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The Fattening Room (Nkuho)The Fattening Room is an aged old tradition of the Efik people of Calabar, which has been greatly modified for today’s generations.
During this period the girl is being cared for by older women and is not allowed to come in contact with other people.
The artistic culture of the Efik people belongs mostly to the women since the are naturally artistic. Other artistic works by the women are beadwork like beaded shoes, hand bags and the special chewing stick bag called Ekpat okok. Due to civil conflicts and war, the Efik people migrated down the Cross River to seek new homes for themselves in the 1600s. The Efik also created settlements such as: Efut Abua, Efut Ekondo, Qua settlements of Akim qua and big Qua towns.
This ancient tradition is the training given to young women while they are in seclusion to prepare them for marriage and womanhood. She is put in a room where on a daily basis, is massaged three times, fed about six large portions of food (like porridge ekpang, plantain, yam fufu and assorted pepper soups), drinks three pints of water three times and gets plenty of sleep. The women dress like queens and princesses wearing long flowing gowns, adorning their necks with colorful coral beads and wearing traditional made beaded shoes. The art of calabash carving and brass carving with brasstray decoration are still a big part of the women culture.

There, is also raffia and mat weaving basket making, woodcarving and cane making which are done by the men. They carry beaded handbag while some wear a headdress to match their outfit.The men wear white shirts over a colorful wrapper tied around their waist.
They also hang a long piece of cloth on their neck called Okpomkpom in addition to beaded shoes and a cap. The Efik settlement over time expanded into the territories of the modern day Ibibio of Akaw Ibom state, Ibo and Qua. Some of the Efik people chose to settle in what are now known as Creek Town, Duke town and  Henshaw Town. The Aros asked them to get away from their town if they were not preparedto worship Ibritam and so a religious dispute arose (Hart, 1964, p. Finally she and her future husband embraces and dances welcoming everybody that have come to join the celebration. In the old days it was a form of self-expression where personal identities or pattern were developed and recorded. The language is predominantly spoken in the Calabar municipality, Calabar south, Odukpani, Akpabuyo and Bakassi local government areas. The painted face is also an indication that the bearer has been initiated into all women society.

The Abang dancers wear face painting for personal expression of beauty, femininity and love.Maobong Oku (painted face) is a beautiful and dynamic dancer, instructor, and percussionist from the Efik tribe of Calabar, Nigeria . Statistics shows that 360,000 people in the afore-mentioned municipalities (as well as in parts of Cameroon) speak Efik as a first language and that 3.5 million people speak Efik as a second language.
It is a dance of space, rhythm and unity that attracts and holds the attention of the audience, giving them the appearance of lightness and balance.Lead dancers always wear a headgear decorated with vibrant colors of red, green and yellow raffia called Ibuot Abang.
Most of the names mentioned in the songs are places and names of the Efik people and town of Calabar . Across the shoulder she wears bright coral beads called Anana Ubok as her arms are covered with colored raffia called Ekpaku Ubok. Masquerades symbolizes the celebration and return of ancestors who came out occasionally to give messages to their people from spirit world.

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