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He said, among other things, that he expects to have $100,000,000 within two years, and he revealed that an earthquake which drew police and ambulances to the region of his laboratory at 48 E. However, in 1906 JP Morgan halted the funding when he heard of Nikolas plans of making it a free electoral source without wires.
The first device of this kind was operated by me early in 1888, in the endeavor to construct an electric meter. The plating solution, which in this case is a concentrated solution of sulphate of copper, is poured in through an opening on the top of the rubber frame, which is closed by a plug R. In the center of the vessel is placed a light and delicately balanced copper disc D, the axis of which is supported by a capillary glass tube which is fixed to one of the glass plates by means of sealing wax, or other material not attacked by the liquid. The copper solution being carefully poured in, and the plug R replaced, the terminals of a constant current battery are connected to the binding-posts T T?, and from time to time the rotation of the disc is observed. It is very interesting to note the appearance of the solution and disc in such a narrow transparent vessel. Once locked away in Secret Government vaults the infamous Tesla Secret Generator Plans have now been leaked onto the internet, now thanks to Nikola Tesla these plans and schematics are being used to generate free electricity.
To put it nicely in 2007 a group of students at MIT were astounded that they wirelessly transmitted energy a distance seven feet through the air.
AND TODAY… Nobody knows exactly how he pulled it off because the darkest secrets were in Teslas mind. Like many geniuses Tesla suffered from obsessive-compulsive disorder which was not classified at the time. He also knew like modern day health experts know, that a healthy body is a healthy mind & as a result would walk 10 miles a day. Tesla also talked to pigeons and heard electromagnetic signals from extraterrestrials as we have spoke about in previous threads. Nikola Tesla was pretty much the ultimate mad scientist & had over 700 patents when he passed. These numbers are in reference to specific proportions of Creative Forces involved in the creation and perpetuation of every cycle, wave, oscillation and vibration.
The orthodox view of a wave and wave motion is centered around a sine wave or similar configuration.
After Tesla passed his documents were seized and after doing much digging into the subject he was being watched closely by none other than The Director Of The FBI, J. Tesla was known in Waldorf Astoria interviews for claiming that their would be ships without propellers that would zoom across the sky powered by multiple Tesla Towers.
Another reason they are hiding Teslas technology is because the Tesla UFOs use over unity technology to power itself. A proof of a German electro-propulsion (anti-gravity) flying saucer comes from FBI reports.
In the report he tells that while going to work to a nearby area in 1944, they started to hear a high pitched noise similar to a large electric generator and their tractor engine stalled which they couldn’t get starting again.
It was while working on a radio receiver designed to monitor thunderstorms that Tesla stumbled onto something quite extraordinary. Heinz was the director of the German Patent Office and the society of inventions in Hamburg from 1927 to 1933, which also had 10,000 members, inventors from all over the world. The high amount of UFO sightings around this time, in addition to the great minds coming onto the scene, really bring an interesting factor to this period. On a New York ship Heinz Jebens was introduced to a former Serbia-Austrian office Peter Savo who claimed to be a relative of Nikola Tesla. Heinz was so excited and pleased by the turbo-central about an hour later we returned to the lab in Buffalo.

The car was being powered by some type of invisible force and we reached speeds of 90 mph or 145 kilometers.
The film in question depicts the (in)famous rivalry between Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla. We wonder, then, what the infamously coiffed Cage will look like as the alleged father of electricity (when he actually just patented abso-fucking-everything). There were on the Titanic some more highly successful bankers like Benjamin Guggenheim and Isa Strauss who opposed J.P.
He had discovered the so-called cosmic ray in 1896, at least five years before any other scientist took it up and twenty years before it became popular among scientists, and he is now convinced that many of the cosmic particles travel fifty times faster than light, some of them 500 times faster.
He has found a way to produce a direct electric current by induction and without the use of a commutator, which is something the experts in electricity have considered impossible for the past hundred years.
I had one of my machines going and I wanted to see if I could get it in tune with the vibration of the building. Instead, of regurgitating what the man was thinking and building I will post what he had to say in his own words. Owing to this fact metal is deposited on one, and taken off from the other half, and the disc is caused to rotate under the action of gravity.
Upon learning, however, that I had been anticipated by others, as far as the principle is concerned,? I devised the apparatus illustrated in the accompanying engraving.
To diminish the friction as much as possible, the capillary tube which serves as a bearing contains a drop of oil. A shunt is connected to the other two binding-posts T T?, and by varying the resistance of this shunt, or other disc, the speed of rotation is regulated until it is made to correspond to the division of the dial; that is, until, for instance, one turn is made in 12 hours. The solution appears a clear blue, one side of the disc seems to be silver white in a certain position, and the other half is dark like tarnished silver. This forbidden technology is now being used to construct energy generating devices that produce free electric power, costing just a few dollars they are being fine tuned in order to create a limitless supply of renewable energy.
A world-wide awakening to the energy crisis has become evident as many technological innovations were suppressed since the time of Nikola Teslas life. The supposed title for the movie is Ruler of the World, about the famous rivalry between Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla. Lolita Davidovich (Gods and Monsters) and Rade Serbedzija (Taken 2) were previously announced to star. He would fold his napkin 3 times, circle the block 3 times before entering his apartment at the New Yorker. They didn’t see any machinery nearby but when the noise stopped, they could get their tractor starting again. He traveled to America in 1930, as a head of a respectable society, to welcome the honored company of inventor Thomas Edison. He invented the rotary field motor, and is admittedly the seer and father of all modern electrical development. If I attached the proper oscillating machine on a girder that is all the force I would need, five pounds.
As the amount of metal deposited and taken off is proportionate to the current strength, the speed of rotation, if it be small, is proportionate to the current.
There are certain errors, unavoidable from the principle; for instance, the friction, which cannot be completely overcome.
The building of a tesla generator would be a great subject for a cool science experiment, as with subjects such as anti-gravity, lasers and free power sources a topic as the tesla generator will really get the mind working.
Tesla hated round objects, human hair, jewelry, and anything that wasn’t divisible by three.

Empirical measurements have been made of pressure or power fluctuations over time and a plotting of these measurements creates the typical sine wave form.
It is known that the United States was in a scramble to find out Nikola Teslas most beloved papers before other countries did. It is rumored he assisted the United States in Philadelphia Project that involved cloaking and time travel with extreme amounts of electricity. People in that era speculated that there could be life on Mars, but nobody suggested it too seriously. Heinz claims Nikola Tesla thought this technology was not to be used yet as gasoline was on 15 cents a liter.
As has been his custom for five years now, he arranged his own birthday party, drank only hot milk as his part of the celebration, and made his announcements with the superb certainty of a man who knew what he was talking about, even if none of his guests did. Vibration will do anything.- It would only be necessary to step up the vibrations of the machine to fit the natural vibration of the building and the building would come crashing down.
To one side of the axis of the disc is fastened a very light indicator or pointer consisting preferably of a thin glass thread. There doesn’t seem to be much said about the nature of that wave itself or the Positive or-negative phase. Tesla was conducting experiments in Colorado Springs, Colorado, in 1899, with a pretty good-sized radio receiver, because he was fascinated by the way lightning played in thunderstorms. Tesla removed a 12 volt battery and installed it into the front dashboard to power the lights. On both of its upright sides are fastened thick metal plates which serve as the electrodes. The glass plate next to this pointer has a circle with the usual hour divisions engraved upon it, as on a clock dial.
It will, however, be found that by a careful construction, constant current, and a temperature compensator, it may be made to rotate with almost perfect uniformity.
This circle may be movable so that it can be put in any position relatively to the pointer.
The current density should, of course, be very small to secure the best results, and the disc of about 3 inches diameter should turn once in 6 hours. Orthodoxy does recognize that during the Positive or compression phase the media substance does compress or bunch up then in the negative phase the media disperses or rarefies. In addition, it is documented he spoke with German Patent Officers so the notion of other countries not knowing his genius is not out of this world.
On the lateral sides of the frame are fastened the brass plates B and B?, respectively, of the same shape as the rubber frame F. It is probable that with a silver solution and a silver plate better results would be obtained. Orthodoxy erroneously assumes this periodic gathering together and dispersing of the media substance is due to physical forcing of the particles together or them somehow pulling away from each other during the rarefaction phase.
These brass plates serve to keep in place two plates of polished glass, and the vessel is hermetically sealed by placing a soft rubber washer under and above each of the glass plates.

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