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Asia is the emerging epicentre of global terrorism, replacing the Middle East as the key breeding ground for terrorist operatives and supporters. The Pakistani Federally Administered Tribal Area (FATA), separating the rest of Pakistan from Afghanistan, has become the central theatre of operations and unless governments sincerely and seriously work together and share expertise and resources, the spectre of terrorism is likely to grow in South Asia and could even spill over to East Asia in the coming decade. While Southeast Asian groups traditionally looked towards their Middle Eastern counterparts for inspiration and funding, groups in Asia are increasingly looking towards Pakistan, especially where al-Qaeda and the Taliban are located. If the current pace of radicalization and operational action continues in the coming decade, we are likely to witness four trends. To reverse this course, governments throughout Asia should develop a multidimensional, multinational and multijurisdictional approach.
Rohan Gunaratna is Head of the International Centre for Political Violence and Terrorism Research and Professor of Security Studies at the S. To my thinking, Islam is the problem because there are Muslims who take its holy book, the Quran, as gospel and carry out its divisive and deadly provisions. People who keep proclaiming that they have nothing against Islam, but their battle is with Muslim terrorists are an enigma. If the fight is with Islam and not with Muslims, then in the interest of fairness we must apply the same standards to other criminalities. It is foolish to wage battle against beliefs that promote mayhem and murder while giving a free pass to those who adhere to those beliefs and carry out their dogma. In what way does your average peaceful Muslim support the work of the not too insignificant cadre of Islamist terrorists, you may ask?
Syria’s in-power Alawites and their Shiite allies are engaged in shocking butchery of the Sunnis, even under the eyes of the impotent United Nations observers. This primitive chauvinistic creed is custom-made for the savage male where women are systematically abused in every imaginable way. For yet another, with their coffers flush with funds, the clerics enlist lawyers and launch lawsuits to destroy any person who speaks the truth about their barbaric beliefs and practices.
For another, they intimidate businesses that in any way fail to toe their line by boycotting their products and services.
Tolerance is a great social virtue that becomes vice if extended to those who do not practice it and to criminals who take advantage of this noble human attribute. Keep in mind that Islam operates by stealth when not quiet powerful, just the way Muhammad himself operated. Finally here is the kicker, a quote from (B)s former lawyer Manny Conditsis, are you ready? What I want to know is what on earth does a man have to do in order to get to be called a terrorist by the MSM these days?
Closer to home there have been mass murders in public places in Tasmania and in New Zealand. There was a very recent example perpetrated right here in Canada where a guy called Justin Bourque shot and killed 3 Mounties.
You’re right because Greenpeace is pretty resolute and really the agents were trying to wreck the boat primarily, but you could argue it was designed to intimidate them and their supporters.
He may have been unhinged and mentally ill, but he wanted to terrorise civilians – including those who disagreed with the Australian commitment of armed forces to combat the IS. By the msm accepting he was a terrorist they feel, they would be justifying Nationals new anti-terrorist laws and that would never do.
Who made the decision he was unhinged, was this by a panel of medical experts, did I miss this particular piece of valuable information in all the other news releases.
Can he not just be a person with an extremely strongly held belief that his way is the right way, and thus the reason for his act of terrorism. Surely anyone or a group of people who are prepared to use violence to further their beliefs or cause (as opposed for personal gain) are terrorists?
Do you mean Hamas – the occupiers of Gaza whose publicly stated aim is the destruction of Israel? And this has played out just as many suspected it would; the MSM try to gain sympathy for the Muslim community by downplaying.
Even more disturbing is the passive resignation by Muslim women to terrorists in the name of their religion. What the likes of Rudman et al do not understand is that these Islamic Jihadists are suicide troops along the lines of the WW 2 Kamikazes.
If there was a way that a Senior Islamic Cleric could ex communicate them then may be that could help but the silence from the leading Islamic Figures has been deafening. I suspect its to downplay its significance so that it doesn’t strengthen the case in New Zealand for strengthening the governments ability to monitor and deal with similar threats. He seems to me more like an exhibitionist than a terrorist to me, and one who had watched far too much TV. You’re running the risk of being pointlessly pedantic about the definition of terrorism. He was actually wanted for extradition by Iran for fraud but Australia said no at the time. If the guy followed the teachings of the IRA, did things in the name of the IRA but had no formal contact with the IRA does that make him a terrorist or a dis-illusioned individual? Did he commit the act in order to further a political or ideological goal (no matter how deranged they may be)? These crimes occur because these guys come with different cultural values where women have lower social status and are a chattel to be used. The answer is change where we get our immigrants from, yes the country needs them but we don’t need to import the dross of Asia or Africa,. The simple fact that I’d simply be accused of xenophobia when nothing could in fact be further from the truth.
The fact is rampant immigration is destryoing our culture and way of life and our Governments ongoing willingness to accept low rent migrants that see NZ as an easy target or a stepping stone to countries that deny them inital access. The challenge of this aspiration is, how do we package it up neatly and with the least collateral damage to our international reputation? Dawn Raids, round up all refugees, political asylum seekers, student visa holders and anyone who has been granted Permanent Residence and identifies as Muslim in the last 5 years and either deport or intern them for a comprehensive review of their suitability to remain in this country. When did the rights of non natural citizens and those who seek to actively change our society start to be placed ahead of a countries indigenous people?
It is the political correctness of the MSM that is doing more harm than good by trying to dress up these jihadi terrorists in western countries.
About an hour ago I saw the Australian Attorney General on Sky News talking about the very same thing – he spoke of the two separate pictures and very clearly linked them and left me in no doubt that this was an act of terror carried out by someone who was a terrorist! Correct, if you rob a bank the terror caused to bystanders is a byproduct of the robbery and threat posed.
To take people hostage and install fear and threat of death in order to broadcast your message or beliefs is simply terrorism.

I can’t see any fuzzy grey area that would make it difficult to distinguish terrorism from other acts of crime.
So under that logic, the french peasants that went to Versaille, kidnapped the king and his court and took them back to Paris so that he could appreciate the hardship french citizenry were going through was terrorism.
The debate about labelling the incident as a terrorist act is largely to [de]legitimise any steps to prevent something like this occuring again and our own psychology of fear. Very generalised statement – you are welcome to come into my shop to watch a few moderate lefties work bloody hard and contribute to society.
Deranged or not he was two things, firstly he was using terror for his own ends in the name of Islam, whether he belonged to a specific group or not is not the issue.
Secondly this individual was considered sane and safe enough to be let out on bail, I believe if anyone was deranged it was the legal individual who allowed him to go free to carry on writing and preaching his anti government and anti western hate filled ravings, again in the name of Islam. Anybody with any intelligence can see and recognize we have a world wide Moslem movement going on to force the western world to accept their beliefs with complete disregard and respect to our own beliefs and way of life. There is only one reason they want to be armed and it scares the living hell out of me for what our grandchildren and children will be inheriting because we rolled over and allowed these people to continue with their segregation and separatism, we are going to pay very dearly for welcoming them into our country and giving them an opportunity for a better way of life for their families in a new country. Great example is the Cartoon in the Herald today – it implies a connection with Isis. And thats fine as long as the agency involved is accountable and transparent in their doings.
While tribal Pakistan faces the most severe and sustained challenges, the Pakistani mainland is also threatened. In addition to seeking the blessing of al-Qaeda, their perceived vanguard, they also receive training and operational guidance there. Nonetheless, prolonged conflict zones in Southern Thailand, Southern Philippines, and Eastern Indonesia produce the conditions for local groups to spawn and foreign groups such as Jemaah Islamiyah to establish a presence.
However, they lack both the legal structures and the platforms to counter extremist ideologies.
And instead of conducting a large number of small scale attacks, these groups are likely to mount fewer medium to large scale attacks. They should work together to build common databases, exchange personnel and conduct joint training and joint operations to defeat the common threat of terrorism.
Without Muslims, Muhammad’s Quran would be just another historic relic sitting on library shelves, next to Hitler’s Mein Kampf, gathering dust and criminals of the world have to find other instruction manuals to guide their activities. The fire from burning the Quran only energizes the already zany fanatical believers of Allah to further engage in their world-dismembering acts. For as long as there are people who cling no matter how loosely or tightly to Islam, humanity, including Muslims, stands to suffer the consequences.
Yet, by being a Muslim, the individual, willingly or unwillingly, directly or indirectly, empowers the zealot jihadist Muslims who live and die to further the cause of Islam. In Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Sudan, Iraq, Pakistan, Bahrain, and even the Islamic show cases such as Egypt and Turkey. In one recent brutal attack by the Alawites forces of President Bashar Assad, some 90 people, including many children were murdered. Peace, tolerance and respect for others are alien to the followers of Muhammad, no matter which sect they belong to and irrespective of where in the world they live. Not only women are officially worth one-half of a man, they are to serve as a man’s property in the tragically ordained manner.
They have perfected their skills at their trade of spreading Islam, the means of making their parasitic living.
For one, they buy the ever ready-for-purchase politicians to further their cause through legislations that would muzzle freedom of expression by any voice that dares to expose Islam for what it is.
They force other businesses to withdraw their advertisements from any print or electronic medium that may report honestly about the horrors of their belief. Muslims are the most oppressive and intolerant people of the world and they justify their intolerance on the teachings of their holy book, the Quran.
Yet, these very intolerant people come to the welcoming Western countries and demand one-sided tolerance from their hosts. Then, gradually builds its power to the point that the soft approach no longer is necessary to subdue others and impose its will.
Some Muslims take up arms, following the examples of Islam’s founder, Muhammad, in their aim to vanquish the non-Muslims. I suspect that they are only comfortable calling them terrorists if they are far far away in non western countries, because it couldn’t possibly happen here now could it?
I just think we have to keep our eyes open to the danger within from our own, as well as the danger these brain-washed islamists pose to our way of life.
This is technically an act of terrorism on 2 levels because even though technically the Mounties were not the intended target, they were killed because they tried to stop Bourque in his main objective, which was trying to blow up petrol stations in a protest against the government and Canada’s oil industry.
The reaction of MSM to John Keys comments on the siege (eg Andrea Vance) gave the game away.
Those who wish to split hairs are simply dancing on the head of a pin in order to further their own political agenda against the sitting government here and in Australia.
He wanted to talk to Tony Abbott and had a history of railing against the government in his chosen place of residence. Interesting to note that the first 3 stories on the 7am news were 3 different killings by Islamic terrorist. Strangely enough, the United Nations ignores this fact, and provides them with millions of dollars of aid every year.
Until Muslim women stand up to these cowards it is unlikely lasting progress will ever be achieved. These Jihadists are living hidden amongst the Muslim population and can strike at any time as we have seen.
In order to protect the cultural values that we hold so dear and that have been so hard won, we want to abolish freedom of conscience, eviscerate what little remains of free speech, lock people up if we think they might commit a crime and proscribe thought crimes.
I’m not even sure if he was suicidal, although that was the end result of his big day out. When Stalin held up banks as a boy it was still a robbery because there was no obvious political motive. He was a Muslim, followed Muslim beliefs, took over a cafe and held hostage innocent people of which people died. I suggest we stand down the troops and send in a brigade of mental health professionals to rehabilitate them all. While there is no doubt that elements of the muslim community pose a risk to us in NZ they are not the only ones. Success here would showcase once again our ability to lead global thinking on matters of great import. In that area of Sydney if you want to rob a business for money, you don’t rob a cafe, there are much more cash rich businesses in the area.

They believe those actions should be taken by others on their behalf at no cost to themselves. Therefore in my book inciting and urging racial hatred and anti western action is an act of terrorism.
They made the most of Timothy McVeigh and his white supremacist beliefs and contacts which shocked and horrified the world after the bombing in Oklahoma a few years ago, people were made very aware of the damage that organization can do to a disturbed mind.
We have to stop rolling over to their demands, and they need to respect our way of life and dress and make the effort to conform if they truly want the freedom we have.
Its further proof that even if we surrender more of our civil rights and allow our agencies to spy on all citizens they are too stupid to recognise and eliminate even obvious threats (in this case they even got evidence from Iran) – with blind pencil pushers like that in charge its only going to be a matter of time where innocent citizens get thrown under the Bus in the name of Terrorism. Governments must understand that a cleric that preaches moderate views is as important as a law enforcement or intelligence counter-terrorism officer in combating religious terrorism.
He is the author of the international bestseller ‘Inside al-Qaeda: Global Network of Terror,’ published by Columbia University Press.
All kinds of well-meaning and not so well meaning people who are alarmed with Islam Mayhem and Murder, Inc have been proclaiming that their fight is with Islam and not with Muslims. These people are either incapable or do not want to see that it is the Muslims, the active jihadists as well as their masses of supporters who are and remain culprits committing much of what is repugnant and harmful to civilized humanity.
Yet, sadly, many Muslims refuse to recognize the fact that it is their sickly belief system that is at the core of leading them astray and inflicting great harm to all.
For one, by paying his religiously required tax known as Khums (one-fifth of his income) to the imams and mullahs. They even exhort their just too happy jihadists to wage war against each other whenever it suits them and they can get away with it.
No sooner in power, in any place, they shamelessly and brutally begin their mayhem and murderous practices.
Four women to a man in regular marriage and as many women as a man wishes in temporary marriages. Over time, these Muslims increase their demands to the point of aiming to subvert the civilized hosts and transform them to their failed savage system ruled by the Sharia Law. Other Muslims empower the frontline jihadist by supplying them with material support and manpower. However, the Mounties themselves are State officials and symbols of Statehood, which sort of makes this a double-whammy terrorist act, perpetrated by a Canadian. There don’t seem to be care facilities in Auckland to adequately and proportionately cater for the range of mentally ill.
Many terrorist acts have been taken against non-state targets (eg civilian targets purely to terrorise and gain publicity).
However, if we acknowledge that, we’ll be lending support to the development of enhanced surveillance.
The British treated the early settlers in Israel as terrorists because they killed British soldiers and blew things up for a political motive. I nominate Dr Norman to lead the team and surely Mr Rudman could accompany them to report on their activities. What is common is the risk of people from other cultures with different values than ours coming into NZ (on the back of immigration laws that arnt robust enough in my opinion) failing to assimilate & failing to abide by our normal cultural restraints.
This is true economically and apparently it is also true when it comes with dealing with the evil in the world. Unfortunately for all of us ISIS is way ahead of the traditional and plodding Fourth Estate. Woe upon a woman who thinks of herself as an equal-rights human and violates these Islamic draconian laws. Honor killing awaits the fate of any woman who steps outsides Islam’s misogynistic boundaries.
Surely it is better to confine a few on the border of mental illness than expose society to known mentally ill people.
The tough part is proving that a person actually has a political belief that he’s trying to further. He asked to speak to Tony Abbott ergo the State is the target ergo he is a terrorist by definition.
Could it be because Hama’s are foolish enough to take on someone who can and does defend themselves aggressively, and the media like to go with the underdog?
If this was a feature of New Zealand society, the United Nations would be on us like a tonne of bricks.
So, if we are paranoid about that, we re-define the terrorist as an unhinged individual and hammer the government for pointlessly encroaching on our personal freedom.
I personally don’t think the term terrorist is very helpful because of its emotional and political overtones.
The Hamilton Somali community are responsible for large numbers of burglaries, meth labs and sexually motivated street assaults on women.
I don’t deny kiwi males are capable of the same but due to cultural factors it is far more prevalent behaviour within the Indian student community. A terrorist used to be someone trained up by an organization and sent out armed to spread or enforce an ideology through acts of terror. They make a very good living by not breaking a sweat, while day and night preaching hatred of non-Muslims, and training wave after wave of impressionable young as soldiers of Allah. We don’t have to keep them in horrible conditions, just not have them roam freely in society.
So how is it that the 50 Muslim nations get away with it without a murmur from the UN or the civil rights activists like John bin Minto ?
There are many examples of young male students who are sent here to study by their wealthy families because their dodgy background means they cant get into the USA. If you want to come here you come here to be kiwis and act like Kiwis and live our values and bring your talents to contribute to our fair land. I know of examples of sexual assault by these students that schools have attempted to cover up or minimise because they like the income this group brings in. Before we start calling somebody a terrorist we really need to define what we mean by terrorist.
I certainly am critical of their belief and feel that Muslims must wake up to the destructive nature of their creed.
If you don’t like those terms, if you want to set up your own separatist cultural, you own mirror image of the values of your homeland, then rack off back to the deserts or the overcrowded cities or the stinking slums from where you once came. The Muslims not only need to leave Islam, they owe to themselves and the rest of humanity to actively work at putting an end to one of humanity’s most harmful dogma. No longer do the minions of a terrorist ideology have to be trained up and armed, now, through the power of the internet and social media, weak individuals can be targeted and infected from a distance.

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