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A bug-out bag is a portable, carefully-curated collection of items necessary to effectively evacuate and survive for at least 72 hours during an emergency. Don’t forget to check out our list of the best fire starters before you assemble your next bug out bag. It's a Great organizer for smart phone, Camera, key, wallet, pen, knife, notebook, small tool etc small accessories, and even can be a holster. Durable material keeps your cellphone and other electronic devices safe and protected.It is indeed an excellent product. One piece of gear that youa€™ll want to seriously consider adding to your bug-out bag is a Kindle eReader.
When I first mention this to my other prepping friends, I typically get laughed ata€‰a€”a€‰after all, relying upon electronics in a survival situation should be avoided, right? These are all valid questions but with some proper precautions (which Ia€™ll be getting into in a bit) the advantages of a Kindle (and other a€?electronic-inka€? eReaders) far outweigh the risks of losing it. First off, the Kindle eReader Ia€™m talking about is the a€?electronic inka€? variety that only displays black and white. The main benefit of having a Kindle in your bug-out bag is being able to access a literal library in the palm of your hand.
On top of that, you can upload PDF files which lets you take advantage of the huge amount of fantastic (and free) prepping files out there on the weba€‰a€”a€‰everything from arrow making to zeroing a rifle.
Especially if a crisis became long term, having that kind of information at your fingertips is a huge advantage. Based upon a half-hour of daily reading time, a single battery charge lasts up to two months (with wireless off)! If you do decide to store a Kindle in your BOB Ia€™d recommend adding some novels, childrena€™s books (if you have kids) and other a€?lighta€? reading. Survival situations are inherently stressful and depending on if youa€™re holed up in one spot for long it can be  monotonous and boring.

The elements, especially moisture from rain or accidental immersion, are a real issue when it comes to non weather proof electronics like the Kindle.
Whata€™s also great is you dona€™t need to remove the Kindle (or any tablet for that matter) from the LokSak to use the electronics.
Although an EMP attack or solar storm is not a very likely scenario, ita€™s still a potential threat that many preppers prepare for and worry about. Despite the potential downsides electronics like the Kindle bring to the table, the advantages you can gain from adding the Kindle to your bug-out bag far outweigh these negatives. Although the Kindle is a great tool and I highly recommend ita€‰a€”a€‰it is still just a tool. As the newest member of our best-selling Phantom Line, the Phantom OPS lightweight pant utilizes our world-class design for greater mobility while additional features provide solutions for everyday use.
Having some entertainment to break up the monotony is another reason a Kindle is a beneficial tool for your BOB.
But what about some of the other concerns that people have, like the elements or an EMP? Theya€™re certified waterproof to 200 feet and the US Army Special Forces Group Dive Detachment uses them to protect their valuable electronics from salt water and hot humid conditions. Your finger can still activate the touch screen (if ita€™s a Kindle touch) even when in the LokSak bag. If you're looking for a heavy duty backpack for your laptop (15"), tablet, iPad, hydration bladder, etc.
The bonus triple-bellowed inset cargo pocket gives more storage space than our standard Vertx pockets and the addition of a slim-line pocket s perfect for carrying small tools. We really dona€™t know what the true effects of an EMP surge will be, but we know that using a Faraday a€?cagea€? can have the greatest potential and possibility of protecting our electronics geara€‰a€”a€‰whether that is our GPS device or our Kindle e-reader.
Ita€™s not a bad idea to add a small survival guide or two as back up just as you should have a compass as backup for your GPS.

It's the best value for your money.Its 20+ liter capacity makes this 24 hour backpack great for both patrol and advanced tactical duties. It's the best value for your money.Equipped with a set of capacious pockets, allows the user easy customization and personalization.
Combat Vent System is our unique ventilation system to provide increased comfort for their operator. Main compartment is lined with Velcro which allows adding some extra equipment, like holsters or magazine pouches. Contoured foam profiles with multiple air channels combined with airy mesh keeps the pack off the users back. Padded sleeve inside main compartment keeps your laptop, tablet or other electronic devices fully protected. Front pocket features an internal organizer for GPS, writing utensils, and other small essentials, plus a clear vinyl pocket for maps and documents.
On the inner side of the flap, there is a clear vinyl pocket and on the outside - a flat zippered compartment. Bottom of this messenger bag is reinforced with non-slip material, plus there is an elastic cord if you decide to carry some clothing on the outside of the bag. There is also another small flat front pocket that can be used to store additional small items so you do not need to open the main compartments. The body side has a flat, zippered pocket that can stow detachable shoulder and waist straps if you decide to carry your bag by its carrying handle alone. Suspension system is based on S-profiled shoulder straps and internal stiffener in the back.

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