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Typical applications are EMC experiments, RF measurements, mobile military or forensic activities, and personal protection in the field. The standard Faraday tent is supplied with ropes, so that the tent can be suspended from the ceiling.
Out of the same material that is used for our Faraday tents we can make electromagnetically shielded clothes. The cable entry sleeve can be used for entering shielded cables or already filtered cables.
Typically the access point is provided with magnetic strips covered with electrically conductive layers of textile.
Worldwide leading manufacturer of EMC (electromagnetic compatibility), EMI (electromagnetic interference) and RFI(radiofrequency interference) shielding solutions. Keep up to date with the latest developments in Holland Shielding Systems BV by signing up for our newsletter. Each tent package includes a range of items manufactured specifically for the tent or customized for the kit.
Faraday TentDouble wall faraday tent with high quality construction and heavy duty reinforcement offers complete signal isolation.
Faraday Box with FiltersFiltered power and data are provided through an external faraday box that connects to the tent with a faraday sleeve. Filtered PowerPower strip includes multiple connections with complete RF filtering to the outside. Ventilation Fan IntakeCool air is pumped through the tent using a fan, fabric duct and floor-level shielded intake vent system, keeping occupants cool. Shielded Exhaust VentRF shielded ventilation system includes upper exhaust vent to release hot air that accumulates at the top of the tent. Tent CoverAfter the tent is taken down it's laid onto a mat that buckles over the tent roll and protects it for transport. Accessories KitVarious accessories and tools are included to assist with assembly, takedown and transport. Transport CaseHeavy duty flight case protects structure, tent and other components for safe transport. Following revelations about bugging at the United Nations, is there any way of ensuring that your private conversations stay that way? News that Kofi Annan and other senior UN figures may have been routinely bugged by US or British security services has caused a huge political row around the world. If the secretary general of the United Nations cannot prevent his private conversations from being listened to by all and sundry, who can? It seems if someone wants to listen to what you are saying badly enough, there is very little you can do to stop it. According to security experts, the most common listening device remains the electronic bug.

But government agencies such as the CIA and MI5 have far more advanced systems at their disposal. But today's spies are also able to convert conventional phones into bugs without the owners' knowledge. Experts believe this is the most likely method used to gather information in the UN building. Mobiles communicate with their base station on a frequency separate from the one used for talking.
According to some reports, intelligence services do not even need to obtain permission from the networks to get their hands on the codes.
So provided it is switched on, a mobile sitting on the desk of a politician or businessman can act as a powerful, undetectable bug. According to one security expert, telephone systems are often fitted with "back doors" enabling them to be activated at a later date to pick up sounds even when the receiver is down. Encryption devices, which clip on to the base of mobile phones and scramble the voice data being sent from your phone, are available.
Intelligence is a constant battle between the bugger and the bugged, says Michael Marks, of surveillance-equipment supplier Spymaster, and "at the moment the buggers probably have the upper hand".
Mr Marks' advice to anyone who thinks they may be under surveillance is to ensure their office is swept regularly for bugs, buy an encrypted phone and make sure no one in a meeting has a mobile phone on them. Another way of making sure you are not being bugged is to use a Faraday cage or shielded tent, which prevents radio waves entering or leaving.
Mobile phone calls are impossible from inside the tent, but no-one will be able to listen to your conversations using bugs or radio wave listening devices. It will also prevent anyone intercepting radio emissions from computers, preventing them from seeing what you have on screen. A more sophisticated - and expensive - method is to build a "clean room", of the type used by the military, to shield radio waves and electromagnetic signals. But the hardest part, according to counter-surveillance consultant William Parsons, is trying to convince diplomats and politicians that there is a threat.
There are a few simple steps anyone can take, Mr Parsons says, to throw would-be eavesdroppers off the scent. It is better to use the office phone for secret conversations, Mr Parsons says, rather than a home phone, because with 20 or more lines leaving most buildings they are much harder to bug. Switching on the shower while you talk in the bathroom - a favoured method of celluloid spies - is also unlikely to work, as constant volume noise can easily be filtered out.
In fact, the only way to truly guarantee privacy, according to most security experts, is to take a walk in the park.
Charles Shoebridge says: "It remains the case today as it has always been, that probably the best way to avoid being eavesdropped is to pass information during a long, unpredictable and unannounced walk in the big outdoors.
Black Hole Faraday BagsEDECEDEC's line of Black Hole Faraday Bags have been designed to aid law enforcement, military, and consultants in the collection, preservation, transport, and analysis of wireless evidence.

Whether for digital forensics analysis or secure communications, our tents are designed to be easy to transport and quick to setup which means more action and less logistics. Multiple tent packages offer necessities like ventilation and exhaust, filtered power with multiple outlets, filtered ethernet or other data IO and more. By default the Faraday tents are delivered with multiple ropes so they can be easily attached to a ceiling, or they can come with a self-standing frame. Faraday tents offer a mobile solution for only a fraction of the cost compared to a conventional Faraday cage. This is generally used when the Faraday tent is installed inside a building in a permanent location. But it will also have caused alarm among other people in the public eye who deal with sensitive information - or anyone, indeed, who values their privacy. If you have details of the frequencies and encryption codes being used you can listen in to what is being said in the immediate vicinity of any phone in the network. The potency of key word recognition technology is often overstated, but it is still used to scan millions of conversations a day for potentially juicy information.
Or rather, give anyone listening enough to think they are getting the full picture and then save anything truly top secret for conversations in unusual locations, such as the basement. The Sewlock can accept a padlock or a individually numbered cord lock seal.Security Bags - Small (A4)Security 4 TransitSecurity 4 Transit's Security Bags and Satchels are tamper-evident secured with the Sewlocka„? security closing mechanism, a chamber that minimises the likelihood of tampering.
It is suitable for use with the Sewlocka„? security chamber, TEBco SL-DC or any other product that can be secured with a padlock.TEBco SL-DC ChamberSecurity 4 TransitThe TEBco SL-DC chamber offers dual tamper evident security. With the plastic locks on a double-layer Faraday tent it is easy to connect the inner Faraday tent to the outer Faraday tent. The Sewlock can accept a padlock or a individually numbered cord lock seal.Sewlock BagmasterSecurity 4 TransitThe Sewlocka„? security chamber is still the only chamber of its type available a€” worldwide. With this multi option system, the chamber can be sealed with both a TEBco DC seal and cord lock seal. Protect your wireless evidence by placing it in the Tabletop StrongHold Tent while you perform your examination.
You can choose your level of security.TEBco UVM ChamberSecurity 4 TransitThe TEBco UVM chamber is used with TEBco UV seals. The flexible gloves allow for smart phone screen manipulation while providing enough dexterity for you to type, remove cell phone batteries, or perform other necessary operations. You also have full range of motion allowing you to reach all areas of the enclosure without limitation.

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