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Understanding the secret to Nikola Tesla and his famed energy generator invention that is said to be able to generate unlimited electricity without the need for any fuel consumption. There may be many of you questioning the existence of Nikola Tesla or his revolutionary energy generator invention. The credibility of Nikola’s revolutionary work, especially in the realm of electromagnetism, should not be doubted either.
Over the course of his life (10 July 1856 – 7 January 1943), Tesla contributed significantly to research and experimentation in the use of commercial electricity.
Tesla pioneered many discoveries in the field of electromagnets, and his revolutionary theories and in-depth studies are said to have formed the basis for the invention of the radio and wireless communications as we know it today, as well as X-Ray machines.
One of Tesla’s crowning moments was his demonstration of an AC electric generator that transported electricity over large distances. The secret of free alternative energy is grounded in the design of the Nikola Tesla energy generator. By building an electricity generator by yourself, you could produce sufficient green electricity for a small family unit to be able to unplug itself from a commercial electrical grid.
If the Nikola Tesla energy generator were to have become freely available during Thomas Edison’s days, one wonders what the face of electricity would be today. Whatever the reasoning might be, harnessing energy in this manner is both real and quite effective, not to mention incredibly inexpensive. With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. Continue building up hot-glue until the Nozzle and Nozzle Extension are well secured to the CD Case. I have been working on a design for a turbine where the turbine would spin a flywheel that would help retain mechanical motion to create electrical energy. I have powered my CD Tesla Turbines with everything from my breath ,to compressed air and water combinations. To set up the alternator I simply attached a magnetic coupler to the alternator shaft, then used a coffee can as an adapter to fit the turbine. If your getting a few milivolts out of it, it is working, but you havent connected it right. The Tesla turbine has a flat torque curve compared to an auto engine that generally has increased torque with higher rpm. I have no idea as to the feasibility of something like this, but would it be possible to make this into a sort of wind turbine, and then use the magnet discs as a generator? I'm been experimenting with wind turbines for about a year now and built a few HAWTS and VAWTS each one improving on the last. I have seen this video it is quite old and am yet to see this design running in anything other than a controled environment.
Hey there, I just finished making a turbine for a physics project, and i wanted to thank you for the very helpful instructions! I am amking an air powered version and just to be on the safe side what is the highest PSI can i go up to with out causing a blow out and injuring me or other materials around me? When citing from this web site the following citation format should be used: Rudinska, Iwona.
December 21 2003, About 4 months ago I started drinking what I call magnetic water as a means of energizing my body.
What I think is happening is that the magnetite which is a strong magnetic suscepter is concentrating the earth's magnetic fields into it's cylindrical shape and the shape effect, in turn, sets up a magnetic spiral vortex in the core of the cylinder in which the water is stored.
I think this is the activating force for change in our bodies toward regeneration, as we drink it, and the hair color restoration is the first sign of this happening. I HAVE MAGNETITE FOR SALE : $5 a pound at 50 pounds, $7 at 20 pounds, $10 at 10 pounds, $12 at 5 pounds. Now, because we have all of these types of water, we could have 36 types of Brown's Gas, and much more with special modifications of the gas; at the moment only a few are under investigation.
The first few paragraphs are repeated from the Ascension Assistance page; new information follows. The velocity of the flow of water in an imploding vortex multiplied by the radius from the center of the vortex is theoretically infinite.
The glass vessel containing the imploding water vortex lies in the midst of a large crystal grid, the angles of the relationship between the crystals as well as the type and resonance-quality of import for creating natural scalar, or standing waves. We use sound, both within and beyond our human auditory range, sonics and ultra sonic frequencies, as well as pulsating light from different parts of the spectrum depending on the formulation being created. The addition of the substance, of the mother tincture, along with the more subtle light elements in formulating is important for lasting change and healing. Besides a silly lumping together of different emerging technologies based on different theories of physics it's simplistic and incorrect; to suggest an exacting on the field of earth shows a misunderstanding of vector physics. Indeed, Whittaker's 1904 paper showed that any ordinary EM field, including EM waves, can be replaced by such scalar potential interferometry.
New: in the winter of 2005 we had a square wave frequency generator built for us with multiple programmable channels utilizing a quartz oscillator that creates very precise frequencies with square wave forms. These original sound frequencies were used in the early Gregorian Chants, such as the great hymn to St. Rather than encode the six frequencies individually in a linear pattern as in individual formulas or one would hear on a CD--we generated each in one of the channels and synthesized them together creating a standing wave. The synthesis of the six tones is encoded in Chrysalis 8 as a standing wave, greater than the sum of the parts, during the torus implosion method we use to lock frequencies into our water based formulas that last for months rather than the minutes that would otherwise occur since water normally reverts quickly back to a disorganized state.
These were imparted as the primary frequencies prior to the sound--the frequencies that create the sounds, the notes that you would hear--so literally crystal clear communication directly to your cells rather than through your ears and avoiding the secondary distortion that will always take place depending on the instruments or quality of the voice(s); the recording as well as listening medium etc. Company : GESUNDHEIT, Laboratories & Pharmaceutical Sdn Bhd, Leader In Electronic Medication. 21 Pekeliling Business Centre, Jalan 65C Off Jalan Pahang Barat, 53000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They are famous in that country, they are selling different product based on Waves at certain frequencies that they play on the water, and by drinking the water you get cured. Original The One TM is a function food product that is produced using electronic medical technology that is able to help increase health level and cure various types of illnesses totally.
Energies that have been extracted are put together into three types of radiation, which are Alpha, Beta and Gamma Ray to enable them to take charge of all situation of critical illnesses, imbalances, deficiencies beside having the ability to cure up to the cell level.
The function of Original The One TM are divided into four compartments that are combined to work as the end product in helping the process of curing various illnesses, activating organ function and increasing health level as a whole.
Contains energies that are extracted from hundreds of ingredients that historically have been proven to be effective in improving health level. The effectiveness of these ingredients have been proven as able to increase health and have been used by health and food expert from all over the world fot centuries. Besides improving body health level, it also works to activate organs such as psychological, nerve, muscle, bone, lymphatic, respiratory, digestive, blood circulation (including heart), excrement, endocrine, reproductive (male & female), brain, and also body temperature and fitness control system.
Contains energy that is extracted from heal cord to help cure all types of illnesses and their sources that have been identified by medical expert from around the world. The third compartment in Original The One contains energy that is specified to eliminate pain without using any chemicals, drugs or toxics that could cause side effects.
Contains energies of more than 100 additional food pro, vitamins, and nutrient that are needed to sustain beauty, natural young look and delay the aging process.
The usage of Original The One might cause aggravation or healing crisis as a part of medicating and healing process. One problem: his tests rely on highly sensitive chemical reactions which are triggered when trace amounts of certain materials are present. Speculative weirdness: wind the two coils around a human head, play the pure white noise through it, then send the resulting signal into a coil wrapped around ANOTHER person's head.
Cluster work has led to major reassessments of some fundamental properties of bulk water including a new value for the absolute solvation enthalpy of the proton.
The culprit in these differences from literature turns out to be water's ability to reorganize about charge. Jerry led them further into the mountains than they had ever explored before, “Come on, it is back there on the cliff wall,” he called. The stories that the pictographs told were that a suppliant would be introduced into the temple to receive training and then drink of a golden water that would renew their bodies for another 100 years.
Armed with that information, and seeing the sky was darkening with the usual afternoon thunderheads, the men headed for home.
Putting together a copy of the original machine with the battery in line, they found that the machine created a very strange output of energy.
At the end of the day, when the experiments were over and the machine turned off, Cal reached for the glass of water to drink because it was hot in the shop. The next day, he followed the same procedure and at the end of the day drank the water again. One friend with a degenerative spine from a compression fall began drinking the water daily and after 6 months the next MRI showed a 32% improvement. Nearly everyone who tried it found that the water not only had the ability to change diseased cells to their normal status, the energy level increased, shallow sleep patterns reverted to the normal deeper, more refreshing kind, and hormone production normalized. Putting the two processes together created a union between the Aetheric Gold (or silver, or platinum, etc.) and water. If you have trouble believing in the power of water (important to have salt also), then I recommend that you read what Dr. While living in Montana, I had the great opportunity to meet Dan Nelson (I don't believe in coincidence).
After 2 months of changes with the government of the State of Utah, I finally obtained approval for the first label for Dan's water so that it could go on the market.
Dan Nelson’s development of a new class of laser, which he now refers to as the “Geometric Laser”, makes possible the total engineering of a given volume of water to achieve a 100% conversion of the fundamental water particle to sub nanometer size. Any water exposed to the Geometric Laser assumes a minimum spin state of 1.8 million bio-angstroms.
The science of thermodynamics involves the movement of heat - the reversible transformation of heat into other forms of energy such as mechanical energy.
Bringing any pure water to a higher coherent quantum state and maintaining it there requires the manipulation of quantum thermodynamics. In considering our product, remember that what you start with has a lot to do with what your end product becomes.
Pure Telluride water naturally contains extra electrons, also known as H-, a naturally occurring antioxidant. Information reported by the United States Environmental Protection Agency reports that in 1999, there were 27 million Americans using tap systems that violated health standards.
March of this year [2006], Dan completed construction of his new laser and another new water enhancement device, and the result is that instead of using 8 ounces in your drinking water [1 gallon], one only needs 2 ounces. Also this year, I am working with Dan in a collaborative effort to produce another separate upgrade of The Water that includes my product called "BIONAID".
While we do not [and will not] use "doom and gloom" to sell products to our members, we believe that it is very wise to always have plenty of our specialty water on hand for emergencies.
At the very beginning, a few years ago, I drank it straight and felt so good the first couple of days, but then all that energy and cleansing power really began to break out all those toxins out of my body very fast, including toxins in my head, that NEEDED to be removed, and I had a dull headache for a few days.
The Water is not intended as a dental treatment and has no flouride added (like most bottled water products).
After traveling through about 20 feet of pressurized pipe, the magnetically softened water I observed had lost roughly half of its softness, and after about 50 feet, the calcium buildup was the same as when there was no softening device in the system. So in order to work, magnets need to be on each and every outlet, which is an expensive proposition.
There has been deception here, and so my suggestion is to be very careful, especially if you are thinking about investing money or energy. Perhaps one of the greatest uses I have seen of water is its ability to tap into zero-point energy.
It's worth your while to study carefully the free-energy water machine of Victor Schauberger. I have seen enough to know that the Schauberger device is real and that Schauberger's technology will probably someday be the rule.
Our government has the plans and has even patented essential parts of the invention to keep it out of our hands.
The best part of this machine is that it seems alive, and everything near this machine when it is operating becomes healthy and feels complete and whole. In the Turkish Water, I saw the possibility of the Earth's being able to heal herself from the poisons that have plagued her. People have taken my words out of context and falsely claimed, on many Internet sites, that I am in favor of drinking this water. To be clear, I ask that you do not drink this Turkish water until there has been very careful, long-term testing by the FDA.
As mentioned above, I have seen too many negative reports to suggest even trying magnetic water for drinking. As simply as it may have seemed to use this water to heal the rivers, lakes, and even oceans of the world, it has become clear from my interaction with the Turkish water that this will probably never happen, at least not coming out of Turkey. This one is for the future, but so many of you have asked about this information that I want to say something here. The following was originally written July 28, 2002, and made available on a limited bases to a few individuals.
At night, when the upper cabinet is open for viewing, you can see deep blue lights along with and as bright as white lights streaking in from the top and up from the bottom of the bottle of water.
As the inventor pulled together the various components of the device, he needed a resistor. The inventor knows now that he needs to shield the machine so as to protect people from some of the nuclear particles that are emitted while it is in operation.
When the machine is first turned on, after having been off for a while, it takes about half a minute or so before the aetheric energies begin flowing.
These are now shielded by an aluminum casing or cabinet that has water between two layers of aluminum. The machine is in the bottom portion of the cabinet, and the bottles of water to be charged are situated in the upper cabinet. The inventor said that the aetheric energy is very slow compared to electricity that flows near the speed of light. At some point, he plans to return to the task of adapting this incoming energy for use in our power grid.
Eventually, through a smooth transition, he would like to see the AC power grid replaced by this more natural form of energy that is in harmony with life, not antithetical to it, as AC energy is.
He recommends that all AC wiring be run through the floors (then up to the outlets) and not through the walls, as is usually the case in construction.
Speaking of electricity, the power company has paid him a visit twice, wondering why he is only using $20.00 of electricity per month, even though he has a shop in his garage with heavy equipment. Another time, his friend was standing at the sink washing dishes, some 20 feet away from the machine.
Arc comes off the top of the magnetic water (distilled); evidence at your fingertips of aetheric science not accounted for by present models of physics. Link to the complete PDF  Magnetic Amplifiers, another lost technology, by the US Navy.
And your skepticism would be valid, primarily because of the relative obscurity of Tesla’s work towards the end of his life. Although he was never a front runner for the Nobel Prize, Tesla did receive a single endorsement, out of 38, for the prize in 1937. One of his best achievements was the development of the modern day Alternating Current (AC) system, the foundation of the Nikola Tesla Energy Generator.

The principle is to leverage vibrating magnetic frequencies, freely floating in the earth’s atmosphere, to produce something resembling a solar grid for electricity. Some believe that Tesla’s patent was not commercialized, because it challenged the entire electrical paradigm and more particularly, those that made money off of it. As such, many are beginning to revisit wider scale deployment of Nikola Tesla energy generator invention for renewable energy source. This Tesla CD Turbine is based on the Tesla turbine, which was invented by Nikola Tesla in the early 1900's. I adapted a magnetic coupler to an automotive 12 volt alternator, and got it to rotate by magnetic coupling with the turbine.
Trying to increase the rpm with gearing, without additional pressure from the water supply, is futile. I know that in general small-scale wind turbines have a lot of trouble overcoming the magnetism of the permanent magnets unless there is a powerful wind, so this seems like it would be a lot easier. It consists of an empty new one gallon, in paint can, in which is placed an empty one liter soda bottle that has the top cut off at the level where it starts to get narrower.
A second sign is that my fingernails are growing faster and stronger and my skin seems to be getting smother and softer, in spots, with less skin tags. As these forces increase the hydrogen bonds of the water molecule cannot sustain the pressure difference and begin to dissociate, at this point they can be permanently restructured (the bond angles). The equipment with the glass vessel containing the imploding water vortex is surrounded by a Tesla coil: actually two coils intertwined as one (Tesla technology does not produce harmful EMF or any form of electronic polution). This is a preliminary step to restructure the hydrogen bonds and prepare the medium at that critical point in the process.
With that kind of misinformation apparent we wanted to include some information about scaler waves, so you can understand the phenomenom for yourself. A good deal of information follows loosely relating to our formulas and approach by third parties, some by our customers.
Although "synergy" is used to sell automobiles now it remains a fact that standing or scalar waves are created by multiple individual longitudinal waves and are more powerful than the sum of the parts-then the frequencies taken in one at a time. They also have a web of 27 clinics in the country where you can get Electrowaves Treatment; they use a Generator of Frequencies, Rife's machines like.
The ability of electronic medical technology in converting the gist of the ingredients into energy form has enabled the energies to be supplied simultaneously to increase health level totally.
Original The One is able to help curing various illnesses especially from sources such as Miasm Cancer including Benign Tumor and Malignant, Miasm Gonorrhea, Miasm Syphilis (hereditaru or infection), Miasm Psora, Miasm TB, virus, Herpes Bacteria, Fungus, Psychology, Blood, Organ dysfunction, Toxic and Poisoning, Trauma and Accident, Hormone and Imbalance Vitamin. Pain is also a symptom shown buy one's body about the illness that need to be medicated and cured.
To overcome pain or illness that emerges in a sudden, drink Original The One together with Booster three times in a row for every 15 minutes. It is able to activate the regeneration of skin cells, help eliminate aging symptoms, activate healthy skin and strengthe skin immune system. If it occurs to you where your old illness reoccurs or the current illness becomes more painful or some changes on some physical part (toxic discharge in the body), do not panic. Shake the tube during this process, otherwise the water supposedly won't "record" the pattern reliably.
Also, guinea pig skin capillaries responded to an acetylcholine "treated" water by a visible dye response. Play the white noise through a bottle of LSD, then send it into a coil wrapped around a human body.
Does the difference signal measurably change when various chemicals are passed near the coil pair?
The extrapolation of hydrated electron cluster photo detachment energies to bulk has lead to a reassessment of water's band gap and V_0 value (location of the conduction band edge relative to the vacuum level).
This new bulk picture of water has been configured to shed light on the 6-9 eV photoionization process in water. I owe them a great deal of gratitude for their good work which has enspired me and made my life so much brighter.
This was where the ancients held ceremonies to teach and then when the time was right with the individual they were given “Gold” to drink.
When he was 8 years old he had seen a strange machine built by an even stranger man who wandered into a mining camp where his father was working.
He had found that he could reproduce the effects of the M state elements without chemistry by just using furnaces in special ways. My first introduction to the amazing power of water began then with these words from my great friend, Billy Joe Spurlock, "water will become the most important thing on Earth".
Dan Nelson’s previous experience with technologically enhanced water began with his use of Patrick Flanagan’s Crystal Energy concentrate based on silica micro-clusters with high surface zeta potential. Lower interfacial tension, while making water a more efficient solvent and wetting agent, does not make water a more efficient hydrating agent. The athletic performance enhancement water that was produced jointly by Dan Nelson and Lloyd Mears clocks in at 12 million bio-angstroms.
This is accomplished with a unique Laser that actually produces a time reversed particle wave. The Water starts out with a base water that comes from an ancient aquifer 8,000 feet below the surface.
Pure Telluride Natural Spring Bottled Water comes from a spring deep in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Free radicals or unstable molecules from poor diets, bad water, pollution, and stress attach themselves to stable molecules, stealing their electrons and making them unstable. Now, we are shipping a 16 ounce bottle that do the same job [and then some!] as the previous 2 liter bottle originally produced for Range Guide Expiditions. We are continuing to see that pure, living water, especially enhanced specialty water like The Water, is rapidly becoming the most precious substance on planet Earth. One 16 ounce bottle, adding 2 ounces per gallon of drinking water makes 8 gallons of mix which normally lasts for a month.
Emoto and associates, and ancient "Light Language" to The Water, making this product exclusively unique from the water products of other people that sale Dan's water under other brand names. Wish we could tell you all the incredible testimonies about The Water, but we cannot without putting us in the position of having The Water classified as a drug by the FDA. You can go down and buy water softening systems that use only magnets — usually hexagonal — instead of salt to soften the water. The magnetic field that suspends molecules in the water with other molecules is destroyed as the water moves through pipes. With water and water alone, I believe it is possible to tap into a near-infinite source of energy.
During World War II, Schauberger invented a machine containing only water that was not only reused indefinitely to produce free energy, but that opened the real possibility for space travel. But it is inevitable, because it is so simple, that one day Schauberger's technology will belong to the world. Lee Lorenzen discovered how to make a type of primal water that is necessary, as I see it, for life to emerge for one level to another. Lorenzen's water, and so we still have not had enough time to do the actual "street work" for studying Dr.
Lorenzen experienced in the beginning: How to ship frozen clustered water without destroying the product from over heating. I do feel that it has real promise, because so many people are reporting that it has really helped them heal their diseases and make them feel and look younger. I feel that these sites are using these distortions of my words to make money for themselves, without caring about people. Being the resourceful guy that he is, he pulled out a glass of water and used that for the resistor. It took him another three months to figure out how the machine worked and to get it to run yet again. If someone comes into the premises who has highly negative emotions about them, the machine ceases to work. He used a 3 horse power motor, but that was because that is what was available at the time. It entails a reconfiguration of the magnets and the coils so as to be able to pull in the aetheric energy. For that, he took a motor cycle battery shell and adapted it (also proprietary) to the purpose specific to his device.
Judging from the timing of how long it takes the aetheric energy to run through his set-up, he estimates that the aetheric energy he is tapping flows at around 2-3 feet per second.
It may be as simple as connecting it to a bank of capacitors and then running that through an inverter to convert that DC power into usable AC.
The power grid that crisscrosses the land actually blocks the natural aetheric flows of energy through the earth; and when it gets to a critical point, surpassing the earths ability to buffer, we will see some fantastic calamities result.
One of these storms came along, and the next morning the boxes were arranged in a circle around his house. When the machine cycled through one of its phases, suddenly she was no longer standing in front of the sink, but was standing outside in a field. Well, it turns out that a device that a friend of mine invented has characteristics of extracting aetheric energy from the vast sea of energy that surrounds us and is able to charge water with both an electrical and magnetic charge.
We're talking about water having been charged and then dissipating that charge in the form of an arc to your finger. The fact that he was even considered for such a prestigious award is testament to the standing he enjoyed in the scientific community of his time.
Rumor of the time had it that his nomination for the Nobel Prize was largely as a result of his work with tuned circuits and high voltage transformers.
Best of all, it is a low-cost DIY device, which could save individuals and families hundreds of dollars a year on electricity bills. Could that be a reason Tesla’s designs and his research weren’t made public until more recently? I made pans for an engine a while ago that runs on both diesel and gas using (compressive detonation).
I was thinking something like having a large, flared intake to maximize air pressure, and then a tail boom to make sure it orients itself with the wind .
This is largely due to airs high viscosity, it bounces around and creates turbulence within a funnel, a small amount of funneling will improve performance slightly but large funnels actually make turbines less efficient, as they create drag and turbulence rather than allowing a clean stream of air onto the turbine. In the space between the inner wall of the paint can and the empty one liter container, magnetite is poured.
The dentist told him that he was going to have to do two root canals at $475.00 each before he could do the crowns. As is known the lifetime, modes of decay and thermal neutron capture cross-sections vary significantly between these isotopes; likewise, Brown has seen the various stages of his gas offer very different effects. So first one needs to create a very powerful, very, very, very swiftly moving imploding spiral flow of water. So, the interference of two scalar potential beams is simply the interference of two hidden sets of multiwaves. This language is multidimensional and is reflected on the molecular level as well as the subtle. Given the length and growing amount of information on this website we would suggest this would be the LAST section to read. The chants and their special tones were believed to impart healing when sung in harmony during religious masses and were rediscovered by Dr. They are an important part of our work; used too often destructively, scalar waves can be used wonderfully to heal and uplift. He claims that the "structure" of biochemicals can be impressed on water electrically using white noise and coils, and then the water will display some of the activity of the original biochemical.
Also, live guinea pig hearts responded to another type of "treated" water as if a chemical was actually present. I was wondering if the signal for alcohol could be impressed onto water, and then the signal could be played into a coil wrapped around a human body to cause intoxication.
Will the signal cause the same reactions as if traces of the actual chemical were injected into the person? If so, then examine this signal with a spectrum analyzer to look for resonance lines associated with various chemicals.
New gas phase work on the role of electronically excited states of dissociating H_3O Rydberg radicals (from electron transfer reactions) will be presented.
Past the rugged areas they saw what looked like a gradually rising slope that ended at a rock cliff or wall. Well versed in ancient languages from around the world, Jerry and Vernon paused and then interpreted the pictographs.
When Cal told him of his problem they got together and created a battery with monoatomic elements out of his new discoveries. He tried, quite unsuccessfully, to tame it and finally used the biggest resister he knew of – distilled water. Another was an elderly woman who gave up crocheting because arthritis had crippled her hands.
It has gone through several upgrades since that time, especially with Dan's new invention that he initally called the "Virtual Photon Laser".
One parameter of Patrick Flanagan’s water, which has never been discussed, is the molecular spin-state expressed in bio-angstroms.
Water must enter the cell through active protein channels in the cell membrane wall called “aquaporin”. This is achieved by energizing the water with energy turned back to the water from vacuum space around the particles. The second law, commonly referred to as the entropy principle, refers to the degradation of the total energy in a system. Technically, this is a virtual particle wave running in the near ultraviolet end of the spectrum. Out of approximately 5,000 samples from around the world, this water was selected as the best water in the world to use as the base water for making The Water. This natural spring water is known for its smooth taste and well-balanced mineral content including a high level of H- (H negative), a youth preserving anti-oxidant. This causes a deficiency in our body, which leads to illness as well as premature cellular degeneration. It has been researched in labs for over 15 years, and the results are unsurpassed regarding products with non-colloidal [under .004 microns] silver nano-particles.
My own personal experience with The Water taught me to respect The Water, so I start out the first few days with only 1 or 2 8oz glasses of the mix. Remember, "The Water" is the original and we are the ones on the cutting edge in water technology. I can't even tell you that "a glass of water cured my dehydration", so please do not ask us if this "heals" any specific thing, as we make no claims that The Water does any specific thing for your medical benefit.
I have witnessed how magnets clamped on the water pipes at the water heater worked perfectly — there was no calcium build-up on the electrical coils — but then as the water moved away from the source, through a pressurized pipe, it became became harder and harder. The one exception that I am aware of is products made by the Nikken, a company that seems to understand the relationship of magnetic fields to the human body. Further, the DNA molecule, down the center of its core, also is filled with clustered water.
Then they decided to create a machine that would cluster water that could be drunk immediately. Again, the only possible exception is Nikken magnetic water coming from the Pi machine, but still, the results are not yet known.

The inventors could hardly believe the results since there was no lead anywhere in the entire device. The device was actually initially intended to be a Tesla-like electrical generator that pulls energy from the aether. People who are "sensitive" to "energies" get an unusual sensation when the machine is operating.
Once the aetheric energies begin flowing, the adjoining Geiger counter immediately shows a strong reading from the alpha particles being emitted. What better way to do that than to reveal the secret of how electricity can be produced by anyone – for free! Most alternators will require that much power just to overcome the resistance of the bearings, seals and fan. I want to make a prototype, but i need to know how much PSI will be generated at TDC right after the plug has fired with the throttle open fully. This makes a cylinder of powdered magnetite about one and one half inches thick surrounding the one liter size hole in the center. When the dentist removed the old fillings he was surprised because he said that where the root was supposed to be, the molars had calcified!
He has found that he can modulate a number of suitable mixes for his technology, thus providing an engineering tool in decontamination of nuclear wastes. We find the circumference of the vessel relative to the speed, of import, and of course the Golden Mean enters into the equation here. Scalar waves positively utilized (they are also being used destuctively in weapon systems) have numerous health enhancing qualities beyond this, and hold a key to cellular regeneration, but for any of the positive qualities to be imparted they need to be "locked in" to the formulation.
By creating vibration in a material that we can see, the pattern of the vibration becomes visible in the medium. That the waves in each beam are "hidden" is of no concern; mathematically, scalar potential interferometry is inviolate, in spite of the archaic assumptions of classical EM (When Maxwell wrote his theory, everyone knew that the vacuum was filled with a thin "material" fluid -- the ether.
Ascension Alchemy® formulations work on the molecular as well as the more subtle to effect deep and lasting transformation. The effectiveness of these ingredients has been approved by health and food expert from all over the world. This approach is actually not medicating but it is just retraining the illness symptom to eliminate pain. Or would the personality of the "transmitter brain" overwrite the personality of the "receiver?" :) Repeat the experiment using a human and a duck, or use a fresh corpse, Dr.
The role of electronically excited states of the H_3O Rydberg radical will be discussed regarding both the presence of water molecules in interstellar space and the photoionization charge separation process in water.
As they looked out over the valley below them they could see the water line of an ancient inland ocean. He had read the accounts of Moses telling Aaron to ‘burn the golden calf and give it to the people to drink.” He had studied the legends and myths of Salamanders, Maroni’s, and dragons. The machine did not work in the normal fashion and Cal remembered that he had seen the old man ‘make’ a battery for it.
DNA analysis revealed that the aging process was slowed, or stopped and, in some cases, reversed.
Billy Joe is one of the world's foremost astro-physicists, specializing in nuclear wave theory, and it was he that told me many things about the ancient science of Atlantis, Lemuria, and MU. Despite the state of the art achievement of Crystal Energy in lowering interfacial tension, Flanagan’s technology only resulted in a 15% reduction in micron sized water particles to particles in the nanometer range. In other words, the Geometric Laser exposes the water to negative entropy (reverse thermodynamics) and places it in a high quantum state. However, the extraordinary hydrating properties of this water can be attributable, not to the reduced interfacial tension, but to the breaking down of the fundamental particle size to the sub nanometer range. Normally, entropy would be a microscopic variable describing a bulk property of matter - a quantitative measure of how disorganized a physical system is.
This laser has a higher degree of phase coherence (by a factor of 100) than a conventional EM laser no matter where the EM laser is running in the visual spectrum. Bottled at the source in the mountains overlooking Telluride, this natural spring water is filtered for centuries through volcanic geology.
The process that makes BIONAID results in creating an incredibly small particle consisting of an atom of silver covalently bonded with an enormous amount of oxygen atoms that results in producing all the desired health enhancing aspects of silver without all the worries of colloidal silver. We realize that our products are not cheap, but we prefer natural alternatives, for ourselves, over the soaring costs of questionable drugs and their side effects. Now that the product is even more powerful, it is best to start out a little at a time and see how you do, then add a little more as you continue to monitor your body systems. Again, there have been no negative reports, but the clustering is achieved, as we understand it, through the use of magnets. Under the vision of the Kirlian photograph, Walter's water has a prana field that extends from the glass of water out about eight inches.
There were several different other functions taking place only fractions of a second apart from each other within the vortexes.
This "chokes" the aetheric energy so it doesn't burn up the device once the aetheric energies begin to flow. Then the machine cycled through the next phase and instantly she was standing at the sink once again.
Kindly tell me what things do i have to apply and install more to get enough electrical energy from this turbine to light up a bulb ?
It seems to keep that fly wheel in motion, should be a lot easier than to fight the resistance of the alternator without it. Then there is the force of the magnetics and back EMF to be overcome in order to actually generate power. Into this hole is placed a standard bottle of store bought spring water that is about 710 ml size (that's a 3 cup volume of water). The use of painkiller that contain drug causes the Central Nerves System to not to function properly and unable to provide information that happen in the body. He had studied endlessly to break the alchemical codes to turn lead into gold, knowing that it was not the shiny metal that the alchemists sought.
I tried some of this water for myself, having recently had my own "near death experience", and sought to give it a try. For example, low spin-state (quantum-state) water is composed of fundamental water particles, which are quite large by molecular standards and are actually micron sized particles. One of Lloyd Mear’s associates with a PhD in geophysics referred to this engineered water as “gyro” water.
These minimally small water particles now impart new and amazing properties and capabilities to water which must be experienced to appreciate. So the second law says, for any "closed" system, the entropy (magnitude of disorganization) always increases. The virtual laser imposes coherence (structure) on the vacuum medium around and through a given volume water and rotates energy out of vacuum into the fundamental water molecules.
Our personal goal for ourselves is never being in the position of having to rely on third-party health care - just do what it takes to maintain our health ourselves and place that responsibility upon our own shoulders.
So do not be suprised if you notice detoxing effects along with the energetic feeling that has commonly been reported by users. It does not make sense to drink this water, since it breaks down hydrocarbons, which is what the human body is made of.
They finally decided to stop selling the devices because they never could figure out where the lead was coming from.
The standard solution for this though, is to build a more robust alternator, that produces usable voltage at a lower RPM.
These concentration levels within the cells, tissues, blood and fluids illustrate the potential relationships between homeopathic potencies and physiological activities; the relationship continues through the more 'subtle' bodies, depending on the potency chords used in the formulation.
The sources of illness that is not medicated and detected by the Central Nerves System (due to drug-based painkillers) will make the illness more deteriorated without noticing it. Or more seriously, can the water microstructure of a healthy person be used to strengthen somebody who's weak and sick? As they climbed the slope they realized that they were not walking on a dirt or natural rock slope. At the end of the rites of passage if transcendence did not take place the seeker would return to his life to die a natural death. Billy Joe, and his associates sought to harness an understanding of how our universe works and to use the knowledge for the good of mankind, not like many that took the knowledge and used it for war and enslavement. I have to say that I owe a great deal to Dan Nelson for being here writing this for you at the beginning of 2006.
Flanagan’s Micro-clusters in water generated an impressive spin-state of 7,500 bio-angstroms when diluted according to his recommendations, whereas most drinking water rates anywhere between 3,000 and 6,000 bio-angstroms. The aquaporin only allow for the passage of the nanometer sized constituents of ingested water through the cell wall. Dan responded by agreeing with the terminology as long as it was understood that “gyro” was simply a metaphor for the permanency of the spin state properties imparted to the water by the Geometric Laser and not to some nano technology aspect. Heat transfer decreases entropy and water by shifting it into a condensed phase via the deposition of molecules in the ice lattice or the highly ordered fractal pattern of a snowflake. As entropy decreases (time reversed energy always runs thermodynamics in reverse) water physically expresses this by reorganizing fundamental particles to acquire a higher coherent quantum state. Modern filtration and purification treatments have rendered water void of natural elements.
And as time has proven to us over and over again, we, personally, have faired much better in the long run for taking this position.
Again, the water molecules are so small that they penetrate living tissues very effectively, especially with the high spin energy too. Jenney produced an amazing variety of geometric patterns, ranging from very complex to very simple, in such materials as water, oil, and graphite and sulfur powder. The use of these ingredient (drug based painkiller) would weaken one's Central Nerves System that function to control the whole nerve system in the body. They stopped and felt with their feet and then their hands until they found the edges of what they realized were steps cut into the rock but now reclaimed by nature, were covered with pieces of rocks and dirt and foliage. He would then be reborn to experience earth life as a mortal until the spirit would drive him to seek the opportunity again to transcend.
The blood sugar normalized itself and he started giving it to friends with serious problems. Over the years we have worked together in research, proving many of Billy Joe's scientific methods. The result of our meeting several years ago, the best water in the world (not just my opinion, many other researchers agree) was officialy labeled and on the market. I've been marketing the product wholesale for $35 to my club members ever since, and many have changed their lives for the better as I did by drinking The Water. According to the laws of quantum mechanics, at the quantum level there is said to be time reversibility, things can happen in any direction. All three states of water (liquid, bulk, ice-fractal flakes) represent what would be considered highly coherent quantum states.
The molecular units jump from the lower (ground) state in mathematical predictable quantized stages with different crystalline shapes of progressively smaller size. Levels of H- present in products - the higher the negative number, the higher the concentration of energy. Szent-Gyorgyi, in his book Pathology of Water, made the association that muscle tissue, cartilage, connective tissue, including skin, aged or became less pliable with time due to lack of good water provided to cells and tissues.
Again, we highly recommend mixing The Water and BIONAID with Pure Telluride, or at least the best drinking water you can find.
Nevertheless, this information is not intented to replace the advice or services of "health care professionals". It's a couple hundred dollars or so of magnets and less than a hundred dollars of magnet wire, to put together an alternator that works well at low RPM. I volunteered to do the graphics and design for the label in accordance with the guidelines I was told would satisfy the FDA. This technology has exceeded in reducing micron size particles to less than one-half nanometer. If you are interested in purchasing Pure Telluride to use with our other products or to drink alone, we have it available for drop-shipment to your door. Likewise, the opinions and information here have not been evaluated by the FDA, and come soley from our personal experience and research. Water is the universal solvent, so one should expect to have their bodies cleansed by this water.
This easy beginners version runs on garden hose pressure and is fun for demonstration or experimentation purposes. On the micro level, nothing seems to have a preference for one movement of time over the other. Instead of phase shifting water to its condensed phase, we have developed a unique approach to decreasing the entropy of water while locking it into its uncondensed phase. The following substances were tested with an ORP (oxidation reduction potential) meter to measure the level of H. Dan recently measured the energy field emmanating from The Water and he got energy readings 470 feet away from the bottle. This same CD Turbine can also be powerful, versatile, useful and dangerous when used with compressed air pressure. Forward or backward time movement is irrelevant to a molecule until we make the transition from thinking in terms of chemical thermodynamics to thinking in terms of quantum thermodynamics. This approach brings about a substantially higher coherent quantum state regarding liquid water.
The results of these products vary from individual to individual as we are all unique and have our own unique challenges, and some things take longer for some of us.
This involves the restructuring of water's crystalline molecular units into substantially smaller units.
Supporting these smaller molecular units is the proprietary function of quantum thermodynamics. The CD Turbine has unique design features such as no moving shaft, no bearings, no seals and uses recycled CD's. Water, as an open system, is exponentially susceptible to the quantum state of the vacuum medium or what is often referred to a zero point energy.
The mandalas that ancient cultures drew are two dimensional patterns that represent three dimensional sound. I will develop magnetically-coupled implements that will range from the practical (Generator, SaladSpinner, etc.) to the bizarre ( Skilsaw Blade , Punch Bowl Stirrer, etc). Although this simple turbine can be safely run at one or two thousand rpm on water hose pressure, it can turn tens of thousands of rpm on air pressure. To prevent this, regulate the air supply to lower the psi and use a digital tachometer like this one.
If the CD Turbine comes apart at 25,000 rpm, sharp CD parts will be impelled literally at the speed of a gun.

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