters what’s true in this world. 4. Breastfeeding Barbie – Her breasts are engorged constantly and no one, except her baby, is ever allowed near them. 6. Workaholic Barbie – Workaholic Barbie in some cases doubles as “Primary Wage Earner Barbie” and comes with a Ken doll hanging from her coattails. 8. Bad Haircut Barbie – I felt so strongly about this one when I was a child that I decided to make all of my dolls “Bad Haircut Barbie” – this way kids won’t have to take matters into their own hands. Cindy is a two-time rookie mom, pop-culture junkie, Nacho enthusiast and proud co-founder of Binkies n Drinkies.
No make-up Barbie, Yoga pants Barbie, and Mom jeans Barbie, from the new Phoning it in Barbie collection. My girls had oodles of Barbies and only one Ken… what did they do when they needed more boys? Of all the things my sister and I did to our barbies I can’t believe we never thought of that.
We can even make the house cleaning mom with the apron on and add a little dirt from the baby, if you know what I mean.

This seriously was awesome and also as a reformed Barbie lover, you nailed it with this post. The biggest thing I miss out on as a non-Christmas celebrating mother isn’t any of those things.
After the third kid, I’m just pretty relieved that we can still get them all in one shot so I only have to pay for one picture.
Frankly I always wondered who were these kids that actually wanted to sit on Santa’s lap? I just embarrassed myself because I randomly burst into hysterical laughter at work when I should be, well, working.
I don’t know if I feel more sad for the kids or for the Santa that has to hold screaming kids all day. The funniest ones are when one kid is sitting there and happy and smiling and the other one is screaming bloody murder! Ok seriously, who are these people that want to dress up like Santa and make kids cry all “holiday” season??? Without the distractions of raising a family, there's often time to see what is really going on in your marriage. I couldn't eat from grief, fine, I went down 10 sizes and went from stretch pants to actual trousers with zippers. Sometimes the new road was pretty slick from tears of frustration, but I kept at it daily, moving forward. My sons now are exploring the world as adults, working, planning, living and it dawns on me, I get to do the same thing.
The most irritating part though was when Goldilocks mother just watched her doing it and never said anything.
There’s much grief, sadness, exhaustion, anger, hopelessness, anxiety and fear that go hand and hand with the condition.
I fell asleep in my tears last night a moment of feeling overwhelmed so to read this, this morning was a blessing.
I love when you share JP stories makes you appreciate the small joys in life and puts life into perspective.
I have kids on the spectrum (they are excelling in school)and I am finishing my degree in special education! And I love being ahead of the curve – vindication will be mine when my kid discovers a cure for cancer using the bathtub and my makeup collection as a science lab. But I’m not the kind of mom who “plays.” I’m the kind of mom who observes playing, from a distance, as she drinks coffee and makes endless to-do lists she never does.
I can already see that some mom’s will be offended but I thought this was humorous as hell. When you are given, er blessed, with a set of triplets which bring the number of kids you have from 1 to 4 kids ages 2 and under, you need to come together and work together to survive.
I have twins and a 6 year old, not triplets, and feel like I can barely maintain sanity most days. If I haven’t done any housework- he says thanks for doing so much with the girls today or for getting them out of the house. I’m positive that the author meant no disrespect as that term is not usually known outside the military or if you are a Gold Star Mother.
I know the author means no disrespect but a Gold Star is reserved for a mother who’s child died in military service. A Gold Star Mother is an honor only a mother who has lost a child in Battle can wear that title. It sucks when kids behave differently (most of the time better) for significant others or family members.
I totally understand the mixed feelings of wanting your husband to have an easy so he’ll do it again, but not so easy that he stops empathizing with the daily grind.
You would have thought he ran a damn marathon with all the compliments get got from everyone. Daddy seems to always have it all under control, clean happy kids and a nice meal prepared too! I think the kids think it’s such a treat that they behave way better, so nothing goes wrong.
This crap NEVER happened when my husband was here (primarily because he allowed them to watch the same video for seven straight hours).
Virginia is a hipster-wanna-be, photographer and mommy of a 3-year-old girl, with a baby on the way.
Especially the bad hair barbie – My mom recently gave my daughter some of my old barbies and almost every one had their hair chopped off!
This post reminds me of an episode in The Simpsons where Liza goes to the owner of Malibu Dream doll maker and demands her to make dolls tat would teach young girls good values. I still can’t believe they were horrified when I not only wanted to order pics of this pose, but I wanted the digital rights to the photo. I made a good decision, but it felt like jumping out of a plane at 30,000 feet, without a parachute.
I found that being with someone you no longer respect or see a happy future with, is a million times more lonely than actually being alone.
I could not help but notice that my hair, that had fallen out in copious amounts last spring, had been used to make these intricate nests intertwined with golden strands.
When we received our diagnosis, I didn’t know where to turn, what to do or what to think. The hazing was hell, but I’m proud to be part of an extraordinarily brave group of women. Independence and creativity are important life skills that to many kids are starting to lack in.
Occasionally when my husband, also named Jeff, takes the kids out to do something they ALWAYS behave like angels.
To all us multiple mums who are currently living life in a blender without a lid I give a pat on the back. Some other people above probably shouldn’t be following Scary Mommy if they are so easily offended.
Please educate yourself on Gold Star Mothers and Blue Star Mothers, before you start asking to be a “Gold Star Mother”. I also had poor self-esteem when I was an adolescent and tween, so perhaps there was a connection.
Both women are pretty sure they'd be lying in a ditch somewhere in South Jersey if they didn't have such awesome girlfriends. Check out their site or their Binkies n Drinkies Facebook page. Is it just me or does Bad Haircut Barbie look like Drag Queen Barbie (which Mattel totally needs!).

Maybe they could come up with dieting Barbie, who stares longingly at her closet filled with nice clothes, but cannot wear them because she is perpetually dieting…. When it comes to Barbies let make it the real world for these little girls instead of a glamour magazine.
I just can’t get enough of the jolly old man pathetically holding a child screaming bloody murder. Guess where they go after meals?) Seemingly in a day, no one cared what time I came home or where I was.
Oh well, I got a cute, shorter hair-style and thanked the heavens that I had a lot of hair to begin with. It made me chuckle that something that represented such sadness at the time, an ending, had been used for new life; a new start. Now happily, Goldilocks family moved shortly after that far enough away that we only see them once every few months now, WOHOO! But I also know that there’s an abundance of gratitude, support, grace, hope, happiness, acceptance and love in our life thanks, in part, to autism. With early and intense intervention and his attending Cumberland Academy he is growing into a very bright and well adjusted individual. To my line of thinking, I’ve done enough by bringing them into this world and the basic service of providing them food – organic food, CHEDDAR BUNNIES, people. And hell, if they want to take my kids, that’d be great, because I’ve been looking for a decent babysitter. My kids play in dirt and mud, have made there own rock garden from rocks that have dug, and they eat outside… Sometimes even while sitting on the ground. The majority of the articles use humor and tongue-in-cheek wit to get us through this wild ride named Parenthood. Every time my husband has our boys by himself, things run as smoothly as they did with your husband. Except that he fails to realize how much easier it is when it’s limited to once in a blue moon.
Even better than creating this post, is seeing all of your awesome ideas for MORE Real Life Barbies. I'd finally emerged from a dark den of denial, had enough and did something about it, but it was excruciatingly painful.
Lighter, I threw away all of my ugly sensible shoes and bought a dozen pairs of sexy heels so high I could put out small rodent's eyes, four inches away.
Realizing I was the oldest person in the new office, and the only divorcee in a sea of happy young woman just starting out in their lives with engagements, weddings, marriage, and new babies, did make me a little melancholy, but I kept reminding myself there's both happiness and hardship in every stage of one's life. I admit that I sometimes judged people in my former life, especially people with out-of-control children.
I have more tolerance, and not just for the special needs community — for people of every class, religion, ethnicity and sexual orientation. I try hard to give people the benefit of the doubt, which is sometimes hard when they shake their heads disapprovingly. There’s a special place in heaven for those who work with and care for the special needs community. People don’t throw pity parties for the divorced moms who take responsibility for their kids.
I see so many times parents w trantrum kids “ignore them and go about shoppingx theyll follow once they see you turn a corner. My sons were off living their lives as they should be; I have always believed you raise your children to leave you.
Those first nights alone, all I did was stand in my garden, cry buckets of tears, literally lose handfuls of hair, and smoke way too much.
And she complains and tattles about everything until I want to shake her until her teeth rattle. Oh, for the love of God… my child just pulled down his pants and is about to pee in the display toilet at Home Depot.
I’ve had chance encounters in hotel pools, parks, public restrooms, waiting rooms, elevators and restaurants. Your going to grow a thicker skin, your going to grow as a person, and you will then feel confident to share your story. I seriously doubt you are or you’d have a bit more compassion towards a mom of multiples venting. Those looks and pleasant visits that your children have with other people only promote Mommy guilt and envy. And they have to keep smiling through it all while some kid is kicking their shins and wiping their boogers on their suits. I'm proud that they are considerate, respectful individuals who have integrity and values, living healthy, constructive lives.
Not every family seemed blissfully happy, not every couple acted lovingly towards each other. I thank God I chose the right partner (or he chose me?) and our marriage is stronger because of all we’ve been through. There are so many good people who have embraced our family and treated us in a manner that has made me feel like we belong — anywhere.
She obviously loves her kids and husband, too….give her a break without your judgemental comments! I wouldn't want it any other way, but I had thought I would be spending this next phrase of my life with my husband.
My child just threw his body onto the floor, while pitching the mother of all crying fits, because it was time to leave the bookstore. They accept our boy the way he is, and they’re raising the next generation to do the same.
My daughter kindly informed the little horror she couldn’t go in the trunk because she might squish the bread. They know to stand up for those who need it, because they’d want the same for their brother. My mantra is that we live in the biggest glass house on the block, so don’t ever throw stones.

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