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CPI (M) members demonstrate against the power cuts in front of the Tamilnadu Electricity board Superintendent Engineer office in Thanjavur on Friday. Seeking to allay fears that the longer power cuts to come into force from Monday would affect students preparing for public examinations, Chief Minister Jayalalithaa has promised uninterrupted electricity supply to government schools. If it is not possible to avoid power outages for schools, the government will arrange for generator sets. Similarly, the government would foot the bill of government-aided high and higher secondary schools if they had to rent generators, she added.
She said that during the past five years of the DMK rule, facilities were created for additional generation of only 208 MW. According to her, the State is unable to get adequate quantum of power because even ongoing projects had not been completed in time during the DMK regime.
Hence, as there had been no long-term power procurement initiative, the State was unable to get required quantum of power. In addition, as there had been technical problems with the transmission corridor, it was difficult to get electricity from other States too.
The Chief Minister said she conducted an exhaustive review of the power situation with the Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation (TANGEDCO) chairman and other officials on February 17 and 23. Accepting the views expressed by the industries and the consumers and in a bid to manage the situation, the TANGEDCO has announced a new regulated distribution system, she explained.
Meanwhile, the Tamil Nadu Teachers' Association has thanked the Chief Minister for her announcement on footing the bill for renting generators and also for the diesel required.
The Government should extend this facility to all schools and there should not be any discrimination among government, aided, panchayat and private schools. Tamilnadu government should understand the requirement of power for the state and curb all those agitations for Kudamkulam power station,were some non technical people describing safety of nuclear power which is highly technical. It has been great step taken by TN CM to provide appropriate resources to all the government schools, looking at the inadequate power sources in the state.
Hopefully she will turn it into reality than false promises given by so many politicians and figure out a long term solution for this power shortage, as she stated. I wish there was at the very least a mention of some renewable energy solution, like installing solar power modules in schools.
My father, who works in TTPS says that by the end of April, wind energy will become available and it will supply 3000MW of power.. The reactions to her non governance and carrying out personal vendetta shall reflect in the next parliamentary elections. Moreover, I was planning to start a business in India and I could not start because of lack of infrastructure, no power and no water. So, one thing I would like to let the government and the Indian politicians know, do what is good for the country and the people. No public can have an opinion on their own to come out and talk about these two politicians who have taken crores and crores of money and stached away in swiss banks, lands, and acquired properties all over the state and the country and elsewhere. When will both the government stop blaming each other and do what is best for the state and the country.
Well done chief minister we thank you for telling this but on what basis you promised to get rid off power cuts in 3 months once you assume office? Yes Madam, You should blame DMK for another four years, then DMK will start blaming you for another five years!! Can we, just for one time, stop blaming others and actually articulate how we are going to address the problem?
They want power immediately but they are not ready to commission the Nuclear power plant which is ready to function and provide more than 1000MW at Koodankulam. The installed capacity in the state, increased from 12331 MW in March 2006 to 15515 MW in March 2011 or by 3185 MW during the 5-yr period. It is a shame that the power-cuts are going on unabatedly for years (at least three years!). First, as a responsible opposition leader why didn't she anticipate it early and why didn't she pressurise the government to look at the matter more seriously? Second, since her assumption to the throne(!) (since the Dravidian parties came to power there is democracy in Tamil Nadu - it is autocratic monarchy)why didn't she look at the power crisis more seriously than the free-bees schemes? I request our CM not to blame the earlier Government D M K.The AIADMK is the power for the past ten months.

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We can implement the Tamilnadu Solar Energy Policy in a faster manner and make Tamilnadu to become a self sufficient State in Generation of Power. According to the policy, Tamilnadu Government allows to establish Solar Energy Parks in which individual units can establish the required capacity of solar power production according to their obligation. The Central and State Subsidies can also be availed by the Association for R&D, manufacturing, sales & services and an Institute to train the Manpower etc. To promote Solar Energy generations in Tamilnadu by facilitating investors with necessary evidence, technical expertise, arrangements of financial assistance, subsidies.
Association is formed by groups of individuals who voluntarily enter into an agreement to accomplish a purpose working in similar areas of activity in order to facilitate their meeting and exchange of views, and their action to advance their objectives. It is difficult for any individual investor or an individual company to meet all these requirements. In case it is not possible, the government itself will get generators on rent for these institutions.
Jayalalithaa contended that Tamil Nadu was facing serious power shortage because of the failure of the previous Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) government to augment power generation.
The current power demand of the State was 11,500-12,500 MW but the total availability of power from the generating units in Tamil Nadu and from the Central pool put together was only 8,500 MW. This is what CM Jayalaithaa is attempting to do when she says that the government will arrange for generator sets in schools. Once the Government supports the agitators of KKNPP at Koodankulam it is suggested to allot funds to all schools to purchase generators so that the government can act on its own procedures on power cuts. Tamil Nadu politicians do neither know about education nor necessary infrastructure for growth. We agree that the burden of sudden increase in the price of bus fare and milk is due to the laxity or politics of the former government for the fear of losing the vote bank especially the poor. If there is one thing in abundance in TN, it is sunshine, and it takes less than a lakh rupees per kilowatt of power generated. When a major part of the state exchequer runs out dry after providing the freebies to the people, where will the govt be having the money to buy electricity etc. Hope people advising her prevail upon her to accept reality and show to the people who elected AIADMK that she is capable of sticking to her promises in all aspects. Because of this sick politics and people in our own country who are not patriotic and want to do what is best for our country and the people of India.
She has to tell the people what the constructive measure taken by her government to eradicate the power cut. I humbly request you and the president of the NGO body in Kundankulam to persuade the people settled around the new atomic project area to convince them that this atomic power station which is stated to be built with Russian assistance is quite safe. DMK blaming ADMK, ADMK blaming DMK, DMK cancelling ADMK project, ADMK cancelling DMK projects.
Does any one realise that the leader of the opposition is of cabinet minister rank and they have great responsibility in the functioning of the government? The C M jeyalalithaa would have atleat initial plans to curb power cuts in a phased manner. According to the police, the fire broke out due to a short circuit when power was being fed into the local grid on a trial basis.
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It is managed by Tamilnadu Electricity Board.It has Quaters for its employees, Camp 1 and camp 2. Being concerned with the power crisis in Tamilnadu affecting the Industries productivity and difficulties faced by the people in all walks of life we have formed the association which works for promoting Solar Energy Parks all over Tamilnadu to the tune of 1000 MW by pooling the investors, manufacturers, EPC contractors, suppliers and state government bodies to do the solar energy parks in a faster and proper manner with affordable cost. Our membership includes a diverse group of citizens including investors, manufacturers, EPC Contractors, suppliers, state government bodies and planners specializing in establishing the solar energy parks in a faster and proper manner at affordable cost. Even though they are interested, many people are not coming forward to promote 'Solar Energy Plants' individually. The expenditure on diesel for these generators will also be met by the government,” the Chief Minister said in a statement here on Sunday.

That was why it was announced that the power cut, over and above what had been earlier announced, was unavoidable.
Madam you can't have different yardstick for assessing safety of Mullaperiyar dam and Koodankulam Nuclear Power Project.People of Tamil Nadu, including me and you, proclaim that the fears of Kerala on Mullaperiyar dam is unscientific as all experts have certified dam's safety. Hiring generators may be avoided as it will lead to unnecessary administrative work load to school authorities at this crucial juncture and will lead to corruption.
We bear the brunt since there is no other go; we are happy that CM is announcing various welfare schemes and especially those which aim to improve the government infrastructure.
Hope the electorate of TN wakes up to the grim reality atleast now and stop voting just for the freebies.
If she thinks that people are going to believe her explanations for the power crisis then it is high time she understands that she is living in fool’s paradise. This would have helped so many people in the community, but unfortunately, because of lack of these infrastructure, I had to just back off from the project. Jayalalitha stopped it with her need for votes and even after the ex President informed that it is safe to go ahead and proceed with the commencement.
Please take steps in consultation with Govt of India to commission the 1st stage of this power plant so that the present power shortage would be partly reduced? Rs 20000 cr would have been invested in the wind power in the 5-yr period, generating very little power.
Arcot Veerasamy (minister for power in the last government) is squarely responsible for this, the present Chief Minister Ms J Jayalalithaa cannot be exonerated of her responsibility. However, a company official maintained that such minor incidents are common during the trial run. By the same logic fears of people living around KKNPP complex is also unscientific and unfounded as all the experts have examined and certified its safety aspects of the Nuclear Power Plant. It a heartening news that the Government is taking strict action to bring back the temple land encroachments. If there is no money that either government gets in any of these projects, then it is stalled.
If she continue this blame again they will frustrate and the net result is everybody knows. Whereas thermal power plants cost Rs 4-4.50 crore per MW of capacity, wind power costs Rs 6 cr. It will provide you legal assistance in the negotiation of the contract with the resource provider, knowledge and resources helpful to ultimately meet the objectives.
Besides KKNPP is brand new and of very latest design unlike Mullaperiyar dam which is 118 years old.Then why are you not taking action to quell the foreign funded protests and pave the way for commissioning of the Power Project? But the Plant Load Factor of wind power plants is abysmally low at 20 percent, vs 80 percent for thermal plants. Police said the fire was doused and steps taken to replace the burnt panels, adding that power generation would begin shortly. The developed countries of the world managed to put aside political differences and vote bank politics when it comes to the concept of greater good. TN is in the forefront of wind generation as a third of the country’s capacity is in the state. Police said transformers of Tamil Nadu Electricity Board are being erected to transfer the power to the state grid now. Instead of dreaming to be a developed country, can we just dream to be a country that provides water, power and roads to all people.
But it has paid a huge penalty by diverting scarce capital in wind power with little energy output.
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If the state had invested Rs 20000 cr in thermal plants instead, arguably there would have been no shortage power in TN. Facilities include travel desk, bus parking, daily housekeeping, security, room service and front desk.

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