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If you and your friends are fans of the reality TV show, Survivor, then plan your next party around the theme of island survival. Since your party will most likely include games, make a list of your guests and divide them into teams. Immunity challenges such as last one standing, digging for treasure or even a limbo contest. Another idea is to set up a barbeque and allow guest to cook their own food like they are on the TV show. Contestants on the show who want more to eat than the small rice portion often make their way to the nearby water source in search of fish. If you want to serve food a little more exciting than straight "Survivor" fare, cooking some dishes from the regions featured on the show gives you a chance to be creative. Why not add some special touches to your party such as playing steel drum music in the background or even showing recorded episodes of the TV show. You may not be able to find the types of fish "Survivor" contestants eat at the grocery store. Many try to hold onto the chickens for eggs, but sometimes a lack of food forces players to eat the chickens.
I am going to give you some fun ideas and inspiration to help you pull it off right here.I am personally a HUGE fan of the show and have been watching it since it first aired in 2000. By planning ahead, you can be sure all the details are in place for your party and all your guests will be happy. There are many sites online, such as Party 411, with specialty themed invitations, or try your hand at creating one yourself. Give each tribe a unique name and hand out colored bandanas to designate who is on each tribe.
At a "Survivor" party, serving a rotisserie chicken, which comes nearly full-bodied, will give partygoers the feeling of what show contestants go through.
Can you believe it 11 years of Survivor and still going strong and it gets better and better every year.Many years back when I first started my business I was hired to put together a 16th Birthday Party based on the game of Survivor with a large group of kids. This theme can work well for birthdays or other special occasions or you can even hold a party during an episode of the TV show. In the invitation, you can encourage your guests to come dressed in Survivor-style clothing.
Remember to be creative and have fun and your party will be one that your guests will never forget!
While "Survivor" contestants are not known for eating a delectable diet, foods shown on the show or dishes from a "Survivor" season's region make for great munchies at your party. Serve a full fish that hasn't been skinned to replicate the way players on the show must handle it. Assign each person a "Survivor" country or region and have the guest bring a dish native to that region. If you want to spruce up the dish, make it Spanish rice by adding some spices and seasoning.

For now I want to help you pull off a Survivor Party Theme of your own and it is not as hard as you think.Birthday Direct carries the Survivor Party Supplies exclusively.
You will find all your Survivor Paper Goods and even some matching Survivor Party Invitations all on their site.Other Survivor Party Invitations Ideas you could do that would be fun are the Message in a Bottle Invitations, Tiki Invitations or create your own. You can really have fun with these if you are creative.Setting the scene for your Survivor Party is pretty easy.
Use Tropical Party Supplies, Tiki Party Supplies and make sure to have some Tiki Torches lit around the party area as well.What really makes a Survivor Party are the Challenges. I would skip the Voting out part – just too complicated at a party and you really want everyone to have fun.
So forget that part.When your party guests arrive to the party you will want to separate them into Teams (Tribes). Depending on the amount of kids at the party I would try to stick to 2 Teams, but if you have more you can break it down further. If you have kids at the party who may not know each other Name Tags would be great to help them get to know each other and make things a lot easier.Then you can give each team a Poster Board with some Markers and Crayons and have them decide on a Team (Tribe) Name and create their Flag.
Also create a Score Board with their Team (Tribe) Names this way you can keep track of scoring.
So when either team wins a Challenge you give them points and to be fair I would maybe give the winning team 5 points and the losing team 3 points – makes it more fun to give them each some points.
Then which ever Team has the Highest amount of points by the end of the Challenges will move on for a chance at Sole Survivor. If one of the Teams never gets to go up for a prize at the end of the game let who ever did not get a prize go pick one out anyway.
I sent them in two different directions through the neighborhood (a circle) and placed their clues in nearby, but different places.
So one team went left to the first light post around the corner and found their next clue under a rock, while the other team right and around the corner to a tree with a rock and a clue. Then they each had to find the third fire hydrant, a palm tree, cross a street to another landmark, etc. They crossed paths at some point and figured out they were each going to make the circle, but the last clue led them to our white mailbox and a search of our backyard to find the idol.
They were hysterical having been in the backyard at the beginning of the party and running around the neighborhood only to return home to find the idol.We made the idol and he was creepy looking. One member of each team will sweep their egg through the wickets from one end to the other, go around post and back to start. The first teammate will place the orange in their neck and must pass it to the next teammate’s neck. On go set a timer for lets say 2 minutes and all the guests have to run and find their teams colored Marshmallows. They can be carried in any fashion and be brought back to the starting line with colored dot side up.
Now here is the fun part each team is allowed to toss their opposing teams Marshmallows away to make them harder to get.

When the time is up you tally up each teams Marshmallow and they would get 1 point for everyone they gathered that belonged to them. For every question the team gets correct the teammate chosen to steal the flag moves 2 steps towards the other teams flag, one foot must always be on the ground, there is no jumping or hopping.
When I made these for the party I hosted I had a little extra fun and made Googly Eyes on them – Hilarious !! Each team will form a line and the first person puts on the goggles and the next person in line will direct them by talking with directions to a fish lying in front of them.
One they have it in hand them must direct them back and pass off the Goggles and so on down the line until everyone has gone. The first Team to have all their Fish Back wins !!Math Equation Challenge – For this challenge you will need a nice large bowl of Pennies.
Come up with 4 Math Equations for Each team that will each equal 1 number of a year that appears on a Penny – different for each team.
Each team will be given 4 slips of paper with 4 math equations on them and one blank piece of paper, each team will need to figure out each equation. They will come out with 4 different numbers, they must then put those numbers in the order they think they go. Give them to each team to put together and which ever team gets it complete first wins !!!Obstacle Course – If you have the room and are able to play outside at the party then create an obstacle course. Use what you may already have available and create a fun course each team needs to race completingEating Challenge –  Of course for this the kids will not eat Bugs or Animal Parts, but you can have some fun with it. Give each player on each team a plate with some sort of food – Maybe a plate of  cereal, gummy candy (in bug shapes) or anything else fun you can think of. When you say “go” they will then try and pop the other players balloons by stomping on them.
The person left with their Balloon still inflated is the Sole Survivor and wins the big Prize !!! I have made it even easier for you with my FREE Printable Survivor Cupcake Toppers.  Just print them out on Cardstock, Cut Out, Tape a Toothpick or Craft Stick to the back and place into your Cupcakes. To create the look of sand just frost your Cupcakes and sprinkle with Brown Sugar and you are done !!Now how EASY is that? I say very !!For your Survivor Party Favors have a little fun and create little Survivor Bags for each of the party guests.
The room was decorated completely Tropical and we also had a large area outside where most of the games were played. It was definitely one fun Sweet 16 and all the kids had a great time and I gave myself a nice pat on the back after this one.So I hope this post was helpful if you were looking for ideas on how to put together a Survivor Party.

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